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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. Long time no see. It has been a trip, getting the house to be functional and I am more than ready for the fun part. We finally reinforced the floor, and filled the 125 gallon in the living room. So far, I have a corner matten filter powered by an 800GPH submersible, a thin layer of dirt capped with ~75lb black diamond sand, lights and nothing else. Blank slate. I need more sand/gravel...Hard scape (may use granite slabs and round river rock, which will help anchor plants), plants....a cover, possibly a heater. pH will be low 6.5-7.4, hoping to keep temps 76-78F. Stocking list so far (fish I have in other tanks): Electric Blue Acaras-- I have 2 adults and 10 juveniles, but not keeping all. One blue marbled angel--need more, some one should trade me for acaras. 10 adult albino corydoras As many maylasian trumpet snails as I can dig out of my other tanks--need more! Wishlist: more angels--5-6 total planned. blue and yellow colors. otocinculs or ? Synodontis eupterus--but this may be too big and agressive for the otos...? other chiclids have been considered, mostly geophagus and severums, or dwarfs like apistos, and in a brief crazy moment a lemon tiger oscar, but they are: too big for the tank will eat the otos possibly too small for the acaras hurt plants Planning simple hardy plants, anubias, bolbitis, java fern, valisnaria, frogbit, hornwort maybe, and trying to balance larger fish appetites with and not wanting to get anything that will eat Otos. If only there were a readily available giant oto... Help me solve my stocking issue, I want algae eaters that will stand up to the acaras, and if possible the Synodontis eupterus (I want my own pooka). Dithers are optional, there is enough going on in the tank. I am mostly becoming aware just how difficult it is to keep a tank clean with Acaras in it--they eat the snails I usually rely on, and while they have not bothered the otos yet, they could. The corys get the spilled food alright. Open to suggestions, really want it to stay clean-ish....The acaras are VERY messy. #noplecos
  2. Finally got the valisneria, java fern, red dwarf lily, and anubius nangi out of the rock wool and into the tank! All of the java fern was from one pot and there's even more in the quarantine tank at the moment cause I don't want to take ALL of the bacteria from the plants out just yet. I also have java moss in the quarantine but just as soon as this tank cycles and I can move the snails over, I'll be moving everything else to the display tank. The light I'm using is a Hygger 16w with an Aquaclear 50 filter, no heater because the water stays a toasty 76F without it right now. Background soon to come. Thank you Cory and coop team for such lovely, hardy plants! Also, please tell me if I have the red dwarf lily planted incorrectly, I'm just guessing at this point. 😅
  3. I recently set up a new display tank for my multies. The new tank in all of its glory. The Backstory: I started keeping shell-dwellers earlier this year with 10 multies in a 20 gallon long. The starting number was a bit high, but I had considerable trouble finding them online so I added a few extras to my order to account for potential DOAs and to improve the odds of getting multiple pairs. Within a few months I spotted the first fry, so like all overenthusiastic fish keepers, I started feeding a little bit too heavily. A week later and there were more fry. Another week and all of the adults were starting to look bloated. This is where I realized I had a problem. As I cut back on food, the the number of fry that I saw each day slowly decreased. I assume that many of them starved and the adults were too bloated and unhealthy to continue breeding. The tank that I had spent months trying to set up was on the verge of collapse, and I was beginning to panic. I decided to move the most seriously bloated adults to a hospital tank and treat with epsom salt as a laxative. Fortunately, multies are one of the easiest fish to catch and I quickly had 4 very constipated fish and their shells in the hospital tank. Poor little bloated multie hating life in the hospital tank. All 4 of the fish in the hospital tank recovered (and a bonus fry that hitchhiked in one of the shells survived). The adults in the other tank also pulled through. Of the dozen or so fry that I had when I was forced to cut back on feeding, only 3 made it. As a result of this incident, I decided to always keep 2 tanks of multies going at a time. The original 20 long quickly recovered and has been starting to get a bit too crowded. The backup colony that I was keeping in a spare 20 high never really took off. I've been feeding both tanks a rotation of Coop Fry Food, Hikari First Bites, and live baby brine. The New Tank Setup: 40 gallon breeder 60lbs of CaribSea African Cichlid Mix (~3 inches deep) 40 escargot shells Fake rock pile decor, placed directly on the glass before adding sand. It's located directly under the HOB to redirect flow, but a few of the fish seem to like hiding under it as well. Panoramic of the new setup. I introduced 3 adults and 1 juvenile from my backup colony and 3 adults (+1 hitchhiking fry) from the original 20 long colony on Sunday, July 12. They are still settling in, so the tank still looks aquascaped, though this shouldn't last much longer as at least one fish has started digging a hole. As an added bonus, I've kept an iPad recording a time-lapse of the tank each day from when I turn the light on in the morning until turning it off at the end of the day (Co-Op , please get more light timers in stock ASAP): Multies Day 2.mp4
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