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  1. @Gideyon yeah there really isn't much of a selection but they have the basics at least, java, swords, anubias. I can get the fancier plants from my other vendor. @GanonDwarf2 well that's the other option, lol, (pea puffer) I thought about that for a fat minute and would love to have one, but I really really really don't want anymore tanks. (shocking I know).
  2. Most of the small snails start out like a speck of dirt so I don't think you'll ever spot the eggs so it will be an ongoing issue unless someone else here has experience. As I said most people I think give up and let them stay or do what I'm doing. The only non squishing way without endangering your other tank inhabitants is to trap them with food (like the romaine trick I've been told about). Personally, all my plants now get a 1:20 bleach to water solution dip- but people also swear by an alum dip (Aquarium Co-Op has a video on plant dipping- with Irene). I also found a seller that guarantees no snails- so from this point forward I only either buy from them, or buy the Top Fin plants they sell at the big chain pet stores- I've never had an issue with those.
  3. xXInkedPhoenixX


    I am hoping, like you it isn't, I had a fish with dropsy, in fact the one I use for my profile, my betta Kimono, no idea how he got it and though he got a little better with treatment he didn't make it. He was swollen on both sides but one more than the other and you could see (just barely) that all the scales on the main part of his body where "pineconing" meaning raised. Take a look at the fish from the top and see if it's just that side. My HOPE for you is that it's just an after effect of breeding/having babies and maybe in a day or three it'll be gone or less swollen at least. If there's no change it's a possibility. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Come up with a plan for treatment now just in case you have to.
  4. Hi GanonDwarf, welcome to the forum. You will find there are a lot of people here that are very much in the pro-snail camp. I am in the pro-snail camp of the snails I can control breeding- like nerites and mystery snails. I've decided that for ME- eventhough I asked fellow forum members to convince me- not really into bladder, pond or prolific breeder snails. I also had some hitchhikers and have been doing DAILY culling (no other way to put it but daily squishing- I'm really not enjoying that part). You can also put a piece of romaine in the tank and apparently they gravitate towards it and you can remove that as they gather. You can also get yourself an Assasin snail who hunts and eats them. Now I know you said you're not fond of snails so that may not be an option but if they get ouf of control that's my plan- maybe you can ask your local fish store if you can "borrow" one, meaning buy it and return it to the store (not likely to get your money back). Honestly I thought it more humane to squish them than to have an assasin snail kill them- but that's just me. I have been putting some of them in my algae ridden bird bath, but I have nowhere else for them to go. Good luck.
  5. One of my snails sits that way often, I worry about her sometimes but she seems to do fine and is my oldest and largest snail. My other female has a crack in her shell that seems healed and to be honest I'm not sure where she got it as I've had her since she was little and her shell was beautiful then. Mystery snail shells also get flaws when moved from tank to tank when there's a change in water parameters, one breeder on youtube doesn't like to move them for that reason alone.
  6. I agree with @Isaac M, I was thinking about adding one to my new aquarium and potentially moving one of my 3 Mystery Snails and while "they" say it's unlikely it CAN happen. I like my Mytery Snails too much to risk them.
  7. I had a 5 gallon that was running pre-pandemic. I started my 20H in Sept 2020, baby Otos appeared in March 2021. I too, started with an HOB and now run a sponge and an air driven corner filter. This month decided to do a complete overhaul so it no longer looks like the original tank design. I have an unknown number of Otos running about.
  8. Pygmies are awful cute. You can do a mix of Cories and Otos tales have been told they do well together. I had an albino cory growing up and I loved the little thing. I have a soft spot for albino animals, they're not to everyone's taste- but often they are the last to be picked of of most animals (fish, snakes, rabbits, rats, hamsters on and on and on). The white of an albino cory looks great in my friend's tank, they stand out and move like a herd of tiny white horses in the sand
  9. My friend has 10 albino corycats, they don't eat algae. They just eat food not caught by the tetras and she says they're pigs because she gives them more food on top of that. My Otos keep my tank sparkling. Especially now since I don't even know how many I actually have!
  10. Short update. So Generation 1, of which there are 24 (or at least when I was able to record their numbers in the breeder and having had 1 pass in the sponge intake cover for the HOB (that issue now resolved with a bit of fishnet stocking as the BETTER pre-filter- go figure). Generation 2 joined them this week of which there are 29. Most of Gen1 is reaching about an inch or just under at 2 months and 1 day old (from the 1st one found). Most of Gen2 is under the half inch mark but because there ARE 29 they were mosh pitting quite a bit in there and I had some casualties likely because of it as nobody appears to be sick otherwise, they are all now 1 month and 2 days old (from the 1st one found). There are 6 of generation 3, 1 of which was found today past the translucent stage so that little one made it during my overhaul of the tank and escaped Rasbora mouths for at least 3-4 days. Their tank with the new light is now 80 to nearly 82 degrees during the peak of the day (no heater) and down to 77-78 at night. The dimmer switch I got for the light actually messes with the connection so I'm going full power on the light right now and since that might hel algae growth I'm going to go with it and see how the plants and animals do. I have been putting a large slice of cucumber on a veggie clip in both the parent tank and the Romper Room grow out. No takers in the parent tank that I've observed- but the cucumber in the grow out tank from yesterday had bits floating at the top leading me to believe they made a good dent in it last night. I did their daily water change today and put in a nice new chunk of cucumber and got a pic of a small gang chowing down about an hour after it was put in there. I'll include a couple pics.
  11. @the other Irene Yes, I'd agree, it's been neat to raise them, I don't like the "giving away, selling, trading" part of the whole thing. I had that problem with I fostered shelter animals. Little crack in my heart every time. I've not seen Repashy in any of the stores I've been in, I'll have to look harder.
  12. Honestly, just watch them. It's pretty obvious who is male and who is not after a while. I have 1 male and 2 females. He's constantly on them.
  13. I've learned my lesson recently. I'm going bleach dip everything from now on. 🙃 Even then I might keep them in a tub of water for a bit.
  14. Like the rest of us, we're just staying put a lot lately. 🙃 Better than mine, they're always attached to each other. Can't imagine they're getting much cleaning done that way.
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