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  1. I had a really great time reading through this journal in its entirety. Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. I use a timer on my personal tank, but I just have the light come on later in the day, so it can be on into the evening when I will be seeing it most/most enjoy the extra light in my room. 😉
  3. I just want to say thank you to everyone again. You guys have all been SO helpful and I really appreciate it! I've made a list of the suggestions and will look up care guides for them to pass along. Thank you all!!
  4. Yeah Amazon swords have never worked out for me, and they seem to need more root tabs than even I can afford. And since their mom has a pretty tight budget, I don't know that they would be a good fit. 😉 But I know some people have great success with them, so maybe it depends on the person. 🤷
  5. Edit: Oops, hit submit too early 😆 Okay, thank you, Cory!! I'm hoping to keep them from stocking it too full since it's their first time trying anything over a 3 gallon. We'll see how it goes. 😉
  6. They definitely are! Mine act like they're "starvingggg" even after they have been fed. 😂 And they're so active they're hard to take any photos of.
  7. My Endlers act pretty much just like a tiny version of our beagle. XD they're always begging for food and swim right up to the glass to beg as soon as they see me. They also like following fingers and are very curious and excited with water changes. 😂 They always want to play in the current from the water change hose and bump up against it/my hand the whole time.
  8. I have one in my tank! It's one of my favorite plants and I've considered getting another. I might add that to the list I sent them! Thanks. 💙
  9. I admit to laughing out loud at this. 😆😆 That's definitely something I would do. LOL.
  10. It's looking better than my Java Fern ever managed!! Good job. 😆
  11. Well at least I'm not alone. XD Mine still lives but it hasn't grown an inch since I got it a year and a half ago. It just sits there, regardless of how many root tabs I attempt to feed it. It is the smallest plant in the tank! 😆 So much for getting massive...
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