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  1. He looks a bit thin to me and he's body sharp doesn't look right in the bottom pic what I would do feed him up with food high in protein blood brine shrimp and pellets you could do the med trio add one dose of maracyn ick x and paracleanse and leave it for a week and then do a water change and see how he goes
  2. Looks like a prolapse what you want to do is Epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 1 gallon for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day epsom acts as a muscle relaxants so it will help your fish reabsorb the prolapse
  3. Colu


    I would do a 50% water change and run active carbon for 24hr before using a different med
  4. Most of the African tetras available are different species of Congo tetra here's a couple of my favourite African tetras yellow Congo tetras moon tetras blue diamond Congo tetras golden Congo tetras
  5. Colu


    Two good books bleher's biotopes has a lot of information on natural habitat and collection of fish another is INDIAN ORNAMENAL FISH has lot of use full information such as type locality habitat and collection both in English
  6. Yes they are intended for daily meal i usually feed kanaplex once a day for 7days in the morning and metroplex once a day in the evening for up to 3weeks that how I dose it @LeonardoBetta
  7. Colu

    Tiger barb bloat

    If the bloating going after you started treating with kanaplex it could be internal bacterial infection or it could have been suffering from constipation and that has started to resolve itself
  8. Most people use natural slate pieces when using in tanks I would air on the side caution not use them
  9. Twirling can be caused be a bacterial or parasitic infection @Jimfish98sugguested or poor water quality as he's in a pond and your water parameters are ok I would treat with kanaplex and metroplex in food to cover against bacterial or parasitic infection
  10. Colu

    Tiger barb bloat

    If his bloating is starting reduced I would still do a full course of kanaplex
  11. I would feed your Betta a minimum of once a day good quality foods to feed betta are hikari Betta bio gold pellets and some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp fluval bug bites she might not be as active because he not getting enough food so she has reduced energy levels and she having to come peat with the rasbora I would increase feeding and monitor her for the next week and see if she improves
  12. Is she eating ok and what are you feeding
  13. It could just be stressed with being moved to a new tank it might just need some time to settle down
  14. What are your water parameters and temperature does she have any other tank mates and have you added anything new to the tank resently
  15. My 12in goldfish likes to splash me when am feeding him am sure he has a smile on his face when he does it
  16. I would aim to have your nirates 40 or less as your Cory's barbels haven't regrown and the white on his back I would treat with maracyn and ick x to cover against any possible fungus
  17. I was just looking at meds available in Australia I would order seachems kanaplex and api furan2 but in the mean time I would treat with with blue planet tri-sulfa tablets thats seems to your best option and it's available in Australia @MadMax1412 also I would just treat them together if it is neon tetra disease your catfish and Betta won't get it only your neon if it's Columnaris they are all susceptible to the bacterial infection I would also add an extra air stone as mycobacteria spread more easily in tanks with lower levels of desolved oxygen
  18. Sorry to say but that looks like the start of neon tetra disease to me but could be Columnaris as @Guppysnail the suggested as they are often mistaken for each other the most effective treatment for Columnaris is kanaplex and furan2 together if you can't get kanaplex and furan2 I would treat with AAP spectrogram he's the most effective way to treat I would recommend treating as soon as possible
  19. I have never heard of kribensis fry eating the slime coat I no discus some other fish do it does look like their eating off the male you could be the first to document this
  20. She could have retained some of here fry that's why she still bloated or she had some inter damage happen when she give birth if the bloating doesn't Go down I would try epsom salt bath @Guppysnail
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