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  1. If my hair algae looked like that, I would totally keep it. I love the "muppet fur" look. Unfortunately mine grows like Halloween cobwebs.
  2. I know this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but... My synodontis eupterus, Pooka.
  3. They might be molting and laying low as they grow accustomed to your water/setup. When I first got shrimp I did notice they hid when I first got them, but within a few weeks after they start breeding, you'll see tons.
  4. Glad to hear everything is finally coming together for you! Love the O-nip shot. I need to buy some more.
  5. I use Black Diamond blasting sand in all my tanks. I've kept corydoras on it with absolutely no issues with their barbels - that's always the main concern I read online.
  6. Welcome to the forum! Plants are addictive! ;3
  7. Welcome to the forum! Plenty of NERMS here to nerd out with!
  8. I use Fluval Bug Bite flakes, Xtreme Nano pellets and Repashy Soilent Green for my live bearers. The Bug Bites you can find at Petco, typically, and they also usually sell Hikari foods, which have a nano pellet. Petco also carries Sera foods, which have a few good types of flakes. I get my Xtreme pellets and Repashy on the Co-op site. If you don't mind waiting a few days for shipping, they carry pretty much everything. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/fish-food
  9. The plants may die off a bit as they grow accustomed to your water, and if they need to convert to fully aquatic (most plants sold at pet stores are grown out of water, and need a little time to adjust). The rotala, being a stem plant, should grow pretty quickly, which will help with your water quality. Prime will certainly help in a fish-in cycle. Good luck! A lot of us have been where you are!
  10. I'm sorry for your loss, that really stinks. If it were me, I'd just do a gravel vac and a water change. Just double check the plants and parameters are looking good. Since cause of death was 100% certainly from the heater, I personally wouldn't worry about disease.
  11. I've used plant weights on anubias. It's a pretty good way to keep them in one place until they anchor themselves down, though if your fish are strong enough they'll still scoot them around. Gluing to rocks is more stable.
  12. I like algae on my rocks and wood, it gives the tank a more natural, settled in kind of look imo. I usually have a million snails and only scrape the front pane of glass. Hair algae, though, I usually do my best to keep under control; I don't like how my fish get "snagged" on it.
  13. I'm a freelance artist. I take mostly private commissions, but I have done book illustration work (dinosaur restorations) and creature design for table top gaming.
  14. Moved my humpback limia to the 29 gallon and they continued on with business as usual.
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