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  1. I would recommend adding pond snails to deal with algae instead of using chemicals in the future
  2. Theres another possibility form what I have read algaefix can kill fish if overdosed
  3. What could have happen is the algaefix caused levels of desolved oxygen in your pond to drop causing your fish's death's do you have a filter or air stone in your pond
  4. It's more than likely It injuryed it's self by swiming into something in the tank I would Qarantine and treat with maracyn to cover against any secondary bacterial infection see how he goes it might heal given time
  5. It could low KH @Scapexghost suggested causing these symptoms low levels of minerals can cause shimmies in livebearers. aquarium salt will help with gill function and add essential electrolytes it can also be cause by to low temperature or pH these multiple factors that can cause shimmies
  6. A little more information would be helpful what are your water parameters added anything new to the tank resently are they eating ok
  7. I have always had lids on my tanks cuts down on evaporation and stops fish from jumping out of my tanks
  8. Frist tank size the bigger the better and bichir will eat any fish that will fit in there mouths if your starting with small bichirs to give grow the rainbow fish and Densoni barbs time to get to full size I think they will be fine butterfly fish will also be fine with bichirs as they just hang around top half of the tank I kepted leopard Bush fish a long time ago in a species tank some am not sure weather they will go well together mine use to spend a lot of time the plants as they are ambush predators
  9. What species of pencil fish were you thinking of keeping
  10. It could be wasting disease with the sunken belly have tryed feeding him live black worms or frozen blood worms to build him up if it is wasting disease you will need to treat with levamisole the active ingredient in Fritz expel p you can use ick x with expel p to treat the fungus there are safe to use together I would check your water parameters to make sure nothing off
  11. If I remember rightly lampeye killifish like to be kept in groups of six or more that's why is probably hiding
  12. No you don't need to put any of the meds I recommend in a fridge
  13. I store all my meds in a cool dry place
  14. Kanaplex is s a great antibiotic treatment for gram negative and some gram positive bacterial paracleanse for treating external parasites Fritz expel p for treating internal parasites with the ick x and salt you should be able to treat most diseases you incounter
  15. I would add a small group of fish every 2 weeks to give the benefial bacterial time catch up with the bio load
  16. Colu


    Yes but I would only do a third course of paracleanse if you still seeing symptoms of parasites after two full course of treatment @Craziiininja
  17. If their eating ok and still losing weight it could be wasting disease recommend treatment is levamisole that's the active ingredient in Fritz expel p have you noticed any flashing or white stringy poop sunken belly
  18. Colu


    recommend doing 2-3 course of treatment 2 weeks apart doing back to back treatments won't get all the parasite as the eggs can take up to two weeks to hatch
  19. You could add a mineral block to help with shell growth
  20. Colu

    Ich and fin rot?

    What ich medication are you using what type of pleco did you add I would recommend treating with ick x and kanaplex in food as it looks like the start of a bacterial infection on top of the ich
  21. There's aqua-cipro that has 500mg of ciprofloxacin and you can DAB ick x or Methylene blue directly on the fungus
  22. Welcome to the forum I would second using a sump
  23. It's more than likely temperature shock or chorine as @Mmiller2001 suggested I would test your tap water for chorine you might have to double dose prime if they have increased the amount of chorine in your water try get the temperature of water closer to that of the tank during water changes I aim for a 0.5 difference when doing water changes
  24. Colu

    Betta injury?

    It could be the piece of wood with the jagged edge it look to be a superficial injury I don't think you have anything to worry about
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