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  1. Even though conversation hearts but I can no longer find them anywhere. 😢 They were super good though.
  2. Cool! I have always loved Marineland tanks.
  3. Hello Ya'll, hope you are having a good day. I have had my white cloud fry for about two months and some of them are already about half a inch. I probably have about 20 along with the parents in a 6 gallon and they are all of mixed ages. I have another spare 10 gallon because recently my really old hermit crabs died. 😥 I also recently set up a 10 gallon for my guppies that were in the outdoor pond. What age should I be looking to sell them to my LFS because they are very low on white clouds at the moment and I could probably sell them for about 2 dollars each which would be good for 20 of them. That would be 40 bucks for a relatively cheap fish and would be some pretty darn good store credit offers. Thanks
  4. I just started Demon Slayer it’s pretty good not gonna lie but it’s pretty creepy lol.
  5. Ok I will monitor very closely she looks fine right now and no signs of prolapse.
  6. Yep definitely a Serpae they are very cool fish!
  7. It fell off into the substrate and the snails ate it. What should I do now?
  8. I meant to put a thread up for this but here it is. My Golden panchax female with something that looks like a prolapse. Whatever it was just went to the bottom of the tank and is just laying there
  9. Hey guys sorry I haven’t been online in a while. I have been very busy with school. Hope I’ll try to get online more often.
  10. Ah yes SpongeBob. The old ones are the best. Whoever put that Easter Egg better speak out. 😉
  11. My guppies are fine outside right now. Its about 63 degrees and this weekend I'll probably bring them in for the summer. Can't wait till next season!
  12. Pygmy cories are a cool option!
  13. I think I've said this five times. White clouds are a really good and cool choice for a 10 gallon mine even bred in a 5.5 gallon. Guppies are another option and the easiest!
  14. I made my own about a year ago. There are hundreds of videos on them they are supper easy to make. I just use fishing bobbers because I had loads of them because I fish ALOT.
  15. Sorry Fish Folk. Hope it doesn't ruin any of your wonderful tanks. Sending Prayers!
  16. Mine don't. The adults aren't eating them at all though they occasionally chase them around attempting to eat them.
  17. I've watched some videos too on this. I still do it the old fashion way of just crushing it between your fingers and the pouring it in a old fish food can and you have very fine food for fry!
  18. Some variatus platies would be cool too. Cory has a few videos on them.
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