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  1. I’m not positive but the Wisteria looks like it might still be at least partially in its air grown form. The Maybe someone will chime in with a second opinion. Are your Anubias having problems also?
  2. In my experience they totally ignore the adult shrimp. I have lots of shrimplets surviving but I suspect some are getting eaten by my community fish including the Cherry Barbs.
  3. I’m a big fan of these fish. I have 15 including nine that were born in my community tank. It seems like they’re a bit under appreciated considering how colorful they are and how easy they are to keep. They look sooo go along side my Green Neon Tetras.
  4. Right now I’m into Sparkling Gouramis. I have two females and a male in my three gallon. They do like to hide in the greenery but they also have tons of personality. They’ll come to the front for food and will eat from the tongs like a Betta. Before the Gouramis I just kept snails for a month or two. That was fun too. Before that I had two three gallons set up for Shrimp. They were under planted and over fed so sort of a disaster.
  5. For a three gallon it might make sense to try an Aquasoil. They’re generally expensive but a small bag isn’t to bad. I use it as a base layer with a sand cap. here’s my three gal. You can see a little aquasoil under the sand.
  6. I try and replant as many as possible. That’s not practical for floaters so I compost those.
  7. @Fish Folk, do you know the Latin name of the Pygmy Barbs?
  8. Yup, in the 80s I had one in my 10 gal along with an Angel and Tetras and Cories and a Molly and… 😳
  9. I thought we all talked to our fish. For some reason MD Fishtank’s fish has Russian accents. 🤔
  10. Congrats @Irene! Thanks for all the great content. Without your friendly advice on small planted tanks my hobby would be way less fun!
  11. I’ve also seen them labeled as Amber Tetras. It’s a shop that’s sort of half feed store and half pet shop so I wasn’t surprised. 😀
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