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About Me

  1. How have you been enjoying nature recently? Whether it’s the nature you keep and maintain in your home, or somewhere you explored, if it has brought you joy feel free to share! I have mostly been working outside the store since returning to work. The other day I got to enjoy a few moments of this visiting dragonfly between customers.
  2. I love the world of the small, it's such a complex and beautiful part of nature happening all around us that we usually never see. So share your macro shots! Me feeding fry baby brine from a pipette.
  3. What did your aquarium look like at first and what does it look like now? Thanks to @tfwvusa for these photos!
  4. Why does my iPhones photos load upside down and I don’t have an option to rotate it?
  5. Ok everyone! I know you got them so let’s see them! Show. Off. Those. BETTAS!!! Here is mine. He is a Green Dragon. I’m quite proud of him. He is super cool.
  6. Looking forward to the site! Been fishkeeping for many years, went head-first a year ago!
  7. The purpose of this thread is to celebrate each Wednesday with pictures of the wood in our tanks. We could also include discussions of driftwoods, I guess, like what kinds we like best and best uses. I have one tank with two measly pieces of driftwood. The bigger piece was sold as spiderwood, the smaller didn't have any name attached to it, it was just a piece of wood screwed to a piece of slate that caught my eye at my lfs. I will admit, the nighttime lighting from my NICREW RGB Plus made for some neat creepy photos! I know y'all have better pictures than ME! Let's see 'em!!!
  8. Winter wonderland in New York I know you like snow here’s some pictures
  9. @Streetwise has suggested themed daily photo threads so I thought I would start it off with the top-view of the 1930s Historically Accurate Planted Aquarium. It is nearly ready to roll. As you can tell it gets a lot of direct sunlight.
  10. I think these guys have neat coloring. And then the big female aka lil sharkey..I tried to get some pictures that actually show her size. Sorry....there’s a lot..
  11. I dropped mom off after her dental appointment today and asked, 'Do you have any photos of my first aquarium?' I kept guppies in jars starting in 1969 so we looked through the photo albums but there no photos of that or my first 10 gallon with neon tetras. I started keeping white clouds in pools outdoors in 1973 and the earliest picture I could find of the pool was this one from 1974. By 1975 I had convict cichlids and archer fish in the pool complete with wild collected native plants. First native fish collecting trip to Okefenokee Swamp was 1977. And to prove it was 1977 check out the orange shirt! So what are your earliest photos of your fish keeping endeavors? Post them here (even if your first year was 2020).
  12. the sun hits my tank for about an hour every morning when the sun rises and it’s my favorite time to watch the fish. they seem to glow in the sunlight. my snakeskin gourami pair was looking extra good this morning snacking on krill flakes. my goldfish look good too share your natural sunlit tanks, i think fish look best in sunlight.
  13. Hello everyone, What is the largest fish you have / had? I don't keep any other large fish but my uncle has some seriously large umbees in his 160, in his San Francisco apartment. What about you? Show some pictures if you want.
  14. So I have a cell phone (pixel3A), and that is all. I am not a photographer. I need to get some closeups of my guppies, but they MOVE SO FAST! My phone can take nice shots of my shrimp, so I know it is possible. How do you get awesome closeups of fast moving fish? Especially with that nice black background that professional shots always seem to have? Is this lighting, equipment, post processing? I think I need a small container set up as a guppy photo studio with optimal lighting and a black background--like a light box almost. Advice greatly appreciated!!
  15. Getting good pictures of an aquarium can be difficult for many reasons and not everyone has the budget or the know-how. Many are limited to using their cellphones. What problems have you faced and what tick(s) have you discovered to overcome those difficulties?
  16. As suggested by @Jessica. here is another Sunday theme photo opportunity. My baby sparkling gouramis have progressed a little bit from just being hatched To hunting rotifers and baby cyclops
  17. Why do the fish always hide when the camera comes out?? This is the 29g I had to set up on the fly after my kids destroyed my 20g with an abundance of food. It’s been 3 weeks and I think we’re closing in on the magical ecosystem status!!
  18. Hello all! My name is Steven Chong-- found my way here from the Youtube channel and wanting to say hi! I live in Tokyo, but originally come from the United States, my home state is Hawaii. But I still represent the US in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, with competitive planted aquarium design being my main hobby. This is my tank from this year, but in the last 3 years I have been fortunate enough to find myself in the top world rankings. I look forward to making a simple journal thread, and meeting many of you. Take it easy! 😄
  19. Just wanted to share a few photos of my favourites. I’ve got about 25 or 26 (honestly I’ve lost count). Due to time I don’t bother with the traditional keeping practices, but my way works well at least for pet quality fish. I generally let them live their lives in big above ground ‘ponds’ during the summer so they can eat bugs and algae (and twice daily feedings). The ponds have cattails and pickerel rush which handles most the ammonia though I also run several sponge filters as well. definitely wish more people were keeping these, but they can be more difficult to source than the side view ranchu.
  20. While doing water change one day, I noticed tiny, salt-like dots on the emersed leafs of my giant sword plant. Then I saw them move! I had to bust out the macro lens and do my best to do some close ups, they were ultra-tiny so it was kinda hard even with the macro! After some research and asking around, it seems they are called "Globular springtails". I've been told the are harmless and great fry food! I just think they're really hard to catch by the fry, as they can stand on the water and even jump out of it with their springs (hence springtail). Each water change it's a jumping frenzy now lol. Does anyone have any microfauna too? I just found it fascinating how the ecosistem starts to evolve in such a small space, it truly is like having a tiny piece of nature in your home!
  21. Morning Pep Talk! EDIT: No fish were eaten during this photo op!
  22. I'm looking to take photos and about my aquarium fishes. Any camera and less recommendations for beginners under budget? I could use iPhone but clarity didn't seem to work for me.
  23. I would like to see some pics of your fish from above possibly in ponds. I’m trying to think of something for my pond
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