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  1. Some of you may heard in the live stream we bought a new house so that we could get away from our current neighbors who made it impossible to film outside pond content. We also need more space to store aquarium coop products for the warehouse. We had been “looking” for like 8 months for the perfect space but our requirements were odd, needed a building for a studio, fish room and storage and away from neighbors while still being close enough to town for good internet. Here are some pics snapped quickly with my cell phone of the starting space. And 1 picture of the view from today that my wife took. None of the stuff in these pictures is ours, they were from a day when we had an inspection done. now the task of getting this space ready, then moving the fish room and selling our old house is ahead of us.
  2. I multitask while watching the livestream. I also hangout on the forum. If anyone one is up for it, we can talk about the livestream amongst ourselves (which starts in a little less than 20 minutes).
  3. I received my latest order from Aquarium Co-op. My shrimp have been loving their Xtreme Shrimpee Sticks. My duck weed happily joined in to welcome the new test strips. And this bad boy was put on the fish journal! Yep...pretty good day!!! 😄 Alesha
  4. I' hoping that I don't step on anyone's toes or frustrate anyone by starting this topic. I just thought I had some decent ideas that would help customers and Aquarium Co-Op. I thought of two good ideas for new features for the Aquarium Co-Op website. On each product page, there could be a related products section. For example, on the sponge filter page, you could have links to the airstone, the tubing, USB nano air pumps, etc. It would make it much easier than having to navigate the site looking for these items. A "What's New" section that would highlight new products. If you have customers that don't look at YouTube or aren't on the forum, they might not know about the new Easy Planters. And thinking about this feature, a "notify me when back in stock" button for out of stock items. I has looking for Anubias Bareri and it's been out of stock for a few days. I happened to check back this morning and saw they were back in stock and placed my order. If it were something else and I didn't check back for a few days, I could have missed that they were back I stock. I'm in I.T. so I understand that as simple as something might sound, I know it could take a while, but thought I would put this out there.
  5. It's not everyday that I get to build something in the warehouse, but when we needed to run an airline system to get circulation going to our newest plant tanks I was happy to play builder for a day. 1" PVC Ziss Never Clog Airstones Aquarium Co-Op Black Airline Tubing Aquarium Co-Op threaded individual air line valves and 2 Medo LA-45 linear piston air pumps. Each tank has 3 Ziss airstones to bring in a ton of air and move around a lot of water. My 2 tips will be 1) make your holes along the printed text to keep them aligned, and 2) use the drills chuck to screw in the air valves to save your fingers a lot of pain. 🙂
  6. So Friday 03/29/2021 morning 5:35am (Pittsburgh, Pa) EST zone I placed an order. Of course the team is still all asleep dreaming about fishes and things. Friday 03/19/2021 10:20pm Your shipment has arrived at the USPS origin facility.Kent, WA, US Latest Update Mar 21st 2021 9:16am Your shipment has arrived at the USPS regional destination facility.Pittsburgh PA Network Really can that be any better. In my mind’s eye I picture Cory speeding across the country- saying Speedy Delivery just like Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers. Pittsburgh’s own Fred and Joanne Rogers we love and miss them.
  7. Hey C.A.R.E. Forum friends! Posting this, first of all, to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone here for being part of this forum! So many great posts and conversations so far from everyone and we're so happy to have you all here. Secondly, we will be regularly rewarding thoughtful posters and contributors with a care package (hence the name, get it?) of fun and useful stuff from Aquarium Co-Op. The first care package was sent to the following forum members as they were top contributors thus far in the forum: @Daniel @Bill Smith @MickS77 Congratulations to each of you! Other members, if you haven't yet checked out their content, please do!! In the future, we will be choosing winners based on other metrics as well, not simply number of posts - thoughtful and informative posts which will benefit the greater 🐟 community to name an example of what I'll be looking out for. Can't wait to see more great topics and conversations in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to me any time. - Lizzie
  8. The Co-Op is super-selective about which products are actually worth it to source, produce, and sell. I really appreciate that. I would love to see a Pico sponge filter variation that has the height of the Small, but the width of the Nano. I would like to be able to purchase green Co-Op lift tubes in lengths that fit in standard Co-Op shipping boxes. Cheers
  9. Do you have a favorite area to place the Aquarium Co-Op Stickers? 👀
  10. I got a shipment and made an amateur attempt at a one-handed unboxing video. The bag was really slippery on the Easy Fry Food, but I just charged ahead. Cheers Share your next arrival!
  11. I am listening to Cory's live stream from a couple of days ago and heard him announce the minimum wage of $20/hr for all employees. I am so proud to support a business that supports its employees. Well done!
  12. I've been subscribed to aquarium coop for a while now, at least a year and a half and I've ordered from them a few times but still the last order I just made was packaged and ready in less than an hour from making the order and it just blew me away how fast it was, like i know that's what they've been working on a lot while not sacrificing customer satisfaction but still lol
  13. You can now click on Unanswered Topics as shown in the picture to see people who haven't gotten a reply if you want to be helpful.
  14. Hello all! 🙂 New here. Have some experience from past years pre-internet 😉 (or at least pre-internet searching). Then a long break from fish-keeping and now back at it again (with a *little* more knowledge & understanding). So I am curious about asking questions here. I actually have a question that *specifically relates to an Aquarium Co-op Blog*? If I post it, would the Aq. Coop Team answer it or forum members or both? Is there a place to specifically bring this to the team's attention? Any feedback appreciated!
  15. Let's kick off my fish room journal with an entry/update on my Blue Gularis breeding project for the Coop. What I enjoy most about operating a fish room focused on breeding is that there will be people in the store that see my fish, get excited, and want to take them home. Call it silly, but it's just something that really drives me, knowing that someone is going to enjoy my fish and bring them happiness. So, that being said, I asked @Cory what fish I should work with to make available in our retail store. His response was the Blue Gularis. I have kept Gardneri in the past and had great success breeding them, but the Blue Gularis is known to be more difficult. Well, I am up for the challenge. I started off by sourcing 30 eggs from Aquabid for the Blue Gularis "Loe" variety. The eggs arrived with instructions to sit on them for 7-8 weeks from the date of collection, which was about 1 week prior if I recall collectly. True to my self, I let my impatience win out and tried to hatch 10 eggs about 3 weeks in. Let's just say you should follow the seller's advice. 😆 From that botched attempt I wanted the remaining 4 weeks to hatch the rest. After putting the eggs in a shallow tupperware it took about 48 hours for the first fry to hatch. I think I got maybe 2 more natural hatches. I then used the vial pressurization method to force hatch the remaining eggs - picked this up from Gary Lange. The remaining eggs went in a vial with a little bit of water. Put the vial in the bottom of a 40 gallon breeder and loosened the lid to allow water pressure to enter the vial. From that, I had one more egg hatch. With several more eggs unhatched I decided to try the other method Gary talked about and that is to leave thee vial in your pocket and simply walk around. Sure enough this did the trick and all remaining eggs hatched. I raised the fry on BBS (via Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatcher) for the next several months. Currently the Blue Gularis are spread across several tanks in the fish room with only one tank having multiple occupants, 1 male and 3 females. I will probably spread these out too. The attached image is a shot from today (7/22/2020) of one of my males. Even if I don't have success breeding on my own I feel accomplished getting them to this point. Their looks certainly are worth it alone.
  16. I am filling my 29 gallon with plants from the coop. My 1st order is: Amazon sword Water sprite Crypt wendtii Octopus plant Easy planter Hopefully it will be a jungle in a few months. I will post a starting point and follow-up photos in few months.
  17. 03/25/21 UPDATE pic added. Anyone need some lily??? 😳 _____________ Received on January 27th. Photo from today. So essentially a 5 week update. 😃 Thanks @Cory Healthy and thriving!
  18. Drive almost 2 hours to y’all and you guys didn’t disappoint! Staff was knowledgeable, store was as advertised! Finally seeing Murphy after all these years was a treat also! Can’t wait until my next big purchase! Also seeing that 3 gallon tank has set me up for another project 😀 Added 8 more Chili Rasboras, couple Pygmy Cory dorado to the 75!
  19. Hello everyone, you'll notice a new feature on topics. This is an algorithm that looks at what the threads are about and tries to show relevant products. This may help a few people, however I have implemented it as a means to hopefully encourage forum users to purchase with us as this forum grows. Thanks for understanding.
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/AquaSwap/comments/lve4ko/fs_brooklyn_ny_10_hydrocotyle_tripartita_japans/
  21. Hello everyone, yes I’m stubborn. Quarantining has never been part of my routine. I’ve been in the hobby for about 5 years and have never had to remedy anything other than the occasional ich (3x in 5 years). The fish disease outbreak nightmare could never happen to me because I’m so meticulous. My first mistake was thinking I was a bit more clever than nature. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased 14 very high quality Goldfish from a very reputable breeder. They came in gorgeous, I couldn’t of asked for prettier fish. 7 Ryukens went into a 150 gallon stock tank and 7 Thai Orandas went into a separate 150 gallon stock tank. Both stock tanks each equipped with a XXL sponge filter rated for 200 gallons, 4-5 Anubias Barteri, a low tech light, and a 4” round air stone that pumps a ton of oxygen. My pond room has come to fruition, needless to say I am very excited. 3 days go by and I have an ich outbreak in the Ryuken pond. I have the med trio on hand (even though I never used it, however I made sure it wasn’t expired), so I dosed ich x. 3-4 days go by and the ich subsides completely. A couple of days after that, I notice that 1 of the Thai Orandas has a white spot on the tip of his first dorsal fin. I quickly pull it out and place it in a makeshift 20 gallon long quarantine tank. I dose with maracyn and paracleanse (I figured I may as well do a full quarantine cycle at this point with this guy). A few days pass and another Thai Oranda has a white stringy thingy sticking out from its wen. It may be a worm, I have no idea. I have come to the conclusion that they are all going into 1 of the stock tanks for full med quarantine cycle. I just ordered the 60 gram size of maracyn from aquarium coop. The reason I’m posting this is because it shipped out in less than an hour!!!!!!! We are all always excited to receive any hobby related parcels, however I’ve never had a more important package. I guess I’m just publicly thanking Cory and all his staff for the insanely quick response time. I’ve learned my lesson and from now on everything that comes through this door will be quarantined. Thank you kindly to all, be safe and healthy, Manny
  22. What's the phone number to the store I don't want to drive 2 hrs to get there to find out you do not have the fish I am wanting
  23. So I guess you can only add so many reactions a day here? Please forgive me I've read many forums collecting information throughout my Journeys in life but I've never been a part of a forum this is the very first time I've posted on a forum is aquarium Co-op forum so I'm still learning the way this particular site runs
  24. @Cory was very curious if I could get an email to ask a personal question nothing weird or anything more or less curious what company you use to make shirts hard to find company that dose toddler-5x
  25. Anyone having trouble loggin into coop store accounts, i enter my fields and when i press enter it does nothing.. maybe its just me.
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