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  1. Nope 36 years is too long and amazingly fun to waste. Anyway, he is the one that hands me his check so that I can make this little slice of paradise we call home for the 100 or so, give or take, of us.
  2. I just finished planting my 6th and my husband seriously hopes my final tank. Fiscally that's our best choice. I thought I was finished a couple months ago but I found out the "Momma" in me just couldn't handle seeing the babies being eaten and I'm not a good sales person, so my guppy breeding tank was the last one to be transformed. I do have my hospital tank that I hate to just have sit there. (Any ideas, or is it even possible to have anything in a tank that will be the quarantine/hospital tank while it's not needed for Q&H and stay in it while others are being quarantined and medicated) It's a 20 gallon tank, with everything. Even plants, I know that's not best but it looks so pretty.
  3. I know that Easy Carbon says it is safe for fish, snails and shrimp, but is it safe for frogs?
  4. that was more tech. than I am used to. A lot of stuff I didn't understand.
  5. I'm looking for something to combat the green hair algae in my tank. I know on the site it says that Easy Carbon is safe for snails, shrimp and shrimp. Is it safe for frogs? Thanks
  6. It's hard to learn all these different ways to communicate but I do appreciate the community feeling without the smothering aspect.
  7. Thanks, that is very sound advice. It's just nice to have a "friend" (second opinion), who has more experience than I do, to bounce suggestions around with. It will be nice when the fish club gets going. I'm excited about interactions with other hobbiests. I don't know what it will actually look like, but it seems like something that will be a great boost for us. Anyway, thanks.
  8. Thank you both for the help. I'm thankful for this forum. I think I just needed a little "You got this" from knowledgeable people. Still a little scared but less so now that I have had 2 agreeing opinions. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response. At least I know I'm not alone! It sure would be nice if there was a guide for intermediate beginners. Maybe pictures of what illnesses actually look like in each stage of the illness. Maybe there is and I just haven't found it. Doing the learning at 60, when I'm forgetting so much in general, is tough🙂.
  10. I'm newish(2years or so), to the hobby. I still don't know how to diagnose my fish. A.C. is the only place I listen to for advise about my tanks just because I don't want to do the whirlpool of information on the internet. I have heard Cory say many times that this forum is the best place to get help. And I thank everyone who has helped me so far. Now I'm looking at some advise given here by a fellow user that is going to be very costly, (for me anyway) and be putting medications in 2, 55 gallon community tanks. That is scary for me, one because I love these fish but also because it will cost so much. How do I know which advise I can really trust and which is advise given by someone who just thinks they know?
  11. Sorry, here is the picture of 2 of the fish.
  12. Any idea what this plant is? Thanks for any help.
  13. I was wondering, what is the white stuff and how to treat it. I have 2, 55 gallon tanks with this problem on several of the neons at different stages. They are both maturely planted tanks, one two years old and the other about 6 months. They get consistent water changes to run at (On AC Test strips),NO3-10,NO2-0, GH-250,KH-40/80,PH-6.8, CHLORINE-0, they run at approximately 80 degrees. The 2 year tank has, one platinum angel, 2 Siamese algae eaters, 1 golden Chinese algea eater, 3 tiger Barbs, 2 green Barbs, 2 clown loach and a variety of snails. The 6 months has, 35 neon Tetras, 2 Angel fish, a Twig Catfish, 10 Kuli Loaches, 8 seg(sp?) Cory and a variety of snails. All that to ask should I catch out the fish with visible illness or medicate both complete tanks? I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank but all the fish would seem to be to crowded. Sorry my explanation is so long. Thanks for any help.
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