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Found 10 results

  1. Just purchased 6 ember tetras to start a new tank. Will it be ok to add more to the school later on or will the existing embers school more on their own?
  2. kind of battling two issues right now - a possible columnaris infection, detailed in a different thread...but, also have three of my 18 tetras that have literally zero color - the others all are at least a light orange color, and some are that nice deep orange/red color. I am at a loss for why those couple would still not have any color at all...not even a tinge on their fins...literally grey/clear all over and have been that way since I brought them home anyone have any ideas? they all came from the same lfs, so kind of confused at this point, I thought they would color up after a few days (which most did), but these have been in the tank for 2+ weeks... any help is appreciated
  3. Hi all! One of my ember tetras has this white bulge on the side. She's quite bloated too but it looks like it's because she's pregnant (a couple of others look like that too sometimes). She's active and swimming with the school. She's in a fairly planted 10 gallon with 8 more embers, a female betta, 2 nerites and some amano shrimp. Water parameters are: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 25 GH: 300 KH: 80 PH: 7.4 No new additions in about 6 months and temperature is a steady 78° Any ideas what it could be?
  4. HI All, I was sitting watching my tank today after feeding and realized there was a fish floating at the top. I hope he wasn't gone for too long, he's lost a lot of his color, so I'm assuming it's an Ember Tetra based on the dorsal fin shape. I also don't think I am missing any Neon Tetra's, just 1 Ember. I checked the Ammonia levels and they are near zero. I didn't check the other levels because I think they are all ok. All the other fish are swimming normally. Any idea what could have happened?
  5. I have 4 Ember Tetras I got about 2 weeks ago. I actually got 6 but 2 were super tiny and didn’t make it. The ones I have left don’t seem like they’re eating. It looks like they want to but they eat the food then spit it back out. I’ve tried 3 different flakes, xtreme Nano pellets (that I crush even more because they’re too big), frozen daphnia and frozen baby brine shrimp. It’s the same with everything. They suck it in, maybe give it a chomp or 2 then spit it out. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. One of my 18 Embers in a species only tank is looking very pale and slightly bloated. Middle fish in the attached photo. Noticed its condition about a week ago. No apparent change. Had it at least 6 months. Behavior is as normal but spits out flake food, only eating baby brine shrimp. Appears to be slightly labored breathing. Any comments welcome!
  7. So there was a lot going on in my tank today.... I had to fish out some sick panda corydoras, I tried to add a wave maker that I believe is unfortunately too strong for my 20 gal long... and through out all this madness I saw what I believe to be a baby ember tetra?!? I have 7 of them and the only other fish were the panda corys... and I know they weren’t breeding. How is this possible? Could there be more? I had a hard enough time netting the corys there’s no way I could ever catch this tiny thing lol (sorry the pic isn’t very good I had to snap it in a hurry.
  8. I have well-established 55 gallon with a stable school of cardinal/ember phantom/glowlight/bloodfin tetras for over a year. I feed twice a day( Extreme krill flake in the morn, frozen food...1 small cube... in the evening) because the cardinals seem to eat slower than the other fish.If I don't feed twice daily, I notice that the cardinals have 'sunken bellies'. Ember tetras are pigs, often out-competing other fish for food! Lately, my female embers have all 'plumped up', one looks like a 'pregnant female guppy', she is so full. Am I perhaps overfeeding or is it bloat? Are the females egg laden and ready to spawn? Or is this some 'tetra disease'? Please look at the center fish(ember female)in the pics. All the other fish seem just fine! Even the heavy females swim/eat fine and are active pigs! Thanks
  9. Hi all new here, i am from Europe but following aquarium co-op for last few years. I have problem with my ember tetras it's new tank (3 months) cycled and planted i had around 20 of them. No physical signs of disease they one by one keep going out off school and just swim harder and harder until they die. almost every or every other day one or two are dead. I am thinking that it's internal parasites problem and i need some advice. But first i will write needed informations: Tank size - around 25 gallons Ammonia -0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 15 Ph - around 7 KH - 8 GH - 7 Temperature - 23 C around 73/74F Weekly water change up to 50% Filter -Fluval 206 Food-flakes, granules, frozen artemia, frozen daphnia - in rotation 2/3 times a week frozen Stock- 4 Otocinclus (no sign of illnes), now around 11 ember tetras and 4 amano shrimps Now if you think that there is internal parasites problem please help with medication choice, if not then help me to find out where is a problem. I have two choices for parasites 1. eSHa ndx - Active ingredients: 54 mg Levamisoli hydrochloridum (Levamisole hydrochloride). Other ingredients: 0.85 mg Methylis parahydroxybenzoas, 1.4 mg Natrii metabisulfis, aqua. 2. eSHa gdex - 1 ml contains: 66 mg of praziquantel I would much rather get second one but i am not sure would it be enough. Btw. i am adding picture of one ember tetra that just started showing symptoms and probably will die today. 1 photo 2 photo Thanks for help.😊
  10. I noticed this tetra has developed dark markings on its body. Any thoughts on this? It seems to be acting fine but the coloration is abnormal. I’ve had it about a year now.
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