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  1. If you’re handy, Google “diy water polisher” to find tons of designs for a recirculating gravel vac. Also, do you pinch the hose while you gravel vac to control how fast the water drains? I picked up that tip from the co-op!
  2. - pepper grinder for larger pellets (or mortar and pestle when I need an arm workout lol) - reusable coffee filter for live baby brine - sugar bowl for storing the small wonder shells
  3. Started prep for a mini pond~ Applied a coat of sealant on the unglazed inside of this pot... and got some floating plants together. I hope water can be added to the pot by next weekend. 🙂
  4. You can put a root tab in the rock wool for extra insurance but you should be fine! 🙂
  5. Take internet advice with a grain of salt. 😝
  6. Me when there is breaking news on April 1st that Fluval may no longer be trippin:
  7. Welcome @Fishgirl! You can use those two products together. Equilibrium will add hardness and easy green will add nitrates/macronutrients for your plants.
  8. When I had a dwarf wild type crayfish, I used easy green and it lived to about 1.5 years old, which from what I understand is typical for life expectancy.
  9. @James Black I bought a Moment macro lens kit per recommendation from @Daniel All of the photos I’ve posted in this thread are from that lens.
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