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  1. The last 4 or 5 orders I’ve placed I have had to place as a guest checkout. Have tried for a couple months to reset my online password for the store and never get an email to reset. Can someone help me out please?? 🙏🏻 Thx!
  2. @anewbie - agreed. This ended up being an usual situation. I had planned on pulling the eggs and putting in another tank. How frequent on water changes? Daily?
  3. This is my first successful attempt at breeding. Lots of babies. Pulled the mom out since the dad randomly died before they were free swimming. Free swimming yesterday morning or most likely Saturday night. Water parameters are great across the board. I’m feeding Golden Pearls 1 for now. Did first water change today. Any advice on when to start then on baby brine?
  4. Thanks @Irene! fyi - you sold me some wi-fi plugs via video last night. 😉
  5. @Irene @anewbie Thanks so much guys. This has been such a beautiful tank until now. The cyano is building up quickly as you can see. Hopefully I can get it resolved and under control. I very much appreciate your help! ❤️
  6. @fishfolk - would it be harmful to move them to another container at this point? Still keep in tank, but move that is? I’m worried I’m not keeping the water clean enough. I’m using a pipette to remove water but scared I’ll suck up a baby. Lol
  7. @anewbie Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. Glad you and Cory confirmed. I have never experienced it before. This is a dirted tank and is heavily planted. The current idea makes sense to me. Should I pull some plants as well? (Lightly pull that is). Thanks for your advice. Very much. Also, would CO2 be an option?
  8. I smelled it a few days ago. Just didn’t know what I was smelling. I don’t have Erythromycin. Unavailable here locally. my first breed is in this tank.
  9. Dangit. 😔 Advice? I think you did a video on it. I’ll watch. dangit.
  10. @Fish Folk- thank you sir. 🙏🏻👍🏻
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