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  1. Let us know how the bottle trap works! I have 15 kuhli loaches to catch this weekend.
  2. Thanks. I wasn't too worried until I asked about it on a fb puffer group.
  3. I found this in my pea puffer tank and was worried it might be a parasitic worm. I messed with it in and out of water for about 5 minutes and it didn't move. Any idea what it could be? The tank is heavily planted and just has the pea puffers and a small bristlenose pleco. *I posted about white stringy poop from one of my puffers not too long ago, but all of my puffers are healthy chubsters and I've only seen normal brown poop from them since then.
  4. I don't think overloading the tank with snails would work since pea puffers tend to go on murdering sprees and only take part of the snail meat. They would probably deplete their food source within a week and the leftover snail bits would pollute the water. A 10 gallon would be too small for the snails to hide effectively or deal with that much waste.
  5. I bought a Fluval 3.0 not too long ago for my 40g breeder. My plants immediately perked up and started growing like weeds, especially my water wisteria. I'm not sure where you are located, but Aquarium Co-op sells them with a 3 year warranty.
  6. Adding more plants to break up line of sight might help. I have 6 in a 20g long and they chilled out a bit when the stem plants filled in.
  7. I upgraded from a couple of 5g betta tanks to two 20g longs, and now I have two 40g breeders because of this. I like having tiny ecosystems with lots of activity and diverse behaviors.
  8. I can understand if smaller stores can't afford to quarantine new stock, but having clearly sick fish on the sales floor just seems like a bad move. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't being overly critical. I did assume each tank would have a different filtering system.
  9. I've seen fish with ich in nearly every pet/aquarium store I've been to, even a highly recommended one in the Portland area. Should I avoid buying livestock from those places or is that a normal part of the hobby? Shouldn't those fish be pulled from the sales floor and treated? Is that generally too expensive for most stores? I usually don't see signs on infected tanks that would indicate they aren't for sale or that they are being treated. The Co-op doesn't have some of the fish I want or I would just buy from them every time.
  10. There's an awesome YouTube channel called The Blind Fishkeeper. Alexander Williamson from The Secret History Living In Your Aquarium interviewed him a couple of weeks ago. The guy's name is Brandon and he's rad.
  11. I have a recurring nightmare that my bedroom is the aquarium and I'm desperately trying to swim to my empty 20g tanks to breath air. I'm worrying about the cost of the water damage the whole time too. Gotta love stress dreams.
  12. Is this normal poop? My puffers eat well and have rounded bellies, but I see them swimming around for hours with their poop attached. The runt of the bunch had a bit of stringy white poop hanging from the usual pellet shaped poo today. Could that just be a blood worm casing, or should I be worried about parasites? Shouldn't healthy poop drop within a minute or two? I'm more attached to my little pea pod than I expected to be and might be worrying too much. I purchased them about2 months ago and did 2 rounds of paracleanse about 2 weeks apart. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate, 7.4 pH and 79° F
  13. I had the same problem until I started dosing Easy Green according to nitrate levels.
  14. Thanks, Patrick. My power is actually .09 per kWh, so that's closer to the number I was getting. I think it will be doable if I just have the 40g breeders down there. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything because I saw some wild numbers on forum threads.
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