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  1. I’ve got a 29 gallon that has been filled about 80% with Java moss until a couple days ago. Now that it’s gone, the tank looks pretty empty. I’ve got a pair of apistos with some juvies, a couple BNs, a school of ember tetras and a SAE. Looking for ideas to add.
  2. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  3. Greetings! I ordered a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides and will get them in a week. My problem : my water is very hard. On all 7 of my tank, my water always register at 300 on the aquarium coop test strip. I read online these fish thrive in soft water. Her breeder has a gh of 1 (API test kit) I read a bit online about ways to soften my water. Peat moss, RO system, etc… Considering it’s a 20 gallons high, that my kh is low (it moves from 0 to 40), my pH from tap is 7 but in my aquarium it lower to 6.6 to 6.8… I was wondering what the best solution would be? It’s going to be a specie only tank as I was told a 29 high is rather small for a pair of cacatuoides so to avoid any other fish. And there will be 2 spixi snails.
  4. Well I’ve never been one to journal but I’m nearing the 6 month mark on my first aquarium. Brief breakdown of my long journey and intro into the hobby: setting up an aquarium has been a dream of mine for the past 10 years since stumbling upon a YouTube video by uarujoey at the time. I was hooked! My parents had a 55 that was a community tank ( honestly hated it, never felt a connection to it ever!) that they did eventually get rid of after I started high school but never did I know the scale fish keeping was done. After going into the rabbit hole that was fish keeping YouTube back in 2010 my parents wouldn’t let me have a tank. I waited 4 years until I graduated high school when my parents let me have dart frogs! I kept dart frogs for about 4 years during college and bred about 6 different species of ranitomeya before I sold them off when I moved out of my parents. A 2 year stretch of not have any exotic pets while I finished college leads us to 6ish months ago when I finally decided to set up my desktop aquarium. I had just built a large desk setup that held my pc and 3 monitors and I had a 25x13 space on the end of the desk I knew what needed to be done. I ordered a 60p (17gal aquarium) online and decided I wanted to keep South American dwarf cichlids. I found a local fish store that had some apistos and I knew this was for me. I set up the tank in March let it sit for a month until cycled and added 12 cardinal tetras! Then about 3 months later I got my apistogramma blue steel, sold as borelli 😅, and have since got them breeding. It took about 3 months of them maturing and I am raising the first fry in this desktop aquarium! This has been by far the most fulfilling hobby I’ve ever been apart of and I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you! make sure to follow my journey on my Instagram desktop_aquatics for dailyish pictures and I’ll continue to post journal entries on this forum post! here’s my tank and species inside!
  5. I'm looking to breed some apistogramma. However I can't find any local to me. So I'm thinking we can buy some online. However I have a few questions: When buying apistos to breed should I just buy a male and female, and hope that they will pair up. Like is there a good chance that by having a male and female they will pair up. Or am I better to buy 6-8 juvinilles and wait for a pair to form out of those
  6. This is my first attempt at breeding any fish but I did get my apistogramma 'blue steel' to spawn and have started raising the fry on their own. The female is doing a great job and thus far none of the other fish in the tank have been bothering them at all. Is there any extra I should be doing? I am feeding baby brine shrimp and feeding repashy spawn and grow sparingly. I planned on extra doing extra water changes every other day instead of my usual twice a week. P.S. extremely new to the hobby started 6 months ago very excited and nervous
  7. My female apisto just started guarding her cave. Should I try and pull eggs and put them in a fry box now, or wait until the babies hatch? The male apisto won a World's Worst Dad Trophy after going on a murder spree and eating all the babies last time she had a spawn, so I'd like to pull the babies and keep them safe.
  8. I want to try to get my apistogramma double reds to bread. Has anyone had any luck with them and what would be your suggestions on tank setup.
  9. I got a pair of young Apistogramma Hongsloi reds shipped yesterday and have noticed the female chases the male around a lot. Is this normal behavior? I don’t think it’s a breeding thing yet since I just got them but not sure. It doesn’t seem to actually nip at him just chase. Any ideas?
  10. Hey all, I have a 20 gallon high with some corycats and I was wondering if I would be able to put a pair of apistos in there? Would the corycats and apistos be able to breed in there?
  11. Hi, I am getting a pair of Apistogramma triple red. I was wondering if they breed can I keep the fry? Like if I grow the fry up and add them back to the main tank with their parents.. and if the all the siblings and parents breed, will they have inbreeding problems?
  12. Hey guys my apistos spawned on a Amazon sword leaf which I removed and put in a container with methalyn blue. I woke up this morning and seems a lot of eggs fell off, but the eggs weren’t wrigglers yet. Is this a bad thing? I know it’s a silly question but any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a photo for a better idea. thanks guys
  13. I bought this advertised as a macmasteri but it’s not coloring up as if it is one. I’ve had it for over 2 weeks. Looking to bring a mate for him but am uncertain of what kind of apisto it actually is. The place I got it from are out of this species so I can’t go back to them to buy a female.
  14. Hello fishy friends! I think the dwarf cichlid group holds some of the most captivating fish! One of my absolute favourites hands down is the Apistogramma Baenschi. The large spikey dorsal fins almost make them look like little fish punks and to top off with a bright blue sheen body and orange accents to their fins they really draw the eye. I'm interested what are your favourite cichlids or a must to keep one day? 🙂
  15. I had a sad day a couple weeks ago and lost my male GBR Franklin that I had for 10 months. He got an injury below his lip and I tried a couple medications that made it go down but not go away completely unfortunately. My 15gal Fluval flex was looking bare without him! I have been interested in Apistos for a while now seeing all the videos on YouTube about them and managed to find one at my lfs yesterday in a tank full of gbrs! It was the last one they had and was listed as a borellii. Unsure of the sex at this point hoping for a male! It’s just over an inch long at this point so very small but looks like it has the potential to color up nicely! The Apisto already comes up to greet me just like Franklin did!
  16. I have an apisto that has turned really pale after a water change. This was months ago, and he’s still fine, but still pale. Typically I monitor for nitrates and only do changes when they exceed a certain point which is why it’s been a while Aside from a little bit of algae due to it being summer, my tank is doing fine. Why is my fish so pale? I should mention his tankmates are all doing just fine. It’s strictly a one fish problem. He’s also still eating.
  17. Like a handful of eager starters with pond season in the US, we suffered from the cold snap a couple weeks back. Lost a number of adult guppies. Only young seem to have managed through in 2 out of 3 mini ponds. I am curious what input the forum would offer on breeding German Blue Rams over the summer? Our ponds do get pretty warm - 70s-90s. Guppies make it through the temp cycle, but it’s warm for them. With the soft rain water, and lots of micro life, the Rams idea has begun to percolate. I know Apistogrammas are reasonably common to do in ponds. What about Rams?
  18. I have a female quad. red that laid eggs underneath my sponge filter in a 10 gallon, and she's doing an amazing job guarding them but they are all white. Which I believe means they are infertile (if I am wrong please correct me). She isn't beating up the male or the pair of guppies I have in there, but I don't want her to stress over eggs (I got the guppies and apistos last week so they are still being quarantined) that are not going to hatch. I was wondering if I pulled the eggs off the bottom of the filter, would she attack the other fish thinking that they ate them?
  19. So am I right being disappointed ordering some Apisto borelli opals online and receiving the steel blue hybrids instead? The seller explained he is at the mercy of his exporter as they are wild caught juveniles. This seems wrong to me on several levels. Don't get me wrong the steel blue are beautiful but just not what I ordered as I already have them
  20. Hi all! I think my apistos heard the livestream playing on TV and decided to spawn for me. Every new species I see breed is just as exciting as the first. Male and female spent a couple of hours holed up in the cave shown below. It's completely dark in the back so I did my best to illuminate a bit for a photo. You can see the female tending to the new eggs. Can't wait to see some fry!
  21. I am geting a amazon puffer VERY SOON and I was wondering how to de worm a puffer I was also seeing what you guys think about Amazon puffers and apistos.
  22. I am geting a amazon puffer VERY SOON and I was wondering how to de worm a puffer I was also seeing what you guys think about Amazon puffers and apistos.
  23. Hi all, my ph ranges from 7.4-7.6 with harder water (260ppm+) I do not have a way to purchase any apistogramma locally. That being said I would like to breed something new to me and was curious if any like borelli, agassizii, or any other variations could actually breed in harder water.
  24. Moe

    Apisto Eye Issue

    Hey All. I've got an apisto that has developed an eye issue. Temp: 80 F Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 20 He seems to be eating and his activity level is normal. I have the med trio at my disposal to help combat the issue. My quarantine tank is full of fry, but I can grab another spare 10 gal to treat him in if need be. Any thoughts?
  25. So, now that I've got a rough sketch of what I want to do with my windfall 30 tanks, time to narrow it down a little. I think I want to try apistos, though I can't decide yet between cacatuoides (top) and borelli (second picture). I like a lot of finnage and a lot of contrast, especially with purples: I'd love to make a good South American biotope, even if I can't manage a true place-specific biotope for these colorful lil fish in a 30g tank. I know Cory recommends a classic 3-layer approach with apistos, neon or cardinal tetras, and hatchetfish, but I'm not fully sold on it. First, I've just never really liked straight neons. They're so ubiquitous and can have poor health and the red and blue is cool, but I'm not sure it's the right contrast for either of these. Cardinals seem a little better, bigger, more thorough coloration, but it seems like they're often wild-caught and I'd prefer tank-bred if possible. However, I do like ember tetras. I like their energy and tiny size and color, of course. But again, not sure it pops well with either of these. What I really, really love are those sparkly diamond tetras. Any lore out there saying I can't keep apistos and diamond tetras together? Diamonds don't seem like fin nippers, and they've certainly got some long fins themselves. Since this is only a 30g and I want to leave room for the apistos to maybe have babies, I probably won't have much space left for a top dweller like a hatchetfish or pencilfish. Is that okay? Both hatchets and pencils seem interesting enough, but not showstoppers. Are there any other South American mid-top dwellers I should consider?
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