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  1. I echo what @CanadaAmanda says about lack of space and outgrowing a place. Sometimes (most of the times) it feels like a puzzle here and severely restricting my hobbies. It is okay as I know this is not a situation that will last forever, but most likely another few years. @Daniel congrats with the setup (and spouse approval). Your room looks really good and I do like the old cinder blocks way of stacking aquariums. Biggest question is... what will they house?
  2. I read a lot, go out birding whenever I can, ride motorcycles, go out for weekends in our little camper van and do the odd bit of plastic and rc modeling.
  3. That's so cool @Alesha. I hope they arrive soon and in good health, I am looking forward to see the pictures! Whereabout in Florida are you?
  4. Nope.. was hoping for the towell, measuring glass and stickers. Oh well, there are always ways.
  5. All fish are still alive which is always a good sign after a full day in a new tank. Gourami's are behaving so far, the red one (sunset) is chasing the (powder?) blue one at times a little bit but nothing that by far worries me. The Cardinals were very bleak in the store, which was a little worry to me, but they colored up great and are schooling with the rest nicely. The only curious thing is the balloon mollies.... they spend the day hiding under the spider wood even no fish is bothering them. Curious and don't really understand, hope they adapt and get more active. Even when feeding they don't come out nor chase the food which to me is odd behavior for a Molly. Ruud
  6. Dwarf gourami's are always in the upper part of the tank as well. They are colorful and peaceful, supposedly thesame as the other Gourami suggestions. I need more tanks, so I can have more fish as well haha!
  7. Really cool coloring on that Betta, almost like a koi!
  8. Thank you @Ken. I am just outside of Barcelona so up North, but the Cadiz area and actually the whole of Andalucia is very nice. Very hot in summer, spring is a better time to visit, but lovely villages and great food. Come visit Spain! And thank you for the link, going to check it out!
  9. Yes I am very happy so far. I was eyeing Gouramis and my local store had some. I already checked before and they seem to go on well with Swords and Mollies. Only concern is I seem to have two males instead of a pair but they seem very peaceful to each other and other fish so far. I will probably add a few more Tetra's in a week or so and call it a day. I don't want to overstock so will probably skip the Corydoras (or maybe ad Pygmees if I can find them) and only add another snail or 2. Now I need to start convincing my girlfriend that we need to re-organize stuff and make place for an identical 2nd tank I have in storage ðŸĪŠ
  10. Welcome to the forum. Being a plant lover as well, I do like the setup with the stand with tanks and plants. Do tell us what you are holding in your tanks. From the pic it seems the 55G is pretty empty and the 10 is holding fry? Ruud
  11. Really? Does someone has the link to the tee-spring shop? My name is Ruud, I am an Aquarium Coop junkie, and I live in Spain. 😇
  12. What a great fish room! I love these types of setups in basements, hope to have something similar one day. Do show pics of your livebearers please, especially your swords! Welcome to the forum Ruud
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