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  1. I run top to bottom the ceramic bioballs and two sponges and keep my intake wrapped in filter pad that i change every 3 or 4 days. Works great for me
  2. I think thats subjective based on your long term plans for stocking, tank mates, and how efficiently the tank runs but I think you could build it up to 40-45 comfortably. Just my two cents as I haven't yet kept a school that big in that size tank. Closest for me was a dozen black neons and a dozen cardinal in my first 55g.
  3. Eric T. is 8 years old, working on his frosted face, and auditioning lap blankets while waiting for mommy to find something good on Netflix.
  4. Bill, these are awesome. I’m going to do my RDR2 themed tank one day and an Assassins Creed tank to merge my hobbies. Cant wait for those builds!!
  5. Liz, I love you are a new hobbyist and already have healthy live plants. Well done!! Here is a great aquascaping video you might enjoy. It taught me a lot 🙂
  6. Joseph, nice tank! I haven’t upgraded to the fluval 3.0 but it has tons of adjustments through the app that pairs with it. Cory has an awesome review video of it here and i am with him on making your school of neons bigger - it would look so impressive and you’d get to see new behaviors. I am constrained to a 20g now but one of my dream tanks is a 55g with lots of neons and a red cherry shrimp colony. 🙂
  7. Looks great! Our female betta Boot doesn’t tolerate shrimp in her 5 gallon. Nolan my male in the 20 g didnt mind them - not sure if it was tank size or just personality differences between my murderous lady and my big boy lol
  8. Such a cute kitty!! Maybe check out Jackson Galaxy the cat guru online - i feel like he absolutely would have some topic to cover that. Good luck!!
  9. Hey Bill - I am also from H town (NW side) 🙂 and J. Mantooth - well said and I feel exactly the same way.
  10. Hi Kendall! Beautiful stock - esp angelfish. Is that crypt lutea in the pot behind them?
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