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  1. 20 longs were back in stock! Finally was able to trade in the leaky one for a new one. Just got it set up and running again. The val is a little sad from being in a bucket for 2 weeks, but I'm hopeful it will bounce back. I made sure to get all the snails back in as well, and added a few more.
  2. I picked a snail out of a spoopy skull's nose - he got stuck.
  3. Oh neat, I just got notified for badges I've earned.
  4. Not yet! They're still out of 20 Longs. We were told they get their tank shipments on Fridays, so we'll check again on Saturday.
  5. This little guy had been wedged in the skull's nose overnight (I saw him there last night but left him, unsure if he was actually stuck). Had to perform a rescue mission just now. He was stuck pretty good, but I managed to pop him back inside. Hopefully he won't get stuck again trying to come out!
  6. I've thought about adding Otos. I think I would only try them after growing them out as big as possible. Once I get my 20 L going again, I could get a huge algae growth going in there for some. They are actually humpback limias (limia nigrofasciata), because the boys get these cool swoopy backs. I'm trying to breed more yellow into them, as well as making girls with stronger stripes, though I'm not as serious about it as actual breeders so it'll probably take a long time. XD Swoop!
  7. Alrightyrooney. I'm currently battling an algae explosion in Pooka's tank after removing all the duckweed. I ended up buying a Nicrew dimmer, and it's pretty neato. As much as I enjoy the artwork the Nerite is making, yeaaahhhh not a fan of the algae. I don't want to add fast growing stem plants to the tank because I have a "look" I'm going for, but I did add a pothos clipping. I have the dimmer set way down. So fingers crossed! I'll update when/if I see changes. Here's the light dimmer in action.
  8. I love frogbit, the roots get long and look really cool. I'm also a fan of duckweed but it definitely is not for everyone - and it gets EVERYWHERE... I find it in my hair and on doorknobs.
  9. If you like weird little catfish, you could try an anchor cat. They're a little more than 1 inch big as adults and are peaceful. Not very colorful though. Other than that I second the suggestion for cories.
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