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  1. Another user linked some submersible LED strips that I'm open to but not 100% sure that I want to invest in. I have an extra Stingray so wouldn't need to spend money if I wanted to rig up something external.
  2. All Amano shrimp in freshwater aquariums are adults. Baby Amanos are larvae and have to go through metamorphosis in saltwater before they become adults. Stings from hydra generally aren't that bad. They're deadly to microfauna like brine shrimp and daphnia but not going to consistently KO fish and shrimplets. It's more likely that there's a separate issue. Clamped fins are a signal that something is stressing the fish but doesn't indicate much specifically. It also sounds like your fish were flashing, which is most commonly caused by external parasites and/or something toxic in the water. I have hydra (green and white species) in several of my tanks and have personally never lost anything larger than a shrimplet to them. A lot of my smaller fish (especially bettas) will pick them off of surfaces and eat the hydra and keep the population in check.
  3. ange


    Honestly I never have quarantined shrimp and likely never will. The only disease I've ever seen in shrimp is ellobiopsidae and it has an unreasonably long incubation period. Flip Aquatics quarantines their shrimp before selling them, however it's only to ensure that the shrimp molt prior to shipment and have time to acclimate to your water before their next molt. Failed molts and predation are more likely to kill shrimp than a disease.
  4. That's the light at midday a few weeks ago. The water is no longer that dark because I've since removed some of the sources of tannin + done two water changes. Long term I'd love to have it around this dark but I don't think it's realistic for plant growth unless I find a workaround. I have vallisneria (two different species) in there as well and they're about 6" tall. They haven't gotten taller yet because it's been less than a month but the roots are definitely healthy and spreading (source: accidentally uprooted a runner while removing leaf litter tonight and it was chonky).
  5. The tank is 31" tall. My water is 2°GH and 17°KH. I owned these swords for just shy of 3 months and they converted fully a few months ago in another tank before I moved them. Settings+FTS are attached.
  6. That's an old page. Aquarium Co-Op stopped doing sales either last year or the year before. They announced there won't be any sales this year.
  7. Sometimes hole in the head will leave blemishes on the fish's skin. It would be hard to tell without a picture. If they're significantly reduced then I'd suspect he's well on the way to recovery.
  8. This is pretty much exactly the case. I'm okay with algae so will most likely attempt the external tube. I'm also considering adding purigen to reduce the tannins until the plants are taller and not as starved for light.
  9. Your fish is a female. It's nearly impossible to accurately sex angelfish without looking at their papilla as many masculine characteristics are present in females and vice versa. Angelfish females will produce eggs if well fed and lay them regularly regardless of male presence. If she were to spawn with a male, the eggs would most likely be eaten by the parents or tankmates. Some parents will raise their spawns however this trait has largely been bred out of angelfish unintentionally by fish farms who pull the eggs from the parents in order to maximize output (angelfish will not spawn if they are raising fry so pulling the eggs will cause them to spawn again sooner). Territorialism is very common in angelfish and partially depends on the tank size. I have a male who is territorial when he wants to spawn or around food. I have a female who is territorial when she spawns. I have two others who don't give a hoot about other fish. In general I wouldn't put an angelfish with a gourami. They like similar water conditions but both are somewhat known for being territorial and if you do decide to go forward with the blue gourami I would suggest that you have a backup plan ready in case things don't go as planned. Are there any other fish in the tank? Usually for mixed species setups it's recommended to add the most docile fish first and then put the most aggressive species in last so that the aggressive fish can't establish its territory before other fish move in.
  10. As a follow up to my previous post, I added several of these to my invert tank that's currently transitioning some plants out/in. The new plants are: Alternanthera rosanervig Bacopa caroliniana Hemianthus micranthemoides Hydrocotyle leucocephala Hydrocotyle tripartita
  11. I met a local for a trade today and feel like a queen. I'm going to flex the ID muscle as soon as I'm home. Just from looking I already see Alternanthera rosanervig, Hydrocotyle tripartita, and Hydrocotyle leucocephala so I'm extremely excited.
  12. My plants have a corral that keeps them on the edge where they don't shade plants. I'm going to have to keep a note of that light, I've never heard of it before and it looks interesting.
  13. Not really. A lot of plants melt back when initially added and shedding is hornwort's own version of that. Luckily that phase doesn't last forever.
  14. I've run into this issue in my 50 hex. It has a 24" Fluval 3.0 and since it's blackwater, not enough light reaches the small Amazon swords. They've melted pretty badly at the bottom. Any suggestions as to how I should go about helping them out? I've already removed some of the excess sources of tannins but it's not realistic for me to remove all of them (drawback of mixing soil with substrate). I was thinking of setting up a lamp next to them outside of the tank but I'm not sure if that will accomplish what I want.
  15. This doesn't impact the water, but if it's practical for you I'd suggest otocinclus catfish. Those things love diatom algae and one of the main challenges people have when keeping them is making sure they have enough to eat. It sounds like your diatom problem is their wonderland. I'm sure others will have a few other ideas.
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