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  1. @James Black I bought a Moment macro lens kit per recommendation from @Daniel All of the photos I’ve posted in this thread are from that lens.
  2. If it were me I would dose 5 pumps, but if the tank is sparsely planted, 4 may be better.
  3. I would probably let the survivor live out the rest of its life while keeping it as comfortable as possible. Or see this as an excuse to set up another tank and buy more white clouds. 😋
  4. I love all male guppy tanks! You can always add more to disperse the aggression if that becomes a problem.
  5. My bigger fish get real names. Some of the distinct smaller ones (mostly guppies) get names like “tiger mom,” “yellow boy,” or “short tail.” Schooling fish?... no. 😅
  6. This can happen after months of overfeeding. Just so a few other things can be ruled out, do you have a way to measure pH, KH, hardness, water temp?
  7. My package arrived 5 days later than expected, but the plants held up beautifully as always. 🙂
  8. My planters currently have vallisneria that are still in their rock wool and plastic pots. They’ve been growing well and throw runners. I just add a root tab to the rock wool every few weeks.
  9. Exactly! I mean, we are creating underwater ecosystems in a glass box. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t takes trial and error.
  10. 1. Do all the research beforehand, but mistakes and failures are the best learning experiences. 2. Do something because you want to and not because the Internet said you should.
  11. Crab cuisine. I am also experimenting with calcium added to repashy (RIP repashy shrimp soufflé) but too soon to tell how effective it is.
  12. The Kasa timer will just power on and off the outlet, there is no dimming function. The “sunrise/sunset” on the timer schedule refers to the actual time of day which will vary depending on where you are and the time of year. Based on the picture, the light would turn on at 59 minutes before sunrise and then turn off at 3:00 PM. Nothing would happen at 8:00 AM or 59 minutes after sunset since those are redundant commands. The Fluval light’s “sunrise/sunset” is a function, it does not work the same way as the timer.
  13. Indeed. Circulation continues to be a problem, even with the increased air. I have a few ideas that I’ll be trying out this weekend: - ring shaped air stone - no air stone, but add pin holes to the airline tubing and snake it around the bottom
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