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  1. Sad to hear about the one not making it, but glad that they were eating like kings. Best wishes for the rest of your fish.
  2. Higher temps generally shorten the life cycle in my experience. During the summer I've witnessed a lot more babies coming out of mine. I also had a (relatively) high number of deaths though that's more of an indication of some of my original colony members reaching a ripe old age and not necessarily because of the increased temp. My tank doesn't have a heater and the shrimp haven't given any big indication of stress and breed readily regardless.
  3. I have a ton of hydra and currently no reason to get rid of them. My invert-only tank has green hydra and the population has risen following the rise of seed shrimp/daphnia populations. The hydra population crashed when those populations were seriously reduced. My 50 hex has white hydra and the population shot up because I overfed microworms and baby brine. The population has been gradually declining now that I've gone a few weeks without those foods. I also briefly had both types of hydra in my 10g but they're essentially gone, I believe that my sparkling gouramis and female betta found them tasty. Personally I wouldn't worry. I've observed them eating microfauna but have never caught them eating fry (in the 50 hex) or Caridina shrimplets (in the invert tank).
  4. My 50 hex is a pseudo-sorority. It's a semi-aggressive community and I have two girls in there. They both swim in radically different areas of the tank and rarely encounter each other. There was a third female however she was picked on and was separated. Personally I don't think sororities are for me, I had more peace of mind when they were living separately during quarantine and both fish seemed happier. Hopefully once 2020 is over I'll be able to move the last two girls into their own setups.
  5. Seafood was an acquired taste for me even before I got into aquariums! I love shellfish, squid, smoked salmon, and a few others but it took a lot of time/exposure to different methods of cooking. I'm not a picky eater but texture can definitely put off my appetite at times.
  6. I'm personally not concerned with hydra. I haven't seen anything "go missing" in any of my tanks that have them. The populations started to go down naturally when I had other things competing for the same food source (seed shrimp and daphnia). Some fish also likely nibbled a few off the glass.
  7. Hydra are generally only a major concern to brine shrimp/daphnia. I've had both green and white varieties (though I currently only have a small amount of green). The population tends to grow when there is an abundance of microfauna or tiny live food, and they've never caused any death with my small fish or inverts.
  8. Has anyone tried other types of tea? I have an abundance of 乌龙 tea. Mine is just Taiwanese tea leaves without other additives.
  9. The nearest fish club for me is almost 2hrs away. I'm just hitting up random people who have fish 😅
  10. As a plant hoarder I trade with locals as often as possible. I've purchased my fair share of plants from ACO and misc people online, but I'd estimate half of my plants were gotten locally through trading trimmings. I've gotten a few mystery plants on the way as well which added to the fun. One of the added benefits here is that plants keep most of their foliage because they were grown submerged in most cases.
  11. Emperor is doing much better, though his fins are still healing. Things got worse before they got better and he ended up with some very ragged edges. I let things rest for a couple of weeks (with extra water changes due to BB die-off) and recently added some mixed Ludwigia from another tank. It's growing into a very jungle/forgotten vibe that I love 🥰
  12. Guppy grass (in my experience) doesn't ship very well. That's the reason why a lot of common plants (including hornwort and various floaters) aren't sold online. In many cases, the brick and mortar stock is very different from their online stock because the product doesn't need to survive shipping.
  13. WE HAVE WIGGLERS! It took several tries leaving them in with the parents (about 2 months). Dad relocated them off of the glass they were originally laid on. Now I need to set up a breeder box for them, I'm very excited.
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