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Found 11 results

  1. Newbie here. I tried to search for an answer but...I have so many questions. I got Pepper Corys breeding. Great, right? Well the problem is I am not sure what to put the hatching fry in. There are so many different ways to raise them. I collected the first batch of eggs eight days ago. Kept in a rubbermaid snack container with about a cup of water and added few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Changed out the water three to four times a day with tap water that had cycle and aqua-plus added to it. (I did not use the parent tank water as I have been medicating for ICK). The water sits and is room temperature. I have a halogen lamp above for light and it produces good warmth. Today they are hatching and I am not sure what/how to keep them. I am unable to purchase anything at the moment. So, is it ok to raise the little gaffers in a plastic or glass container? How deep? How big? Airstone? When would a sponge filter be required. I've got pool filter sand for the bottom, and I can use some moss from one of the clean tanks. I raise BBS and have frozen Daphnia to begin feeding in a couple of days. So far today, I have seven hatched from the 23 eggs which were fertile. Yesterday, they laid another batch of eggs - 60! Guess they like the tank parameters. I have only had them for three months, the older gals, and added four more younger ones in the last two weeks. They are all from the LFS, but different batches so not siblings. It looks like I have three of each male/female. Also, one of the guppies decided to drop their fry as well. So I have them in a ten gallon. Would I be able to grow-out the corydoras in the same tank? Gosh sorry. But I wasn't prepared for all these babies. I thought it would take awhile for the corydoras to spawn.
  2. Here is an update to my Leopard Cory Fry.
  3. My snow white corydoras recently spawned and some eggs started hatching. I have a couple foods for baby fish but will vinegar eels work for the small baby corys or should I try something even smaller?
  4. Hello; My panda corys are spawning like crazy for the last week . Every morning I wake up to 10-15 eggs stuck to the front glass. Currently around 15-20 fry hatched and more on the way. My question is regarding to feeding theese. I have sera micron as dry food. And it seems like they are taking it. But I also want to supplement their feeding with something else. Tried baby brine shrimp. But I suspect they are not taking it. Any suggestions?
  5. Greetings! Apparently my false julii corydoras have been having a lot of fun. Each morning I wake up to 5-15 eggs. I am however having trouble hatching them. I watched a lot of video, especially @Irene - I put my eggs in a small container with a few drop of mythilene blue and an air stone. I let it float in the main tank, I remove the bad eggs, I do WC but only 1 hatched so far. A lot of them are actually turning darker... I had the idea to transfer them in my 10 gallons where I raise clown killifish fry but the substrate is gravel, not sand. Any advice on what I should do differently? Thank you!
  6. This morning I found a few false julii cory eggs in my 20 gallons - about 8. I set them in a fluval medium breeding box and added an airstone. The breeding box hangs outside the aquarium but source its water inside. This evening I was laughing at my nerita snail for trying to push the cholla wood out of its way when I noticed 4-5 fry scattering everywhere 😳 I managed to catch a few of them. Should I add them to the breeder box? Or should I put them in my 10 gallons, cycled, planted, same parameters as the tanks my cory parents are in? There is only about 10 clown killifish fry in it, less then 2 months old, only eating live and frozen baby brine shrimps.
  7. The great Texas freeze 🥶 of 2021 that I thought for sure would wipe put my tank gave me Panda babies instead!! First successful spawn of my fishkeeping life and it was on accident but I am so happy. I give all the credit to nature and what I learned on the Aquarium Coop channel and blogs - for guiding me into planted tanks which I am sure helped them survive our five days without electricity (their water was 58 degrees when we got power back and I took the blankets off to “deal with the bodies” and found everyone alive on the bottom of the tank.) About a week ago I was throwing some food in there and something squiggled by the skull cave and I looked closer and it was a tiny panda cory! I freaked LOL. A week later there are two (that survived the predation - I had noticed a few weeks ago those harlequin rasboras were looking real real good....) My setup is 20g tall, pool filter sand substrate, java fern plants, Stingray Finnex light on an 8 hour timer, heater and an airstone. The tank is 14 months old and my six adult pandas were juveniles when I started the tank and reared together. My two babies are already swimming together and eating with the adults.
  8. I got six Corydora Venezuelanus from a fellow hobbyist, and I got them to spawn! Have been breeding Habrosus for a while, but the Venezuelan spawn was huge! Have a grow out tank, and can’t wait to share!!!
  9. Thought I'd share a picture of some corydora fry hatched in the last week! There's more but the buggers are hard to get on camera. Some escaped the net into the 20 gallon tank and they have plenty to eat in there!
  10. Afternoon All, Last Tuesday, I had a "clutch" of eggs from my Albino x Bronze cory catfish (See: Ponyo Loves Sosuke). There were about 207 eggs laid by my one massive, female Bronze. Sosuke my bronze & Momma Mystery snail, Asuma for size comparison. Both are huge. Being my first viable batch - I figured the survival / success rate would be in the single to two digits if I was lucky. Thursday, fry hatched out and they have been doing well. I removed their leftover eggs about a day+ after for fear of fungus and immediately gave them first bites. I have them in a 1.66 gallon tank with a heater and sponge filter, did 50% water changes until hatched and I am now going to move to 2-3/week water changes. I did a fry head count last night and I have confirmed at least ... drum roll please ... 70 active and thriving Corydora Fry! I never thought that many would come from a clutch. So, here is my dilema and where I need your advice. I can not keep all 70 in that tiny tank, and the grow out I had planned is still quaratining some other new additions. Plus, it already has sand and other things - I want to keep these cories in a bare minimum enviornment while growing out. So, I am entertaining the idea of getting a breeder tank. I ideally, want to start cycling it today. 1) how many gallons should I look for to comfortably and efficiently raise the 70 fry into healthy maturation? 2) while cycling new tank, I was thinking off taking some water from my established tank (the tank they were initially laid in) and their current tank when doing water changes and adding that water to the new tank to get good bacteria & water going, yes or no? 3) Any advice on large batch fry? I feel like this is a huge number of fry for a cory, given my research it's usually under 20. 4) Anyone else have / had similar amount of fry from their corydoras? 5) what temp do you keep your cory fry? I am so insanely invested in these little guys and do not want to loose them. TIA for advice, tips and tricks.
  11. Twice now I’ve had the Panda Cory’s in my 40 breeder heavily planted community tank hatch out fry. I see them for about a day and then they disappear. I don’t know if the Golden WCMMs eat them or if they starve. Either way I’d like to get them into the breeder box to save them. I have everything in place for next time except one part… I have no idea how to catch them. They are tiny, move fast and have lots of hiding places. Would a turkey baster or small gravel vac hurt them? I don’t think I could net them.
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