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  1. Hope everyone is doing well. My Apistogramma Baenschi have fry that are now free swimmers and feasting on baby brine shrimp and micro-organisms. They are currently housed with the parents in a 3ft but I have a 2ft ready to grow them out. My question is when should I? They are just under 1cm in size and are starting to swim up from the bottom of the tank and exploring away from the female parent.
  2. Are there any gotchas when breeding apistos in a group with a single male and multiple females? Aside from the expected protectiveness of the mothers, will one mother actively predate on the fry of another? Or are they generally respectful and mostly don't eat fry of their own species?
  3. For a 45 gallon planted tank (36 long, by 20 high, and 16 wide. This is my tank. I have been adding rocks and making sure there are some nice hiding places. Have 6 Cories, 6 dwarf rainbow fish, 1 Bristlenose, & 6 Rummynose tetras. And may get a Pearl Gourami or Honey Gourami as a feature fish once plants grow in more (Love the Pearls, but thinking they may be too big). We are at the stage of picking a peaceful dwarf Cichlid as we love the personality.. I was almost set on Bolivian Rams, but then saw the the apistos. Who has Apistos or Bolivians? What do you have? What do you love about them or dislike about them? I am planning on getting a pair. Advice please:)
  4. Will ‘sneaker males’ also take on the finnage of apisto females or just the size/coloration?
  5. Moe

    Apisto Eye Issue

    Hey All. I've got an apisto that has developed an eye issue. Temp: 80 F Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 20 He seems to be eating and his activity level is normal. I have the med trio at my disposal to help combat the issue. My quarantine tank is full of fry, but I can grab another spare 10 gal to treat him in if need be. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey all, I've had a pair of super reds for a couple weeks now and just lost my male. In the last three days or so he started gulping a lot like he couldn't breathe. Tried general cure yesterday but unfortunately didn't seem to be enough. The female looks like she may be doing it as well. The tank is well established and has a few danios and corys that look to be doing fine. Parameters ok, soft water and low pH (6.7). Any thoughts? Thank you!
  7. Hello, this is my first time posting. Great to see this is here. I wanted to see what all the hype is with dwarf cichlids and I got different species that I've put in my 40 breeder. It is lightly planted in a corner but has plenty of rocks and a decent size driftwood. The tank has been cycled. In it I've added 2 skirt tetra, and about 10 ember tetra. It also had an apistogramma cockatoo and and agassizzi there has been some chasing and competition during feeding so far. I went to the conip and picked up a 1 more skirt tetra as they are a little agressive in a pair i was thinking I ought to get about 5 total, but they only had one that someone turned in. I also got about 5 more ember tetras. Now here it looks like I may have made a mistake. I got an agassizzi (appears to be a male) and a pair of cockatoudie (m&f). I wanted to add these all to my tank, but am worried about aggression. I have the fish quarantined and am worried about keeping all these species in a community tank. Any thoughts on keeping different apistogramma species together? I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't look into this a little more extensively. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Anyone have any experience with Apistogramma Vietja? a local store have a small group of aggazizzi and a pair of these guys and they look real cool on the internet. they have some growing up but look cool. All you really hear about is the borellii, the cacatoutis, and the aggazizii.im wondering if there is a reason for that?
  9. I think I’m seeing spawning behavior, but really I’m just guessing. She spend most of her time in one of the caves, cleaning and occasionally spitting stuff out. Sometimes she’ll come out and swim up to the dominant male then roll onto her side and swim back to the cave like she’s trying to entice. I caught it on video - what are your thoughts
  10. Hi, I'm curious about whether or not a bonded pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides could be broken up by another dominant male? And if so, would that male and female then proceed to potentially bond and spawn? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I've got a very well established 29 gallon with a male cacatuoides and I'm planning on adding two females. You'll see in the picture it's very well planted. I've also got a 20 gallon that I'm about to fill with water. I wanted to have a second tank so that, in the event that I'm successful, I'll be able to remove the male after spawning in case he becomes aggressive. Originally I thought I'd add the apistos to the 20-gallon and have less plants so I can keep a better eye on what's going on/catch fish easier. But now I'm thinking maybe it's better to try to breed in the already established tank because the fry might have a lot more food access like algae/etc? Or do you think it would be much harder to deal with a spawn in a more heavily planted tank?Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. My goal is to just have the mother raise the fry. I don't think I'm an experienced enough fish keeper to remove the eggs and raise them myself. I know I may not end up being successful anyways, but if they do breed I want to be in the best position to succeed. Would the more well established tank be a more fail/safe environment for fry? I'll be adding a seeded sponge filter to the new tank so it should cycle quickly, but considering it will be a new tank, wouldn't it be more prone to swings in water parameters?
  12. Hi Everyone, So I have a 3ft aquarium that houses 9 Beckford pencilfish and a juvenile pair of Apistogramma Borellii. Everything was great whilst the pencilfish were young but since they've put on size the males have turned fairly aggressive towards each other(pinning up against each other and shaking) with the Borellii sometimes getting chased in the cross fire. Do I need to add more Pencilfish to spread this aggression out or is it a bad match with the Apistos and should I move on the Pencilfish?
  13. Hi Forums, I had this idea to setup a new 55 gallon "cichlid" tank, with these fish in the tank: Panda Cory - 12 Amano Shrimp - 2 Dwarf Cockatoo Apistogramma - 2 Blue King Tetra - 24 Bolivian Ram - 6 Marble Angelfish - 2 It's not 100% cichlid, more of a community tank, but the majority of fish are cichlids, so I'm calling a "cichlid" community tank. Could you give me some insight on if this tank seems suitable on paper, because obviously cichlids are SO unpredictable. Thanks!
  14. Debating on getting maybe some apistos, leaning towards cacatuoides but havent firmed up on what I want. What kind of substrate would be ideal? Sand/rock? Lighter or black to make color pop?
  15. Hey guys, I got a pair of cacatuoides about 6 weeks ago and have been in love with them. They have an awesome personality and are the coolest looking fish. About 2 weeks ago I realized the female has a pretty bad bulging eye (popeye) but was acting totally normal. I treated with maracyn, and now with paraguard but it has gone unchanged. The last week now, though, she's hardly eating and mainly hides all day long (see photo below). My guess is she stays vertical like that so she can keep an eye on the male, but all the flirtation between them that I've ever witnessed has not been violent whatsoever (although I have to think that he's the one that damaged her eye). Last night on the livestream Bob recommended that I separate them. I've got a sponge filter seeding in my tank that's been in there for 3 weeks, so it should be good to go into my 2nd tank in a week. My main question is, which one would you move to the new tank? The male is doing fantastic, has nearly doubled in size and is definitely very healthy, so part of me wants to move him because he should be able to handle it. But I also feel like moving him would be silly if he's doing so well where he is?
  16. Hello ladies and gents, Has anyone ever kept and bred Apistogramma D47? I've been reading up but as per the old tinterweb I've been getting conflicting advise and recommendations. I've inherited around 25 to 30 from a friend downsizing from fry all the way to adults. They seem ok for the moment together in a quarantine tank but should i keep any separate for any reason? Will they be ok in a species only tank set up with black water, leaf litter and plenty of plants and caves? Just don't want a dominant pair to decimate the others. Thanks in advance for any help or assistance Tam.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  17. Hey all, below are some pics. I got a pair of Apistos about a month ago and I've been in love with them. I'm concerned because the last 48 hours I've noticed the female's left eye is bulging out pretty far, and it's showing a lot of white coloration behind the eyeball. I've noticed some great "pairing" behavior between the two since getting them (especially after feeding bloodworms) but nothing has been aggressive at all. Just the male showing his colors to her, some affectionate pecking, and the occasional tail whip. I'm sure it's possible that he did this while I wasn't looking, but everything I've observed has been very playful and non-aggressive. It's probably worth noting that I got a few ottos about 2 weeks ago and subsequently had an outbreak of ich. The Apistos seemed to be un-phased by it, but the ottos spread the ich to my cardinal tetras so I treated with Ich-X for about 5 days last week and it all has disappeared. Do you think this could be ich remanence? Or could the male maybe have done this during courtship? I don't want to lose her because this pair is really beautiful.
  18. Hi! I have a few questions regarding apistogramma exhibiting breeding behavior. My female is very protective over one of the catappa leaves in the tank and keeps luring the male in with her. She will clean the leaf and move sand off of it and it seems like they're going through the motions of breeding. My question is should i be expecting them to actually spawn or is it likely that they won't produce any offspring for a while. I am trying to get some worm cultures for my other fish but i do have frozen cuclops and frozen baby brine shrimp. I just want to be prepared in case they do end up making some fry. My other question is will i have to remove the male? I do have a community tank he can go in if need be.
  19. Hi all😆 Looking for some thoughts on a bottom dweller heavy tank I’m planning. I’m not sure on the size of tank I should be getting or if any of the fish would be a bad idea and would love to hear some opinions. I know it will likely have to be on the larger side (maybe a 5 foot long at least?) . It will be heavily planted with a lot of surface area in terms of hardscape to give the fish more territory. For stocking I was thinking: Bottom Dwellers: 2 - 3 x Reticulated Hillstream Loach 7 x Kuhli Loach 5 x Black Kuhli Loach 2 x Bristlenose Pleco 9 x Pygmy Corydoras 3 x Otocinclus 2 x Tiger Otocinclus 1 x Pakistani Loach (Temporary, probably will re-home when he gets larger as I like smaller fish) Other: 7 x Leopard Danio 7 x Zebra Danio 9 - 15 x Galaxy Rasboras Some Fancy Guppies (about 12) 11 x Brown pencilfish 1 x Dwarf Neon Blue Gourami (he seems pretty docile for now) Cherry Shrimp Snails I was also hoping to do at least 1 pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides. As well as perhaps another pair, of Borelli, Panduro or Agassizii. Thoughts on this? Is it okay to have multiple varieties of Apistogramma in the one tank if it’s large enough? Would Petricola Catfish eat the nano fish or shrimp? If not, I was hoping to get at least 3 of those as well. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and thanks in advance for any help! This will be my first larger tank and I want to get it right. If this just straight up will not work can I house the same species over 2 x 3 foot aquariums? and if so any recommendations on how should I split it? Have a great day/night & stay safe!😄 Image credit: Aquarium Co-op
  20. This is my first foray into intentionally breeding fish, so I'm not super familiar with what to expect and look for when raising fry. But, I've been noticing lately that a lot of my Apisto fry have stringy poop (see in the picture). Is this normal, of concern? I feed them three times a day, microwroms in the morning and baby brine at the other two feedings. Any thoughts or advice?
  21. I bought a 'pair' of apistogramma cacatuoides from my LFS 2 weeks back. I'm curious if I have a pair or if I have a sneaker male. They coexist pretty well, but the big male can be a bit aggressive when I feed towards the 'girl'. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  22. Popeye, right? Eyes seems kinda bulgy to me. Also, they are ringed with that milky white coloration that I don't recall seeing on this fish in the past. Most pics I see on the internet for diagnosis show extreme full-blown cases, so it's a little hard for me to judge based on those. I haven't had these apistos super long, so I'm not familiar with the characteristics of this species in terms of what's normal looking and what's an indication of a health issue. This fish was in a community tank for a few weeks (its now isolated in a smaller tank), and I see no health issues with the other fish, nor water quality issues in the community aquarium. I lost the female apisto due to internal issues a few weeks back. She's always been in a separate aquarium and was never introduced to the community tank. Opinions? Advice?
  23. Hi all, my ph ranges from 7.4-7.6 with harder water (260ppm+) I do not have a way to purchase any apistogramma locally. That being said I would like to breed something new to me and was curious if any like borelli, agassizii, or any other variations could actually breed in harder water.
  24. I have 10 day old fry in a 29 with the parents (no other fish). I have been feeding instant baby brine and just set up a bbs hatchery for live foods. A few questions. 1. At what age should I pull them and grow them out in an established 10g for just the 15 or so fry I have. 2. If I feed them 2-3 times a day what should my water change schedule be in the 10?(There are some floating plants, a few stem plants and a crypt) 3. If I don’t pull them, will the parents eat them if they decide to spawn again? I just don’t want to lose this batch. If they are okay with the parents I don’t mind if they eat the next spawn (as I have read they can). thanks for any input. Noob to breeding anything purposely that isn’t a livebearer.
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