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  1. Finally got an extension cable long enough to power my mad laboratory that used to be all battery powered. My 5 year old nephew asked if I was a scientist because he saw my brine shrimp hatcheries bubbling away. I guess they look like some mad scientist stuff he saw in cartoons. 😁 It's still a mess but I have the Coop Livestream tomorrow to clean it all up
  2. Put the 5g in, your hatchery can sit on top of one of the other tanks. If it leaks no big deal
  3. I got lots of rest today, still spent an hour feeding and looking at my fish and fry but didn't do any nermy stuff. Too tired
  4. You can always compost it. Scuds love eating it too
  5. If you have an established planted tank the water from that should have some infusoria in it. Green water could work too
  6. Harvested some wild moss(?) and trying to grow them out like SerpaDesigns style Also locked myself out of my fish room and had to use a credit card to pick the lock😁 and by fishroom I mean my bedroom
  7. Made some fry food from different foods I have like Cory suggests we do. Freeze dried daphnia, Xtreme betta pellets, freeze dried bloodworms, bug bites, some flakes and other betta pellets. Used the coffee grinder thing to crush the Xtreme pellets. Also upgraded my betta breeding tubs to actual tanks so I can get better pics and videos
  8. I think I might be in trouble with my latest spawn. There's about a hundred babies that hatched😅 silver marble male x galaxy koi female
  9. Take this for what it's worth but if I were in your position and dont want to use salt I would just leave the fish alone to heal up. Personally I've never had any problems with salt and plants but I don't run big tanks, I'm not sure what size you have him in right now and what plants and how dense your planting. There's a lot of variables
  10. Can you get better pics? And do you have pics of the fish from the seller? Normally when I breed bettas and they get their fins ripped and chewed I just use salt and within 5-7 days they'll grow back.
  11. Update on the fry. I'm separating and grading them right now.
  12. Nice! When I had a tub pond I would use two sponges and alternate their cleaning because yea they get clogged up quick
  13. Trying to pass down the love of nature and water to my nephew
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