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  1. Hi everyone, nothing too exciting has happened with the aquariums but I did make a feeder for freeze dried tubifex worms. I have been wanting to make something like this for a long time, especially after seeing a version of this that Dean made. I have always put my hands in the aquarium and pressed the tubifex worms against the glass so the corys can eat them, even then sometimes they would float up, plus I never liked putting my arm into the aquarium to feed. I ended up superglueing some plant weights onto a feeder cone so that it stays upside down underwater. I also tied some fishing line to the tip of the feeder cone. At the other end of the fishing line I tied a short piece of airline tubing. I cut the fishing line long enough so that the cone can stay underwater and the piece of airline tubing can hang outside of the rim of the aquarium. However, if the airline tubing ever falls into the aquarium, it floats so you can easily grab it to take the cone out without getting your arm wet. And you can easily hang it from a command hook attached to your aquarium stand for storage/ drying. Mine is hanging in a difficult to photograph area so I just held the hook with my hand for demonstration purposes haha But there you have it, now my freeze dried tubifex worms stay submerged at the bottom without needing to get my arms wet. I should have done this a lot sooner! haha
  2. I haven’t sketched a fish in many many years but I was able to find this largemouth bass drawing I did as a kid: I do not draw very often anymore but my most recent drawing is of Kobe Bryant which I actually drew before his tragic accident early last year. I know it is not directly fish related but his passion for his craft is relatable to our passion for the aquarium hobby(or anything else really).
  3. @eatyourpeas thank you so much! I appreciate it! I love your Puget Sound Biotope aquarium, it is so incredibly unique and interesting, I feel like a diver looking at that aquarium haha
  4. Wow @Colu, thank you for all the support/ reactions, I appreciate that very much! Thank you for your comment, this forum (and especially very active and helpful members like you) has really inspired me and reignited my passion for my aquariums more than it has ever been in the past 15 years.
  5. @eatyourpeas 😂 no wonder fish are so scared of our phones if it looks like that to them 😂
  6. @Hobbit you know that actually makes sense, my phone has two lenses as well, maybe it looks like a flounder to them 😂
  7. @Guppysnail I know you could not see it but I ran away from your phone when I saw the picture, just kidding 😂😂
  8. @Guppysnail I have an iphone that is black with a red rim around the case so the red probably does not help me either 😂 that is an interesting thought though, I wonder if a darker less reflective colored phone scares fish off less? 😂
  9. @Patrick_G thank you! This is another way to get a great picture of your fish @Guppysnail, feed them and they will come out of hiding haha
  10. @Guppysnail thank you! They are awesome little fish, I usually just try to approach them slowly and have the lights turned off in the room to minimize casting any shadows on them. This normally reduces any startling with the camera. Fish can be very camera shy though haha
  11. Now we can update the 55 gallon: Again, not in the best shape but we have some new additions to this one as well. Quite a few actually… I have added a school of 23 Rainbow Shiners. I have been feeding them heavy to fatten them up and they have definitely grown in the last few weeks. I cannot wait for them to color up! I took an odd angle picture to eliminate the glare but here they are: I have also added 3 Red Lizard Whiptail Catfish. They are a very interesting looking fish. They are a fun addition as it is almost like a game to look for them in all the manzanita branches. Here is a picture of one of them: I also added in corydoras. I have added 6 Orange Venezuelan corydoras and 4 Adolfoi corydoras (ordered 6 but 2 did not handle the shipping very well). The Adolfoi are a little small as well but I am feeding them heavy to bulk them up some. Here are 2 of them: The Orange Venezuelan corys are very active and look really good in the tank. They look amazing swimming in and out of the shadows. Just look at how cool this little guy looks resting on the bolbitis: That is all I have for today. I will update the rest of my aquariums soon. Thank you to anyone that read through my posts!
  12. Hi everyone, partial update today, lets start with the 40 gallon breeder: Ok so I will admit it, the aquariums are not in the best shape, the water line is a little low and all that but lets just keep it real for this post haha The fun update this time are for the new tank inhabitants, lets start with the baby Sterbai corys. The breeder box is no longer in the aquarium as I decided it was time to release them into the main aquarium. They have been in the main aquarium for over a week now and have been doing great. They are active and eating. Here is a picture of 2 of them eating after the automatic feeder fed them: The other addition to this aquarium are the pygmy corydoras! A school of 20 to be exact. They are very active and I enjoy watching them school around. It adds so much more movement to an aquarium that only had shrimp swimming in the upper half of the aquarium. The pygmy corys can be found swimming back and forth above the crypts and in the roots of the pothos all day. I was able to capture this footage early one morning, it is not the best footage but I loved the video nonetheless: And here is one final picture of everyone during their first feeding of the day:
  13. @Patrick_G yeah, plants are super cheap compared to corals, the cheapest coral in my tank is $25 😂 @ARMYVET I don't have any money to give you for your silence… for obvious reasons 😂 @Tedrock Corals are very similar to plants in many ways. If you can do a planted tank, I do not think transitioning over to a reef tank is too difficult. It does depend on the the type of corals though. I actually had a reef tank before I ever grew a plant.
  14. $200+ on a small school of corydoras, would do it every time though haha love my corydoras. Corals however, yeah, lets just not talk about that… haha
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