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Found 15 results

  1. Does anybody have experience with these 2 as tank mates? I have a 10g with yellow fin White Clouds and Scarlet Badis and want to add a couple of Pygmy Sunfish. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi all, my Scarlet Badis has developed black spots on it. He appears very active and is still eating quite well. He came out of a 3 week QT with the med trio looking really good with no markings. That was many weeks ago and i have just now noticed his new colors. My parameters are: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: 25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Hardness: 300ppm? Buffer: 100ppm? pH: 7.4 Chlorine: 0ppm Temp: 76 degrees If anyone has any advice please do share.
  3. Ten gallon tank, moderately planted. I'd like to put a breeding pair* of scarlet badis in with an existing colony of about 30-40 cherry shrimp and some junk guppies. How about multiple male scarlet badis? Thoughts? Experiences? *If I can find any females.
  4. This hunt has been near impossible to do. But figured what the heck I’ve got two males and looking for a couple females if any of you have some or know of somewhere that does please let me know.
  5. Probably not, I know how rare they are, but curious is this is a female? Got them all at the same time. This ones colors are just not there compared to the rest. Thoughts?
  6. I plan on ordering some Scarlet Badis very soon. However seems as if I can only order 1 or 5 at a time. I'm setting up a 10 gallon with a sponge filter and guppy grass to start. I also plan on QT with white clouds. Nerms out there that have kept Scarlet Badis, what was your experience?
  7. Hello all, Ok here's the issue. I have a single Scarlet Badis (Dario dario) that is extremely picky about what he eats. So far hes rejected X-treme flake, X-treme nano, Vibra-Bites, Bug Bites color enhancing flakes, and frozen cyclops. He does however love Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) so i hatch very very small batches (1/32nd of a tsp) continually. Hes fed for 2-3 days then fasts during the 36 hours a new batch hatch, however hes alone in a planted tank and seems to always be finding little critters to munch on and seems perfectly healthy. If you aren't familiar with them they he is less than 3/4" long and has a truly small mouth. My problem is its very hard to keep BBS alive for the several days it takes for him to consume all of them even though i hatch very small batches. not only that but hes just so small that he cant consume the .5ml of BBS I usually feed. so they end up dying off and hopefully eaten by my Amano and not sucked into the sponge filter. So here are my questions: Does any one have any tricks to getting Darios on frozen or prepared foods? Is there a freshwater alternative to BBS that i can feed and leave for him to hunt as he gets hungry and wont die in a matter of hours like BBS? Can Daphnia be hatched from eggs and fed like BBS? (I know Daphnia cultures can be maintained, gut loaded and fed but i understand them to be difficult to maintain and almost certainly need a large amount of water, sun, and green water to succeed and even then they can easily crash.) Is there a worm or small crustacean or anything like that I can culture in freshwater for him? I know this is oddly specific but maybe others are also having the issue and I figured this group would be a great shot at getting some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  8. I’m debating between getting one scarlet badis or a sparkling gourami for the centerpiece fish for my 5 gal heavily planted tank. There are 8 chili rasboras and rcs in there currently. Currently my nitrates never get above 10 ppm and I’m willing to do water changes two or three times a week if need be. As this is my only tank so I am able to and willing to dedicate a lot of time into upkeep. Any thoughts?
  9. Sorry, I’ve got a couple questions... Question 1: So I have had my new 10 gallon set up for about a week now. I have 1 honey gourami, 2 ruby tetras, and an ember tetra (it was supposed to be 7 embers but they gave me the wrong fish and when I called and asked, it turned out they were sick so a lot died). I was planning on getting more tetras to get the school up to a healthier number when I saw tiny white dots on my fish. My first thought was that they had ich, given that there were suddenly there, but I read that I should wait a day to make sure. So the next day, almost all of the dots were gone. Now 2 days later they are almost all gone leaving me very confused what that was. Any ideas or explanations to what happened? Question 2: So recently, my tank has developed a bit of an algae problem. It has grown fast in a week past my control. I also really want to get a good clean up crew. I have Malaysian trumpet snails in there but they haven’t done much of anything. I really don’t want nerites and already have amonos with my betta and I want to do something different. Is there any small clean up crew fish I could get? I was thinking about ottos or Pygmy corys but I don’t know if that will overstock my tank. I’m also open to maybe a less common invert as well. Question 3: I have a spare 3 gallon from a friend and I was wondering if a scarlet badis could go in there if it had some filtration. I know that’s small but I was just wondering if it’s possible and healthy because I want an excuse to get another tank. I attached a picture of my tank (sorry it’s cloudy I just did a bunch of maintenance and tried to get off some algae) and a picture of some of the tetras with the dots, there are almost none on the honey now. Thanks!
  10. Sorry for the poor photo quality. It's so small that it's hard to see. It looks like a small piece of cotton, in his mouth, to me.
  11. Picked up my first two badis this last weekend the male of course was easy to pick. I took my best shot at a female from what I could tell. But I’m not sure if it’s female. I’m hoping it’s not a sub dominate male. I’ll try to get better pictures of them. Phone didn’t want to focus on them haha.
  12. I know badis are a micro predator. I have snails and shrimp in my tank so I don’t want to use chemicals to get rid of the hydra. And I’ve always wanted to get badis for this tank. So my question is will they eat the hydra? I know they will pick off shrimplets as well and I’m okay with that. Keeps the population manageable. Thank you all.
  13. Caught my badids spawning last spring and saw 2 fry a month or so after that. They've spawned again this year, currently raising 3 little guys/girls. Here is big brother with one of the new fry. Just thought I'd share, first time I've caught my fish spawning (usually I just find fry when I clean the tank). Hopefully at least one of the 3 new fry is female, my current female is getting older.
  14. I was wondering what I could put in with scarlet badis that would not outcompete them for food or become food for the scarlet badis. I currently have 4 in a 10 gallon tank
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