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Found 8 results

  1. Preface: These two platinum medaka are not from Aquarium Co-Op. Are they culls... or short bodied medaka? One has a bent spine... but the other is just short. Of the 10 that arrived... 3 were short. Thoughts / opinions?
  2. I don't consider myself a dedicated breeder, since really I just like keeping aquariums. But breeding is a given with cherry shrimp, and 10 has become more like hundreds. I don't know what to do with them! I would like to get some money back, since of course it does cost time and money to keep them all happy and healthy. How do you send out your babies?
  3. Hey, My wife and I were having a discussion. I currently have Endlers breeding in a 20L tank. I really like them. Anyway, the only other tank inhabitant is a BN Pleco. Eventually that endler population is going to go nuts and be unmanageable. I said eventually I will need to add a fish to help eat the fry. I spoke to my wife previously about culling fish and euthanizing fish with clove oil, which seems pretty humane. My wife wondered why not just get rid of the extra fish that way. She kind of has a point. Yes, I know, It would be preferable to offload them on a LFS, but take that out of the equation. I have seen a lot of people add fish to their livebearer tanks to help control population. Is that any more humane than euthanizing them? Would you rather be eaten or put to sleep? The conditions in my tank are far more hospitable than nature, which allows these fish to breed out of control if left unchecked. It’s just a weird philosophical question and I am wondering what everyone else’s thoughts are.
  4. Where do you all set the line on culling? Now that I have my first babies from "blue dream" parents (they're growing really fast!) I have some obvious culls like red and brows, but I also have a lot of babies that are too dark to color. They just look black to me. I'm worried about culling too aggressively because I want my colony to be decent sized first. Should I just remove obvious off colors and leave the really dark ones alone for now?
  5. pH: 8.0-ish Nitrates: None (Went down from last change) Hardness: "Very Hard" Nitrite: None Ammonia: None KH/Buffer: Stable, hasn't changed Water Temperature 78-ish We culled this one tonight after noticing that the body seemed bloated and "fuzzy"... Not even sure if that's the right word to describe it. Hopefully the pictures help make this make more sense. We had 11 Neon Green Tetra (now just 10) and 3 Adult Male Guppies. We have Vallisneria, Java Fern, Java Moss, and a Cryptocoyne Parva for plants. We opted to cull after seeing how red the gills had gotten, it seemed clear that this one was not doing well. No other tetras look strange. No big behavior changes were noticed. Only thing we can thing of is that it's been longer between routine water changes than we normally go (things have been crazy and we got complacent). We had our usual amount of algae growth, which I think is why we didn't see anything sooner. We've previously lost a couple of neon greens to dermosporidium/dermocystidium (those terms seemed to be used pretty interchangeably when I was looking that up ages ago). That was back in December. Any ideas about what this was? We can't have a QT set up in our apartment, so we'd be medicating all remaining fish.
  6. Greetings, I bought some Kuhli Loaches last November along with a couple if stowaways(snails). Now things have reached a point where I'm considering "snail culling"... Tank 1: 40 gallons (2) Pearl Gouramis (15) Harlequin Rasboras (10) Kuhli Loaches (9) Amano Shrimp Tank 2: 10 gallons Cycled, "was empty" I've been collecting snails during water changes an putting them into the 10 gallon tank... so far these are the ideas I've come up with: * Assassin Snails for both tanks * A "social number" of YoYo Loaches for the 40 gallon(bad idea because of the Amano Shrimp?) * A Pea Puffer for the 10 gallon tank Ideas? -Alan
  7. I see and hear references to culling shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants. I DO know what culling means, but how do you cull shrimp or other inhabitants in the least cruel way (assuming you don't simply move them to another tank)?
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