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  1. Hello! Hard to tell but those look like bamboo shrimp.
  2. @Sophiethis is a forum so we may not get back to you very quick so be patient. Sometimes it takes a day to a few hours so don’t worry if we don’t get back with you.
  3. Sometimes there are lucky ones I had one of mine that lived almost a year. He was the grandpa of them all. 😂 Also I have these spotted Rams horns that came on a plant they are really cool and I think you should check them out.
  4. Is this supposed to be some hide n seek fish game 😂 I don’t see it.
  5. I've never kept Rams but my LFS has them in black substrate and it looks pretty cool. I agree though with @Andy's Fish Den choose whatever substrate you want they are pretty fish so the will go well with anything.
  6. I was watching a video and it said that you can use a pepper grinder to grind up food for fry. Seems like a smart idea.
  7. I use My aquarium guide it’s a pretty good app.
  8. No not that I’ve heard of. In my opinion it would be a waste of time. You can if you want to though.
  9. Welcome! Feel free to send us some pics of your tanks.
  10. I watched the video @Patrick_G posted about Ricefish that @Ryo Watanabemade. He doesn’t have any filter or do any water changes. He says the plants act as a filter so I probably would use tons of my hornwort. But for water changes should I do them or not. I’d probably just replace the water then just let the rain fill it up. Is that a good idea? Thanks
  11. I personally like pest snails but they do multiply very quickly so they can get a bit annoying. If you want to get rid of them I agree with @Biotope Biologist my snails love cucumber but you could use zucchini too. I would give it a day then they will be ALL OVER IT. Then I guess you could get rid of them like that.
  12. I have a Australian shepherd that is 16 so I don’t want to try that but it sounds like a good idea.
  13. Normally as cold as it gets in Kentucky is about 10 degrees and it only got that cold once this year. We also have a lot of rain so I would have to worry about flooding. I think I am definitely going to try Ricefish though.
  14. Is there anything that y’all would recommend for raccoons here in Kentucky there are TONS OF THEM.
  15. I was thinking about getting a pond so I was wondering about raccoons I will be watching this thread closely!
  16. I started out with one hornwort piece and now it’s in all 8 of my aquariums and I have so much every week when I do water changes I have to throw some away. It’s a great plant but when it’s not happy IT SHEDS.
  17. So rice fish are VERY RARE IN MY AREA. I wanted to buy them off Aqua Huna is there any different breeds you would reccomend. Also we have tons of raccoons our area so anything to keep them away. Thanks!!
  18. I have three guppy tanks set up specifically for breeding and raising and the main thing for me is when raising the fry is a heater. The fry grow up alot quicker in my experience with a heater. I would love to see how this goes!
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