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  1. Hello! Hard to tell but those look like bamboo shrimp.
  2. @Sophiethis is a forum so we may not get back to you very quick so be patient. Sometimes it takes a day to a few hours so don’t worry if we don’t get back with you.
  3. Sometimes there are lucky ones I had one of mine that lived almost a year. He was the grandpa of them all. 😂 Also I have these spotted Rams horns that came on a plant they are really cool and I think you should check them out.
  4. Is this supposed to be some hide n seek fish game 😂 I don’t see it.
  5. I've never kept Rams but my LFS has them in black substrate and it looks pretty cool. I agree though with @Andy's Fish Den choose whatever substrate you want they are pretty fish so the will go well with anything.
  6. I was watching a video and it said that you can use a pepper grinder to grind up food for fry. Seems like a smart idea.
  7. I use My aquarium guide it’s a pretty good app.
  8. No not that I’ve heard of. In my opinion it would be a waste of time. You can if you want to though.
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