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  1. I can usually resist, not wanting to support crappy care of animals. But I had a slip. I know it's not the best thing to do, but well, things are complicated.
  2. Just for the sake of comparison, here's some of my Malaysian Trumpets. I agree that they are not a match.
  3. Well you know the old story; went into Petco to pick up miscellaneous supplies, and made the mistake of looking at the bettas. They all looked pretty sad, the remaining few left over from the weekend sales. Typically this store is pretty good at maintaining the little cups, but this guy's water was cloudy, and he was sitting somewhat on his side. He perked up when I wiggled a finger at him. Knowing full well what I was getting myself into, I brought him home. At first, he absolutely struggled to swim, holding himself nearly vertical as he tried to get around, and taking lots and lots of rests. Obviously, something's up with his swim bladder. I suspect it may be an infection from being too cold coupled with sitting in nasty water, so I gave him his first dose of Erythromycin yesterday. Before bed last night there was a marked improvement, and I could see him having the zoomies. This morning he seems even more improved. He still bottom sits, but when he's swimming he almost nearly looks bouyant; his tail end doesn't look as heavy. And he's definitely active! He only eats a little, swallowing the first few flakes and then spitting out the rest. It could be from just not feeling well. Tonight I'll try a treat of blood worms and see if he takes those better. Here he is. I didn't record anything from yesterday as I just was leaving him be. Keep your fingers crossed for him (and for me! I'm definitely asking myself why I bought a sick fish, but well... it's complicated).
  4. If you're going to breed guppies, try some floater plants for the fry to hide in; hornwort or frog bit are both very easy to grow and will provide cover for the babies.
  5. Aren't green spotted puffers brackish into marine as they mature? They're looking for full freshwater. 🙂
  6. On the question of how many is too many, I think that depends on how much you hate looking at them. They're harmless, and just take up the same ecological niche that the snails do. They just have population explosions based on how much food is present.
  7. Speaking of naughty fish, woke up this morning to a plant casualty. I can bet money on who the culprit is (that's right, the big orange butthole smiling at me).
  8. This is a good question, I haven't been able to find a list of possible badges and I'm curious!
  9. WELL! This tank has been going all summer and it's been doing well, I think. I recently had to trim off all the lily pads because they were blocking out the light. I should have taken a "before" pic but it didn't occur to me. Oh! I added Susswassertang a month or so ago - you can see the green blob of it. It's still a mess of duck weed roots, probably from the water flow. I'm just used to it being messy now, lol. The tank is a snaily wonderland, the inhabitants seem very happy. I added a couple more Mystery snails from the 29, and they have gotten HUGE in there. This is an old pic though, since it seems to be nap time and I can't find them all atm. The weather's been cooler lately, so I went ahead and ordered some bloody mary neos. I haven't gotten the shipping notification yet (I suspect they will be sent out on Monday), but I will definitely take some pics when they arrive!
  10. I moved a big, well established sword from my 40 breeder to my 75, and it went very well. Just pull up slowly from the root ball. You will most likely break some roots, but as long as most of it is intact it should be fine. I just replanted into the new tank and put a bunch of root tabs in and it continued growing as if nothing happened. Be prepared for a giant mess when you pull it up though! X3
  11. You absolutely can move your fish into a smaller tank for ease of medication. My quarantine tank is marked off for 10 gallons just for that very reason. 🙂 The med trio are often used as a "shot gun" prophylactic to treat newly acquired fish. Do a single treatment of all three and let the fish "marinade" in it for a week. May I ask what sort of symptoms are you treating for?
  12. Yeah that's why I keep my QT as ugly as possible - it's a clear, plastic storage bin with just the bare minimum for equipment. It's worked so far at not becoming an actual tank... but that still didn't stop me from just putting actual tanks in other places in the house. 😉
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