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  1. Thanks, that's really solid advice and seems to make sense. I will do a big waterchange tomorrow, then put in the fertilizer for this week, keep on adding Flourish excel and change the regimen of the light to for instance 10 in the morning till 10 at night and see what happens over the course of a few weeks! Will report back! Thanks again! Ruud
  2. Thanks! I have a Dennerle universal fertilizer and will get on it right away! Anything I can do with lightning? add hours or just stay the course there?
  3. awesome looking tank! I am a big fan on Gourami's but never seen the croaking ones here. Curious how your tank will pan out!
  4. Yup I do the same, siphon the water out with a hose. Fill a few buckets with water and pump it in the aquarium using a small pump with a hose. Put in dechlorinator afterwards directly in the tank, haven't had any problems.
  5. Currently not, thinking it would make the BBA worse? My light schedule is 4 hours in the morning between 9 and 13 and then 4 at night between 18 and 22h
  6. Sorry if the information I have provided is inadequate. First of all, I think its a Java fern indeed. My lights are the Nicrew classical led lights, an on for 8 hours a day. Water parameters: NO3 = 10 NO2 = 0 GH = 7 KH = 6 PH = 7.5 The tank is stocked with 10 tetras, a pair of Swordtails with a baby, pair of balloon mollies, and a Gourami. Thank you Ruud
  7. Hello I'd like to think I am aware of most of my own deficiencies 🙂 but I struggle to still understand my water deficiencies causing this to my plants: My aquarium is a 100L, with soil, my water parameters No2, 3, PH, KH, GH are all 'normal' - however my plants are turning unhappy and I have blackbeard algae on most of them and on part of the wood . Pictures: My Crypto is turning red/brown, my swords seem to be melting and as said I have bearded algae. I have been putting in Flourish excel since a few days to hopefully battle the beard algae but what else can I do. Is this because of a lack of fertilizer, or will putting in fertilizer only make things worse? Thank you all Ruud
  8. Did a waterchange and started Flourish Excel, hopefully it will fix my black beard algae!
  9. So I ordered a bottle of Flourish Excel, what do you exactly mean with "spot treat" @Colu ? Also other plant issues I have is that my Crypto has black/rusty spots, whilst my Amazon Swords start having yellow/transparent leaves whilst both also have BBA though most of it is on the wood. All point to deficiencies obviously, but should I add fertilizer or will this only make things worse with the BBA? Thanks!! Ruud
  10. Thanks Colu, I have ordered a bottle. Also will start doing more frequent water changes to see if that helps.
  11. So sad news the other day, my blue Gourami passed away. He was less lively and not eating much for a few days allready. Not sure what happened, he didn't look hurt or sick but maybe he was bullied by the other bigger male Gourami. On another note, I am starting to have a lot of what I think is beard algae lately. I have trimmed down the light from 8 hours to 6.5 and have been feeding less food. Is there anything else I can do?
  12. Great looking space you have there!
  13. Yup tank is doing great, just wished it was bigger or had more tanks but maybe next year. Trying to buy a house with a 100m2 basement but stuck in paperwork hassle and spanish red tape at the moment. But maybe end of the year more tanks for me! I do have issues with some argue and clouded water but trying to feed less now. Anyway, here some photos of fish! w I just love this black balloon molly with great looking fin Baby (or toddler by now) Swordfish This one was sold to me as a male, but has an enormous belly so just wondering if it might be a pregnant female in disguise
  14. Been a while since I have been posting here, too much stuff going on at the moment. The tank still runs like a champ, super stable, bit of green algae (prob feeding a bit too much), plants are thriving and I even have a baby Swordfish! Will post a pic one of these days!
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