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  1. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/ram-cichlid-care-guide Here is the article talking about the ten gallon
  2. Ok no worries I just saw that jn their article and that is why I am asking
  3. I read in the aquaroum co op article that they said species only and a pair could do a ten is that true?
  4. I know after I found out about the tank size I got a pair of German blue rams instead
  5. I don't have Bolivian rams, I said I have a pair of German blue rams, and was wondering if it is a species only tank is 16 gallons good to keep them happy and healthy
  6. Hey guys I decided by tank size that the Bolivian rams I could not do. But I have gotten a pair of German blue rams instead I want to do a species only tank. I have a 16 gallon uns all in one tank currently empty I was told by my local fish store that is a great size, but want to ask your opinion. I also have the 14 gallon fluval flora kit would that work also. Also what is the min tank size to keep them the best possible for life, because I’ve heard that is 10 gallons but I’m not sure thx Stephen
  7. Hey guys I’m really considering dipping my toes and getting a pair of Bolivian rams, I am not really familiar with them so want to get all the knowledge I can get. First what tank size do they need for just a pair and that is it would a 20 gallon work. Also is there any quirks about them I should know before I get them soon. thank you, stephen
  8. Ok thank you. Also what do you think of the fluval flex light ?
  9. Ok I'm sorry I not as tech savvy as most people I don't know how to go back to old threads please calm down.
  10. So I have a question is the fluval flex light a good light and will it grow plants great. I've read online that it does but I thought I would ask because the specs are the same as the nano. Thx
  11. Also this is another question I'm thinking of getting my brother some cpds for his birthday he has a fluval flora kit 14.5 gallons 15x15x15 and heavily planted I think the tank dimensions work great but want to make sure Also I was thinking of getting him 16 also
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