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  1. @Robert or @Cory, wanted to check if you plan to be open regular hours Memorial day, Monday. Also, since I figure this question will recur in various forms I have pinned it. The sales site says your hours are (for the record):Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pmSaturday and Sunday: 10am - 7pm Thanks!
  2. Hey Everyone! I am excited for our next Aquarium Co-Op Club event with our guest speaker, Dr. Tom Barr. Tom is a world renowned aquascaper, author, and aquarium plant enthusiast. He holds a bachelor's degree in aquatic biology, a masters degree in botany, and a PhD in plant sciences. Tom has been keeping aquariums for over 40 years, with planted aquariums being his focus since 1989. He is best known for his research on plant nutrients, and the development of the Estimative Index (EI) method of plant fertilization. The event will be live for members of the Aquarium Co-Op YouTube channel, and will also be available as a playback video (also for members only). If you would like to learn how to become a member so that you may view this talk as well as past and future presentations, click here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/membership
  3. I multitask while watching the livestream. I also hangout on the forum. If anyone one is up for it, we can talk about the livestream amongst ourselves (which starts in a little less than 20 minutes).
  4. Hey C.A.R.E. Forum friends! Posting this, first of all, to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone here for being part of this forum! So many great posts and conversations so far from everyone and we're so happy to have you all here. Secondly, we will be regularly rewarding thoughtful posters and contributors with a care package (hence the name, get it?) of fun and useful stuff from Aquarium Co-Op. The first care package was sent to the following forum members as they were top contributors thus far in the forum: @Daniel @Bill Smith @MickS77 Congratulations to each of you! Other members, if you haven't yet checked out their content, please do!! In the future, we will be choosing winners based on other metrics as well, not simply number of posts - thoughtful and informative posts which will benefit the greater 🐟 community to name an example of what I'll be looking out for. Can't wait to see more great topics and conversations in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to me any time. - Lizzie
  5. Hey Everyone! We are having our first in-person event in Washington. This will take place above the Aquarium Co-Op retail store on Saturday, October 2nd at 3pm. The store will be open both before an afterwards if you'd like to get some shopping in while you visit. Join us for pizza, laughs, and fish tales! If you are a member of the Aquarium Co-Op Club, you will also get a little goodie bag. I hope to see some of you there. 9661 Firdale Ave, Edmonds, WA 98020
  6. I’ve installed a similar one in my 75 gal. It’s really beneficial for creating flow and keeping detritus under control. I have two filters attached, one with floss and one with coarse sponge. I angle it so there’s more or less a circular flow around the tank, but move it around if needed to clear out pockets of detritus. If it was attached to a a substrate mounted Coop sponge filter it could be hidden much easier.
  7. Some of you may heard in the live stream we bought a new house so that we could get away from our current neighbors who made it impossible to film outside pond content. We also need more space to store aquarium coop products for the warehouse. We had been “looking” for like 8 months for the perfect space but our requirements were odd, needed a building for a studio, fish room and storage and away from neighbors while still being close enough to town for good internet. Here are some pics snapped quickly with my cell phone of the starting space. And 1 picture of the view from today that my wife took. None of the stuff in these pictures is ours, they were from a day when we had an inspection done. now the task of getting this space ready, then moving the fish room and selling our old house is ahead of us.
  8. Do we know when these might become available? I have some supplies I want to order but have been holding off to get these. They looked so awesome.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to get notified when an out of stock item it available to order through the co op? @Candi @Cory
  10. So I was going to spend 10-20 dollars at the Co-Op what should I buy?
  11. A question for @Randyor @Cory Cory has mentioned that you guys get plants started on their way to converting to submerged growth. It’s a great reason to chose Aquarium Coop plants over others. I’ve seen the warehouse tanks on YouTube, but I’m curious as to what the process looks like, how long do they sit submerged before shipping etc?
  12. Hello everyone, Unfortunately we don't ship live fish. Our stock lists are for our retail store customers. They are posted once when the shipment comes in and not updated after that. If you're looking to purchase live fish and live outside of Washington state, you can get more information from our web page on sources to buy fish. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/live-fish
  13. I just received my order of AC plants and it's late afternoon. Will the plants be okay in their original packaging until tomorrow morning? This is my first ever tank and I've been doing a lot of research over the last year (I'm a slow learner 🤣) and now that it's time to set it up, I'm scared and feel like I've forgotten everything I learned! 🥺
  14. Hi, I'm really wanting to order some new plants from Aquarium Co-Op's website for my almost 5-month established planted 10g aquarium. I currently have a gravel substrate, a grouping of Java Ferns and 3 Dwarf Endlers in this aquarium. This may be silly to ask, but what are you all's suggestions on whether or not to quarantine plants from the Co-Op that I'll be receiving through the mail? Any suggestions regarding methods of quarantining the plants and if it's necessary at all are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  15. Hey Everyone! I am excited for our next Aquarium Co-Op Club event with our guest speaker, Dr. Eric Thomas. Eric is an associate professor of biology, and co-chair and director of graduate studies for the biological sciences department at University of Pacific. Part of Eric's studies include studying self-poisoning in Corydoras catfish. The event will be live for members of the Aquarium Co-Op YouTube channel, and will also be available as a playback video (also for members only). If you would like to learn how to become a member so that you may view this talk as well as others in the coming months, click here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/membership
  16. We all know Cory works too much. He’s one step closer to retiring today LOL. Excited to be able to support the coop with my new build. Come check out my build thread, link in signature.
  17. We live in the Seattle area and knew the retail store exsisted, but didn’t know about the YouTube. When we were getting ready to buy our first planted tank we started watching Irene’s channel and reading the blog. We loved the great content and assumed she was the manager of the store! On our first visit they set us straight.😀
  18. Just got my plants from Aquarium Co-op... Ordered Sunday night... Delivered in FL Wednesday buy lunch. Thank you...
  19. how do I pay with a gift card?
  20. I’m looking buy over 80ish sponges 5x5 size. And only bulk discount I’ve found eBay. I’m in no rush think going wait Black Friday anyway. Lumber prices want be low till November to build my fish room so I’m waiting anyway.
  21. Hey y'all, just made an account primarily so I can keep up on when the Co-op brings in new fish and products. I'm a member of the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society. I got started with aquariums in 2018 and have been mildly obsessed ever since. I love my fish and shrimp, but since I just keep pretty basic ones like bettas, apistos, tetras, etc. I find that most people care less about those than my horticultural exploits. My primary tank is a 22 gallon long, and I've lately been doing a lot of Dutch-style aquascaping. If you want to keep up with what I'm working on, I have a journal at the Planted Tank forum. Gonna do a pic dump here just because.
  22. Has Co-op started selling online? I’m suspicious because the seller is labeled as “NYC Wholesaler.” It looks like they’re buying and reselling co-op products or they’re selling fakes. They’ve got root tabs and two sizes of sponge filters for sale right now and it’s a good bit more expensive than the ones from co-op. I’ll report them and whatnot if they’re not legitimate. I’m extra concerned on co-ops behalf because they actually listed it as a co-op product. They didn’t just steal the picture of the filters and root tabs. They’re listed as “aquarium co-op course sponge filter,” and “aquarium co-op easy root tabs,” so it looks like the actual store selling them, but I’m pretty sure I heard Cory say that they refused to sell on Amazon, and I also pretty sure they wouldn’t go by “NYC Wholesaler” if they did…
  23. This weekend starting Friday 8/6 through Sunday 8/8 all Rock and Wood are 20% off at our retail location!!
  24. Hey everyone! i try to stay up to date on the news and announcements from Cory and the team. I watched the video where he was talking about the new nets coming in. Has he said anything more about them? Are they OOS and selling already? I’m transporting more fish and moving tanks back and forth. Better nets would be great right about now. thanks everyone!
  25. Unfortunately I needed some Ich-X. Fortunately that’s a great excuse to make a trip to Aquarium Coop and a nice day for a ferry ride. Murphy was feeling a little off. He refused to eat his clams. I bought this so I guess I’m now a full nerm! Lots of great looking Bettas! The tanks are now double size and the fish are really active. I also visited the ADA shop to get some Wabi Kusa ideas. I couldn’t resist these gold and blue guppies!
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