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  1. So I inherited a betta with a 5 gal tank almost 2 months ago. I put him my cycled 33 gal instead. When he came, his fins were damaged. Since then, he seems to have pretty good regrowth. I'd like to keep a journal of his recovery 🙂 Before March 26: Today: th
  2. Ok everyone! I know you got them so let’s see them! Show. Off. Those. BETTAS!!! Here is mine. He is a Green Dragon. I’m quite proud of him. He is super cool.
  3. @Cory my betta fish arrived yesterday and it seems like his ventral fin is damaged . It looks like it’s stuck sticking out. This is my first betta fish , is there anything I can do ?
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about getting indian almond leaves for my betta tanks, but I'm wondering how exactly you use them and how you would keep the pH stable. My pH is 8.0, and I have really hard water, so indian almond leaves would help lower the pH for my bettas. I also heard they can help reduce stress and risk of infections. The only thing is that if the leaves lower the pH, and I do a water change every week, wouldn't that result in a lot of pH swings? So I was wondering how you can use the leaves but keep the pH stable.
  5. Hi everyone, I just noticed my first berried RCS, so I thought I'd start a journal about any sightings or anything interesting happening about them. (Hopefully not death). Hopefully this journal will continue until the now eggs develop into adults. A Bit About my Tank The tank is a 5.5 gallon with Fluval Stratum Substrate and some crushed coral (to buffer the water). Right now the betta who would normally be there is getting treatment for gill flukes, and will be there for an additional 4-5 weeks, which should hopefully be enough time to let the babies hatch, and develop far enough to be able to swim away just incase. (I may share updates on his progress here too) Thanks for reading!
  6. My Betta and I are in a bit of a fight. What started out looking to me like a small cut or abrasion (see photo 1) in January has ballooned into what I think is a large puss filled abscess, although I am not positive and would like a second opinion. I have never had a fish get this problem. It started off pretty gradual but it is getting larger much quicker in the last month (photo 5 was March). I am a bit unsure how to treat it or if I can at all. This fish is in a community tank and I started him on a course of meracyn in a quarantine tank in January but after a week I decided he was more stressed out in the quarantine than in the aquarium as he was not eating, hiding, and refusing to approach the glass when I came by (which he always does) and the cut did not seem to improve at all). Do I attempt quarantine again, stressing him further and if so, do I try maracyn again, salt, or some other medication? I am also unsure if I should try to lance the wound so it doesn't burst and create a large open wound. Water conditions are pretty stable. I just did a 50% water change to see if that would help at all, although they haven't seemed to help much over the last few months. All other fish, shrimp, and snails are fine and acting normally including breeding so I don't think its something tank-wide that is off. Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm (haven't added in Easy Green yet as I didnt want to throw off test) Hardness: between 75-150ppm Chlorine: 0ppm pH: 6.8ish
  7. Finally got around to taking some pictures and videos of my aquarium to share with others instead of enjoying it all to myself. Thought this would be a good one to upload. Hope you guys enjoy.
  8. These are my two tanks. My 20 gallon hex was just recently converted to a fully planted tank a few days ago. It houses a betta, named Creme Brulee, 9 neon tetras, an otocinclus, a guppy, two African dwarf frogs, and a ghost shrimp. They all seem to get along very well, even the shrimp that I thought I would kill immediately with the frogs or betta. I've been binge watching every video I can on aquascaping and aquariums in general. This is my first real attempt at aquatic plants. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at houseplants over this year due to the pandemic and this was my next step in the hobby since my husband said I couldn't get anymore plants since we will be moving soon (GA to the DC area) and he doesn't want to move them.I have had fish tanks since 2011 and worked at pet stores with fish for 4 years so I have the basics down but want to expand my knowledge and maybe someday have a room in my house just for my fish and plants. The 10 gallon tank is a tank I'm cycling for cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp. I have all the tests (TDS meter, Gh, Kh, freshwater master test kit) to see which species based on my water parameters. I have very soft water with a low TDS (under 100) so I'm leaning towards crystal red shrimp since they would require fewer adjustments. I'm hesitant to call it my first attempt at aquascaping but really that's what it is. Lol The plants on the right (Rotala indica) should grow nice and tall to hide the heated and filter nicely. They melted back pretty hard but the new growth I replanted makes me pretty confident that they will be just fine in a few months. I even have a crytocoryne wendtii green that completely melted and the roots seemed firm so I planted them in the tank and they seem to be regrowing new leaves as well! I'm really having some fun with it and I'm definitely getting the itch to get another tank. I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me upgrade the 20 gallon to a 75 but no luck until we move again.
  9. i already have two filter cartridges with beneficial bacteria on it. BUT i am now switching over to sponge filters so how would i use that bacteria on the sponge filters? (the filter cartridges are in a container with water) i also bought fritz zyme 7 live bacteria. please help me with suggestions. 😃
  10. Hello, I knocked my lighting unit into the tank and it struck my giant female betta. She now has popeye and a gash near her eye. She is eating, thank goodness. Should I start treating her with anything in the event it becomes infected? She is in a planted 20gallon long with 15 tetras, some snails, and shrimp. Water peramiters are all good. Temp is approx 81 degrees. I turned the light off to make her eye more comfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi, The water parameters are as follows: Nitrate: 20 Nitrite: 0 GH: 150 (usual) Chlorine: 0 KH: 80 (usual) pH 7.8/8.0 (usual) Temp: 72 - I just realized this and am raising the temperature to 80 This is my brother's fish who I knew had been struggling for a month or two, but I just saw recently how badly he's doing. His tail is usually a half-moon shape, so I think that he's had some serious fin rot. Can someone help diagnose and advise? His coloration is quite faded from when we got him, especially on his tail and near his head. The heater was displaying an incorrect temperature, so I just realized he's been a little chilly for a while and I'm raising the temperature now. I think this guy is going to need a bit more than warm waters to recover, however. Is there a recommended course of action? Many thanks for any advice!
  12. Hi folks 👋🏻 I'm Julia, nice to join your CARE community! This will be a journal of my fish-keeping journey in Canada. Having a weak memory I need a place to keep track of my mistakes (and hopefully successes in future) and forum seems to be a nicer, safer place than Facebook group. Will start documenting my first *stressful* month into the hobby tomorrow and share my story 🐟
  13. Good morning! After yesterday's fiasco of trying to locally find a "fancier tank and stand" for my betta project, and a lot of further searching online and working the budget, I decided to go with a regular tank. I asked myself "why spend all this money and time, and go through all this stress, when the REAL beauty is going to be on the INSIDE of the tank?" So after that mental breakthrough, the ideas came flying and here's what I ordered (and already have some equipment and items): Tank: Aqueon 10 gallon regular glass tank with hinged glass lid and 20 gallon wood stand (20 gallon stand "just in case") Substrate: natural river rock shallow creek (larger, smoother pebbles that I have in my 20L, easier to vacuum than one might at first imagine); larger pebbles for fill-in areas Filter, light, heat: small HOB, mini sponge filter, 50 watt adjustable heater, Aqueon LED light (borrowing from the quarantine tank until the Fluval 3.0 in my size is available from Aquarium Coop - on the wish list!) Ornaments/enrichment: "rock" (and rock) hardscape, ceramic betta log caves (2), flosting log, exercise mirror (for occasional use only), betta leaf bed, almond leaves Plants ordered from Coop: anubias golden, red dwarf lily, cryptocoryne wendtii, anubias barteri. Not going to be afraid to superglue it to the hardscape this time (thanks for the betta video, @Irene!) Plants to get from LFS/chain: red root or frogbit, possibly moss balls. Are there any other floaters (besides water sprite which i have in my 20L and for some reason is not doing very well in there after totally taking over the whole top of my 45 - must like softer water with lower pH) that bettas really like? Food: Hikari Betta Bio-Gold, plus all the live/frozen/freeze dried goodies I have for my existing fish Possible future tankmates: a few nerite snails, maybe some yellow shrimp from my 20L and/or blue bolt shrimp from my 45, if betta seems mellow - if they start getting attacked I'll put them back So now I am just waiting for pickup notification on the tank and stand, and can get started on the setup. Playing around with the scaping, which is my very weak point. Here is the empty, lonely spot where it will go ☹ (took some work to move stuff around) next to my 45-gallon, and one idea for hardscape. Once this tank is set up, I'm also re-setting up the quarantine tank so I can get fish for one of the other tanks at the same time I pick up a betta. Filter media has already been stuffed into existing filters for seeding. I'm loving all the YouTube nerms' videos on betta care in the meantime.
  14. I have three different kinds of food for my betta fish, Aurora. Xtreme Aquatic Foods Krill Flakes, Xtreme Aquatic Foods Betta Semi-Floating Pellets, and Frozen Daphnia. When I try sprinkling some frozen daphnia in the tank, he doesn't seem to notice it as food. The corycats are eagerly eating the daphnia---which was meant to be for Aurora. I don't know what I'm doing wrong---
  15. Just fed my Channoides fry some micro worms when I noticed one of them kept doing barrel rolls... I've seen ricefish fry do some interesting acrobatics but something seems wrong here. on API test strips I'm reading GH 120, KH 40, pH 6.5 to 7, and nitrate and nitrite both 0, temp is about 78, tank is a bare bottom 5 gallon with some floaters and other plants waiting for their final homes. I'm feeding once to twice a day, co-op fry food, bbs, micro worms, first bites, and micron (not so much those last two now, they're a few week old and can handle bigger food) I've been changing about 2 liters of water a week with RO water. The tank also has a couple sponge filters Out of about 20 fry I've only seen one doing this, and this is the first time I've seen it Hoping that even if nobody has experience with Channoides than maybe they've seen it in other kinds of bettas or other families of fish and can shed some light on this Here's a brief video of the fry Edit: Since posting I've lost track of the fry in question, so it either stopped doing it or moved to cover... Not sure if it could be a swim bladder issue? Each roll started and ended with the betta oriented correctly, my experience with swim bladder issues has normally been more erratic than that
  16. I decided to dedicate a journal to my new twenty gallon high! I’m excited to post updates as it progresses in the future! The past few days have been pretty tedious, with a lot of cumbersome lifting, back and forth spray painting, and plenty of adjustments.. with some occasional amounts of frustration and tons of determination in addition. Most of the work lately has entailed building up the rock structure. I originally had it set lower, but realized that the height needed to be increased; I used mesh bags full of rock to add to it. Unfortunately, that had offset the half of the structure I had built (the right side was almost completely bare at the time). So, I spent well over four hours trying to get it all back into place, which finally resulted in the placement I was looking for. Afterwards, I added the rest of the structure and stabilized it all into large sections with spray foam. Following that, once the spray foam had dried, I had to remove the sections to take them up to the attic to spray paint them. It was a little frustrating at times, and a mesh bag was stuck to some foam and pulled off a small section before I could remove it in time. But, it was a small error, and I moved on to spray painting them all as thoroughly as I could before calling it a night on the brunt of the work. Though, I did clean the glass to try and remove all of the gunk and dried spray foam aftermath. There are some spots I still might need to touch up on, but a vinegar and water mix seems to be taking care of most of it. Today, I was mostly spray painting everything every few hours, rotating all of the rocks every time I did so. I did leave the bottommost structure in the aquarium to try and keep the placement of the other structures more consistent, as they all have to fit in place. In order to spray paint that one, I tore up some old newspaper and used that to block the glass on the sides and bottom, then I applied the spray paint. To try and minimize the fumes, since I sleep in the living room and right next to the tank (and my betta fish, Samphan, is in a holding tank on the table tray close by), I covered the top of the aquarium with a blanket and a pillow from off of the couch. It seemed to do the trick well, but I made sure to monitor my fish just in case, as well as fan out the area by him with a magazine, since the ceiling fan doesn’t work and it was too cold and snowy to open a window. I spent a couple hours over half the day on it all, and once the spray paint was up to my liking and the touch ups were completed, I took all of the rock structures back down and added them back into the tank. I made the mistake of adding them out of order and managed to offset everything, so it was maybe two hours of adjusting them all back into how they were originally placed, though not completely the same. The friction from the adjustments chipped a little paint away, so I added the newspaper back in and touched up the spots. A paper moved without me noticing, and some spray paint got on the glass. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. This is the resulting product, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. This is my first attempt at a hardscape, and I made my own sketch of how I would maybe envision the scape to be prior to doing this all. So, that is what I would go back and forth referencing at. The rocks were collected years ago from Oklahoma when I visited family and spent a few hours in the insanely hot weather collecting rocks and driving a car for the first time, although that was the only time I was ever able to drive. I remember seeing a lot of scorpions, snakes, and frogs while collecting them all. They were much bigger than this, and filled the entire space of the trunk, but my mom and I hammered them down to make some interesting, but decently sized, pieces for this tank. Here is the rough sketch of the hardscape, although the driftwood is included on it, it has yet to arrive. So, I will add it later on to the aquarium. I really enjoy sharp angles and curves, so I tried to implement some of that into my original concept. I didn’t reference any photos, so it probably isn’t accurate to nature, but this is what I had fun coming up with. I tried to pick rocks that matched this, and I’ll add some smaller ones to the bottom once I add all of the substrate (I plan on using organic potting soil and Seachem fluorite dark, capping it all in black sand). I like heavy contrast and black is a great color for it, especially when mixed with plants and a brightly colored betta, so that is the color I chose for the rocks, though they were originally a rusty orange color. The spray paint hopefully will prevent the rocks from eroding much in the tank, as it has a primer in it as well, and I applied a lot of layers (though the spray paint is aquarium safe). I think it worked out well, and I’m surprised I was able to match it pretty close to my concept sketch, though I did change some things, like bulking out the left side, and bringing the other down a little lower. It is definitely a little more sizable in person though. The next steps are to add substrate, and hopefully the driftwood, once it arrives. All of the mesh bags and spray foam will be covered, and I’ll have to add smaller rocks in some spots afterwards. Following that, I will add my plants. I do plan on purchasing more tomorrow, as I have a case of ‘Plant Collectoritis’, which I’m thinking will be some tissue cultured and sustainable Bucephalandra, Bolbitis (I’m thinking maybe Bolbitis heudelotii or maybe something smaller), Java Fern Trident Leaf, potentially something else. I have a holding tank full of plants that will also be apart of this scape, and I will try to implement the majority, as I enjoy a bit of a jungle.
  17. I'm going to PetSmart today to get a shrimp tankmate for my betta fish in a 5 gallon tank. Which shrimp should I pick? What should I feed it? How many should I buy? Thanks!
  18. I am planning on getting a pair of betta hendra I was wondering what minimum recommended tank size would be good for a planted species only tank? For me it is hard to decipher because the minimum tank size is all over the place. Some like the IBC say 2.5 gallons while others say 10 to 20 gallons.
  19. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LkxUUKpNJgPfTWXa9 Hello! I've been watching the channel for the last year and finally decided to make the jump and got a betta! She's absolutely gorgeous and I love her. But ever since I brought her home (about 48 hours now) she's been kind of bloated. I read not to feed your fish the first day you bring them home so I didn't but I can't decide if I should skip again today and wait for the bloating to go down or if I should try feeding her half a blanched pea or just give her the pellets I got for her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm very new to fishkeeping. Thank you and I love the work you do!
  20. I feel so proud of my betta community tank 🥰
  21. I have taken my betta out of his 10 gallon, and I am going to duirt his tank, and scape it! It is a cheap 10 gallon, but I wanted to take off the black rim, to make it rimless, but as I accidentally slipped, and cracked my tank. My friend has some tanks and he said I can have one, so I will be scaping that. I will add pics as it goes.
  22. I don't know if I'm over-worrying or anything, but I see that Aurora has red-gills when he is flaring, he comes to the surface to breathe every 30 seconds, and blows bubbles often in the water like he is suffocating/choking... can someone help me identify if its a disease, and if its gill flukes or gill disease? Thanks so much!!
  23. I just got Aurora like today. Right now it is 5:54 PM (I bought him from Aquarium Co-op at 3/27/20, at 10:20-ish AM) Aurora backs away from me and hides under the crowd of water lettuce on the surface every time I come watch Aurora to see if he's doing good. By the way, this is my first fish in a 5 gal tank. There is no other fish in the tank but Aurora. There is a betta hammock, a feeding ring, some plants, one marimo moss ball, crypt. tropica, water lettuce, nano sponge filter with airline tubing, stingray led lights, a nano heater, and soft small gravel with beneficial bacteria. Every thing is normal, no ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, but the ph is 7.5. I don't know why he's scared of me and keeps hiding. It makes me worry a lot. Can anyone help or explain why Aurora is doing that? Jane Oh
  24. I am rescaping my betta tank and I wanted to know what everyones MUST have betta items. I have the hamock for my betta and I am thinking of buying a betta log, probably the floating one. What else?
  25. Hi everyone! I'm Karina and my fish is named Franky Milagros (Miracles..you'll see why below) I purchased Franky from the pet store back in August. In late October I had to go out of town for a bit being that I was so new to being a fish parent I was very worried about leaving him alone I asked a friend to take him home to feed him and watch over him. He had a safe journey and stay with my friend but on his way home there was a major traumatizing situation. His tank spilt even after being wrapped around with towels and a seatbelt. Franky took a dive and fell between the seatbelt hole of the back seat of the car. I was in tears looking for him and about an hour or a little more later we found him under the backseat. By some miracle he was still alive! (Hence his last name) He was clearly traumatized and slow but ever since then his tail just looks tattered. I know it was an accident but still breaks my heart to look at the before and after. I tried tail rot medication I think 3 times and got him a new tank for Christmas. He doesn't have the same amount of energy as he used to doing laps in his tank and such but still likes to hang out on his leaf hammock and in his floating log that Santa brought him. Is there anything I can do to help his tail grow back healthy or will it not grow back and these are just his permanent scars? Any information or insight would help. Thank you in advance!
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