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  1. Colu

    Fin Rot?

    I would treat him on his own as he's showing sign of something more going on following the instructions on the box
  2. I agree with @Patrick_G but I would also add prime every 24hr to detoxify any nitrites
  3. Colu

    Fin Rot?

    If he's getting weaker I would do a full course of maracyn just to be on the safe side
  4. I dose kanaplex in food you will also need seachems focus it acts as a binding agent when using meds in food
  5. You have two Sera products Sera baktopur active ingredient is acriflavin and Methylene blue and Sera baktopur direct tables active ingredient is nifurpirinol that the one you want a friend of mine got some off Amazon a while ago you can get it off e bay if it were fungus you would expect to see fuzziness or cotton wool like growth I live UK I get most of my meds of eBay seachems kanaplex is a very effective antibiotic treatment and API furan2 when combined are the best treatment for Columnaris
  6. Colu

    Fin Rot?

    It looks like it cut it fin with the straight edge
  7. As your in the UK I would get holed of Sera baktopur direct tables active ingredient is nifurpirinol it's a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment you can get it off Amazon just in case you need it more than likely it's an injury I would have the meds on hand just in case
  8. Colu

    Fin Rot?

    It doesn't look like fin rot I agree with @James Black monitor for as your treating with the med trio I think he will be fine
  9. It could be the possible nitirtes and chorine causing the issue do you use a dechlorinator like prime
  10. it looks like an injury or it could be the start of Columnaris with the white patches are any of your other fish showing symptoms it's eating ok
  11. It's an odd one it possible small particles could be irritating they gills if you use powdered actived carbon the fine dust can irritate the fish gill if it get into the the water column
  12. Nothing jumping out at me what the temperature of your tank
  13. If no other fish are showing symptoms in the main tank I would Qarantine and treat on its own
  14. A would treat with kanaplex in food it's a more effective antibiotic treatment if it's a bacterial infection
  15. I would monitor for a week if after a week it's gotten worse I would do a course of maracyn
  16. It looks like it could be a bacterial infection something else could be going on what are your water parameters
  17. It would have to be Green phantom pleco they are just stunning fish
  18. It looks like an injury to me i would just monitor for now it will probably heal on its own
  19. I think your stocking will be fine Bolivian rams are one of the more peaceful dawrf cichlids I would recommend fluval 07 series external canister filters I use sand substrate better for Cory's to dig and Juwel aquarium heaters on my tanks
  20. Can you post a picture of the sick fish and what symptoms do they have
  21. I agree with @Scapexghost you could do smaller water changes and I would use a double dose of prime after every water change you could prepare your water in a tote or large bin before a water change and put a small heater to get the temperature the same as your tank and run a small filter with seachems purigen in it to absorb any nitirte and nirates a couple of days before you do your water change
  22. Flashing can be caused by parasite high levels of ammonia or nitrites can cause flashing chemical contamination such chorine do you add a dechlorinator like prime when doing water changes do you notice more flashing before or after a water changes
  23. Your low KH could be causing pH swings stressing them out I would add some crushed coral to your filter to raise your KH
  24. 10 gallon should be fine for 8 pearl danios long term
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