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  1. I have never used focus with expel p I don't think it would be a prolem you could add focus to this levamisole food recipe
  2. Colu

    Sore on guppy?

    I Put all my crushed coral in my filters it will probably take a couple of weeks as it not getting as much flow thought it before notice any difference
  3. There stunning fish hopefully you have as much success with these Otto as you had with your other Otto's who knows you might be swimming in fry soon
  4. I would also have on hand seachems kanaplex and focus to use in food focus acts as a binding agent when used with kanaplex to make antibiotic fish food to treat internal bacterial infection and Fritz expel p active ingredient is levamisole for treating internal parasites
  5. Colu

    Sore on guppy?

    I think you KH and pH are the problem guppys like a KH 140 and a pH of 7.5 I would add more crushed coral to bing up your KH and pH
  6. It could be a tumor or internal growth or a fluid filled cyst it's difficult one if it's a tumor or growth antibiotic will have no effect if it's a cyst what I would do is Epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 1 gallon 2-3 times a day for no more than 15 minutes the salt will help reduce any fluid buildup
  7. A nitrate level of 20 is fine I would start to worry if you see it going over 40 even then their a difference of opinion of have toxic they are to fish if you have plants in your tank I wouldn't worry
  8. Colu

    Quarantine trio UK

    Yes between them you can treat most common diseases Esha 2000 does treat mild external Bacterial infection I used it for fungal treatment more than a bacterial treatment if it something more serious such as an internal bacterial infection you need something like Sera baktopur direct tables or kanaplex or maracyn2 API furan2 maracyn
  9. How long have you had the puffer what are your water parameters what have you tryed feeding him and did you treat him for parasites when you got him
  10. It's the Frist time I used it and I haven't had cloudy water when feeding with it from what I have noticed it does break down in my tank a lot quicker than say algae wafers at the rate my fish eat it that not a problem and I only add small amounts
  11. Nothing else is coming to mind it's odd one hopefully someone else has some suggestions as to the cause
  12. My EBO youngster grow paste arrived and it's been I big hit with my bristlenose adults and fry so far it has the consistency of play doh I roll it in to thin strips before feeding as you don't have to put much in the tank it should last a long time with having a protein content of 62% hopefully I will see improvement in the growth of my fry
  13. You can keep cherry shrimp in an unheated tank at temperature between 60-86
  14. Maracyn is antibiotic treatment I have never used maracyn oxy the active ingredient is sodium chlorite I would treat with one these medications over maracyn oxy if you can't get maracyn I would get hold of one theses medication maracyn2 kanaplex API furan2 API fin and body cure
  15. Just looking them up and it's says the average adult size for Peruvian altum is 6-8in when full grown
  16. In my experience with tetra is the females go very plump for a while after a couple of days to a week they will lose the weight as like to lay their eggs first thing they seem to put the weight back on after a couple of days if your not seeing any pineconing of the scales and fish are eating ok and active it's more then likely carrying eggs or just fat the females usually get the lion share of the food
  17. Have you tryed fasting them for a couple of days they could just be over weight or it could be egg bound
  18. I don't have a lot of experience of with altums so am not sure about growth rate
  19. As expel p requires one dose then a water change in 24hr I would dose that first and see if theirs any improvement if theirs no improvement then I would do a course of paracleanse
  20. It could be some permanent damage to the eye you could add some aquarium salt as you have live plants salt can be harmful or you could do a course of maracyn see how he goes
  21. I make it a snail tank Ramshorn or nerite snails lots of colourful snail species to choose from
  22. Lead plant I have used for over 15 years and never had any problems the amount of lead is probably so small that it won't have any effect on your fish
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