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  1. Marsilea minuta - looks like clover, does well in low light too.
  2. Congrats @Irene 🥳 Your videos are amazing! Here’s to 100,000 more!
  3. I have seen chocolate neos throw purple and there were a couple folks trying to get a line going. Not sure if they are selling yet.
  4. I like most music… too much to list! So I’ll share this album from a band that is new to me. It was fun to jam out to while doing water changes.
  5. I don’t like pineapple on pizza, but if it’s my only option, best believe I will eat it… pizza is better than no pizza… However I am intrigued by an infamous pineapple/jalapeño/olive combo. 🤔 I will try and report back!
  6. Floppy slice of NY cheese pizza: 12/10 Every other pizza: 10/10 Case closed, thread locked! 🔒
  7. I place root tabs “around” where I think the root structure is, rather than right underneath… My thinking is that the roots will grow out and tap into the nutrients. (Stem plants excluded.)
  8. Pasta, pasta water, butter, parm, pepper 🤌
  9. When I was 4, I won a goldfish at my church’s carnival and kept it in a fish bowl with an air stone. Maintenance consisted of me and my mom doing 100% water changes and scrubbing the bowl clean. Regardless of the lack of proper care, that fish lasted for a year, just in time to get a replacement at the next carnival 🤦‍♀️
  10. Harvested duckweed and frogbit for my goldies.
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