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Found 3 results

  1. 5/27/22 : Well well well… what do we have here? I removed my HOB from the tank temporarily to do maintenance and found a clutch of mystery snail eggs! I don’t know too much about this other than recalling some videos I watched a month or so ago. What do I do?! Hmm… #1. Freak out (done) #2. Watch those YouTube vids again (done) #3. Create snail incubator (done) #4. Hit the CARE forum. (Hi!) A bit of background: My mystery snail is undoubtedly my favorite character in the tank. She (?) is full of personality and loves to parasnail down from the glass or driftwood when I drop in some Snello. So this was an easy decision. Raise the snails! But wait a sec… I only have 1 mystery snail. How did this happen? Are these eggs even viable? How long were they behind the filter? Months or days? Folks, we are going to find out! (er, somehow.. mainly we wait.) Fortunately I keep a little fish journal with measured parameters and what I do to the tank. @Guppysnail suggested I start a little snail breeding journal on here too. Great idea! So here we are. The mystery snail (York) was added on 3/5/22. One Nerite (Hampshire) was added on the same day. However, I’ve never seen them interact. Eggs were discovered on 5/27/22. A fellow forum member said a mystery snail can hold onto sperm/fertilized eggs for “quite some time”… to be continued… previous thread with egg discovery here!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I have some snails I'd like to grow out fast and breed. I considered putting this topic in the fish breeding forum but wasn't sure if that was the proper place. I have kept some ramshorn snails for a few months in various containers and fed them various vegetables like carrots and lettuce over time. They don't grow that fast and I am probably going to pick up a dedicated 2.5 gallon tank for them today and give them a better environment. I was looking here since (since I have ordered before and like the product and service) for decent food for them. I saw some comments about some other food being used for snails without a problem but I thought I'd ask here what everyone's opinion is for food that will make the snails healthy and grow fast. I know these are considered pest snails but I do like the look of them and they are fun to watch, but also I have a turtle that likes to eat them. I placed a few in the turtle's tank a while back and they do a really good job of hiding until night time to avoid being eaten (they are smarter than I thought). But the turtle has slowly picked off the bigger ones throughout the day digging through the rocks. I would like to keep resupplying the tank with bigger ones more often. I know this is a longer post but really just looking for advice to have the best chances. Thanks everyone!
  3. I'd say these ramshorn snails really love their green beans. They are slowly taking over this 20L. Just thought I'd share.
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