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  1. Absolutely not! Nothing that is in the tank can be released back to nature. I am not sure what the capacity of the tank is. I thought there were like 10 or 15 sculpins until I fed recently and counted 30 not including Number One. I don't think they are breeding, as they are still young and some barely starting to show adult coloring. As far as feeding, parameters are great and I still do water changes periodically. The v-sump is doing an amazing job at keeping the water clean and clear. I do not think I will be adding any new critters, unless something amazing happens to cross my path. I do feed daily, but not stupid amounts. They clear it all out in less than five minutes. I am still learning. As critters disappear, I will take that as a sign of serious underfeeding. There is no aggression except from the Kelp crabs, but it is not their fault, they were drawn that way.
  2. I just got one of those because I love the look of this tank! They are so intense red and beautiful. I hope it does well and I don't end up killing it!
  3. I think my favorite is the "Yertle The Turtle" game when they all pile up on top of one snail!
  4. Funny you should mention that. I just bought two light to do as side lighting so I can have more "zones" in the tank. 🙂
  5. Yesterday was a partial success. I was able to buy 5 CPDs and 5 Lampeye killis to add to the tank. They seem to be doing well, ate, and are not shy at all. I am hoping to get more at some point, since that was all they had at the LFS. Seriously considering a new tank to give them more swimming space. So seriously considering a new tank that I bought one. It will be home to these fun little fish and a lot of plants. Let the cycle begin! It is a 12 gallon bookshelf, so 36" wide. Lots of horizontal swimming surface.
  6. That could explain why the birds were going crazy! Lots of edibles in the ocean. The view from the ferry was incredible, with many flocks going in and out of the water finding fish. I am now seriously thinking I am underfeeding! No krill left in the tank, but everyone else looks happy. No drama this morning! I did add the ACO powerhead to create an insane amount of current, and they are all happy riding the new waves. I aimed it at the skimmer so the bubbles get pushed around covering more tank area. We'll see how it goes.
  7. Glad it did not get to that point and good to know everyone is safe. Electricity and water are always scary.
  8. Went to LFS in Seattle and did some serious damage! Got CPDs and Lampeye killifish to keep my current ones company. Still looking for more as they did not have enough. And got plants, too. And other things, too. Oh, dear!
  9. I also have been noticing Number one spending a lot of time guarding a "cave" under an oyster shell. I have no idea about the breeding season for these sculpins, so will need to read about them tonight, with a cup of hot spicy Mexican chocolate.
  10. Do you have a sense of when breeding season is for the pupfish?
  11. The morning drama today: Of the 200+ krill, only eleven were in the tank this morning! The sculpins were not particularly fat, and I do not believe they are night feeders. The sump had maybe ten or so, all alive, so in the tank again they went. The Acrobat is not fast enough to catch them. Oooohhhh, not just Ursula Flerken, but the other anemones may have gotten a nice dinner last night! Wow! I guess I was underfeeding... 😳
  12. Mother Nature always has a different plan. It is up to us to adapt, learn and enjoy!
  13. I second that! One can't have too many Anubias. I am loving the way they grow emersed in the paludarium. You can leave what you have unchanged if you are not daring to alter the current state, but all above suggestions are viable, and your landscape will evolve with time anyway.
  14. Looking great! Don't forget to pause and breathe. It is the one thing I myself keep forgetting. 🙄
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