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  1. I’d maybe glue or tie the Anubias to a small stone, but maybe I’m being to careful. I guess I also like the way it looks as the roots start to spread out .
  2. I love the look of Windelov Java Fern. Mine is starting to thrive but had a long acclimation period. I had quite a bit of browning and die back. I think it’s normal, but be prepared. Also, don’t be tempted to save money by buying fish from a place other than Aquarium Coop, all the extra care a quarantine are worth the small extra expense!
  3. I’m not the best plant keeper either, but fishtube vids help the learning curve a lot! Two small things I would do if I were you are to make sure the root of your Anubias is above the gravel and then consider adding some root tabs to the stem plant. I think these all in one tanks of 5+ gallons are perfect for a Betta. Yours is extra nice, but even a budget one would work.
  4. Holy cow! He’s a beautiful fish! The plants look great, I bet the Anacharis and floating plants will grow like crazy with the nice Fluval light. A+!
  5. If you have a Local Fish Store I’d take a sample of your water and see if their readings match yours. Maybe they’ll also give you a cup of cycled gravel or media to add to your tank. You can put it in a mesh filter bag even cut the foot from some pantyhose and put it in that. If that doesn’t work then I’m out of ideas.
  6. Oh yeah! I saw some recently that were gold and black they’re absolutely beautiful fish.
  7. You’re right, the Golden Panchax has a huge mouth. It could definitely fit an adult Endler. I forgot how small they are. I’ll second @CalmedByFish’s recommendation for the Platies. I love the ones that look like Sanke Koi.
  8. Reducing the blue light on my Fluval 3.0 seemed to really help me with algae growth. I’d go ahead try covering them and see what how thing look in a month.
  9. It might be out of level, but it looks like the problem is some warping of the plywood or maybe it’s not screwed down tight to the supporting piece of 2x4. I’d take the time to disassemble it and screw it down nice and tight. If that’s just not possible maybe put another piece of plywood on top of the warped piece and shim that one. If that sounds like to much go to Home Depot or a carpet store and get a piece of thick, modern closed cell foam carpet pad to use as a base.
  10. I really like the look of the Golden Panchax Killifish. Others to consider: Paradise Fish or some larger live bearing fish. Maybe Platties or Guppies would work, you could buy males only.
  11. My initial thought is some Ember Tetras to contrast with the Neons. I’ve seen a few tanks with that combo and they look so cool! I also love Otocinclus Catfish and Amano shrimp. They’re super fun to watch and do a great job helping with algae control.
  12. How do you have the tank set up? What kind of substrate, what filtration and are there any live plants? The beneficial bacteria need places to live like the substrate and filter media, and the plants use up the Ammonia from the fish waste. Is there a local Facebook group for aquarium hobbyists in your area? You might be able to get some gravel or pre cycled filter media to get your cycle jump started. In the meantime some easy to grow plants will help with the Ammonia. Floating plants like Frogbit and Dwarf Water Lettuce work great and are easy to grow.
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