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  1. So I've lost three fish in the last three weeks, and I have yet to identify the cause, and it's really starting to bother me. A lot. I recently treated the tank with Maracyn and ParaCleanse, though I haven't observed any symptoms other than a sudden loss of appetite, hiding under rocks, and then overnight finding them dead on the bottom of the tank. Parameters all check out fine (amm 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5-10 kh 14 gh 18 ph 8.0 temp 77). It's a partially filled 29g (has about 22g in in right now I'd guess) with currently 5, likely soon to be 4 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis (neon blue herring cichlid), from Lake Tanganyika. These are captive bred, I got them shipped to me about 2 months ago. I originally had 8, lost one a few days after shipping that probably just didn't ship well, these are known to be sensitive shippers. The other 7 seemed fine until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when they started dying. I've been feeding a mixture of crushed Xtreme krill flakes, bbs, and microworms 3 or 4 times a day. Some of them still seem quite skinny, though others are starting to round out. The ones that I've found dead usually are on the skinnier side. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to solve this problem? Also, what should I do about the one that seems near death on the bottom of the tank? It's kind of on it's side, breathing slowly, but it's occasionally moving around the tank. It doesn't seem interested in eating unfortunately. I've never had much luck with using a hospital tank, I usually just try treating in whatever tank the sick fish is in, if it is in need of treatment.
  2. I need help. I've been keeping aquariums for a while but I've never kept Cichlids let alone established ones that needed rehoming. I clean a fish tank for a client (she's gotten older and can't keep up with the maintenance anymore, but she lives close by and I'm happy to help) She's slowly phasing out of her more aggressive cichlids and the 'tank bosses'. Moving more towards semi-aggressive and more peaceful fish. Today I netted, and transported them home to the 75g I had set up for them. I'll be transparent. I filled the tank yesterday - threw in some of the sponge filters from my goldfish tank, and treated it with a dose of biological bacteria in a bottle and Prime. Unfortunately due to car trouble instead of 10 minutes to my house and then a slow acclimatization - It was more like an hour and a half in a bin (with enough water obv), while I waited for a tow. I felt bad. I knew I should have brought my battery operated airmachine but I didn't. I left this morning in a rush and didn't think to grab that. (Let alone my nets and usual equip for her tank clean. ) The tank is sitting at 26C and they've been in there (plop and drop bc I needed to get them out of the bin) for about idk 6-7 hours? I've got four of the eight of them struggling HARD. Like huffing, side laying without colour at the bottom. The rest seem stressed but alright. I'm not sure what I can do. I really don't want to lose these fish as I've been caring for them for two years and they are to some effect my babies... I've been cleaning her tank faithfully every 2-3 weeks depending on her availability. I know I've made some mistakes... I know I had some bad luck today but if anyone has any ideas....
  3. Tell me your favorite cichlids, how easy they are to breed, and how big they get
  4. Currently cycling a tank for Mbunas and was wanting to get opinions on what (if any) cleaner fish you've had success with mbunas. Water parameters Ph 8.2-8.4 Hardness 300
  5. Jaxsin

    Sick cichlid

    A neighbor stuck me with a cichlid because he knows that I have fish (I have goldfish) not knowing what would happen with her if I refused, I took her. She had been abused by her tank mates and was in pretty bad shape. I put her in a tank by herself and started my search for a permanent home for her. Got her set up in a 55 gallon. A couple weeks ago I notice a pimple like spot on her head. I researched and found it is hole in the head disease. I treated with paracleanse and after treatment did a 25% change. This morning she is bent at the bottom of the tank. I’m at a loss on what to do next. There is too much information on forums that it’s becoming confusing for me.
  6. Frogs, Shrimp, and Snails African Dwarf Frogs Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Nerite Snails (Red Spot, Zebra, and Zebra Thorn) Assorted Mystery Snails Goldfish Red Cap Oranda Bettas Crowntail Crowntail Black Orchid King Halfmoon Halfmoon Super Plakat Alien Blue Plakat Copper Yellow Betta Smaragdina (aka Pink Pearl Betta, Wild) Gouramis and other Anabantoides Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gouramis Sunset Honey Gourami Leopard Bush Fish (Tank Raised) Cichlids Apistogramma Borelli "Blue" Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Super Red" Golden Dwarf Cichlid German Blue Ram Common Kribensis Corydoras Black Caped Cory (Corydoras Brevirostris) NEW Loreto Cory Panda Cory Pygmy Cory (Wild) Sterbai Cory False Julii Cory Plecos L114 Red Fin Sternella Longfin Green Dragon (Locally Bred) Common Colombian Otocinclus Loaches Kuhli Loach Reticulated Hillstream Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazil) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra Silver Tip Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish (Wild) Rasboras Exclamation Point Rasboras Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barbs Rosy Barb Roseline Shark Danios and other Minnows Celestial Pearl Danio Long Fin Zebra Danio Gold White Cloud Vietnam White Cloud Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Green Lace, Neon Red Dragon, Cobra Red, Blue Variegated, and Neon Metallic Blue) Koi Tuxedo Guppy Pairs Showa Tricolor Platy Assorted Hifin Swordtails Rainbows Neon Dwarf Rainbow Killifish P82 Gardneri Killifish Pairs Oddballs Silver Datnoid Lipstick Goby Peacock Gudgeon Pea Puffer Fish listed from top to bottom: Silver Datnoid, Koi Tuxedo Guppy Pairs, Roseline Shark, Red Cap Oranda, Lip Stick Goby, Loreto Cory, Black Caped Cory, German Blue Ram, P82 Gardneri Killifish Pairs, and Hifin Swordtail
  7. Hey Friends! I'm working on a presentation for my Ichthyology class about Cichlids, and I can't really find any photos of Cichlids in their natural habitat in SA or CA. I found some good ones from the reef lakes in Africa, but everything on the new world cichlids is from an aquarium perspective. If you have some, and wouldn't mind me sharing to a class of about 5, I would really appreciate it! Thanks and happy fishkeeping!
  8. I recently acquired a second hand tank with two fishes: a Cichlid Oscar and a Pleco. The Oscar is aggressive and keeps doing all sorts of things that you expect a Cichlid to do. The thing is I'm unable to add any other fish to my tank because certainly the Oscar will kill or injure the new fish! I've tried to sell the fish and also to give it for free on Facebook but no one wants it! 😞 Any suggestion what can I do in this situation? I'm even thinking to go to a fish store and try to give the fish for free haha Sorry if this post is not allowed here. Please delete it..
  9. I'm planning to set up a new 6', 125 gallon aquarium predominately with American Cichlids such as Severums, Firemouth, Convict, Blue Acara, and one or two of the smaller Geophagus, in addition to a couple of Ancistrus, and some Blue Columbian Tetras or Giant Danios as dither fish. As far as the catfish go can I put Adolphi Corydoras in with this mix or can someone suggest catfish to use.
  10. Frogs, Shrimp, and Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snail Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Mystery Snail (Blue) Bettas Veiltail Crowntail Halfmoon Koi Plakat Gouramis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gourami Pearl Gourami Sunset Honey Gourami Sparkling Gourami Cichlids Apistogramma Borelli "Blue" German Blue Ram Red Head Tapajos (Locally Bred) Corydoras Panda Cory (Tank Raised) Sterbai Cory (Tank Raised) Albino Cory Salt and Pepper Plecos L177 Gold Nugget LDA 74 Blue Medusa L200 Green Phantom L260 Queen Arabesque Common Colombian Otocinclus (limited number) Other Catfish Dwarf Anchor Catfish Dwarf Petricola Catfish (Locally Bred) Loaches Zipper Kuhli Loach Yoyo Loach Tetras Bloodfin Tetra Blue Tetra Cardinal Tetra (WIld Brazil) Ember Tetra Neon Tetra Red & Blue Colombian Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra Serpae Tetra Long Fin Silver Tip Tetra Marble Hatchetfish (Wild) Marthae Hatchetfish (Wild Colombia) Rasboras Neon Green Rasbora Chili Rasbora Emerald Eye Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barb Panda Garra (Wild) Minnows Gold White Cloud Long Fin White Cloud Livebearers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Neon Red Dragon, Gold Cobra, Cobra Metallic Green, Eclipse, Japanese Red Tail, Neon Metallic Blue, Tequila Sunrise, Yellow Tail Tuxedo) Calico Lyretail Molly Rainbows Threadfin Rainbow Killifish Chocolate Australe Killi Pairs Ricefish Daisy Blue Ricefish Oddballs Senegal Bichir Blue Neon Goby Glass Goby Pea Puffer Sumatran Red Eye Puffer Fish listed from top to bottom: Red Head Tapajo, Fancy Halfmoon, Veiltail Betta, Threadfin Rainbow, Apisto. Borelli "Blue", Chocolate Australe Killi Pairs, Sumatran Red Eye Puffer.
  11. So I have a dilemma. I have Electric Blue Acara eggs that showed up unexpectedly in my 40 breeder. The parents have been diligently guarding them, and they appear viable. They are about 3 days old, so I expect them to hatch soon, and the parents have been digging little hollows to put the fry in in preparation. Their only tankmates are a cloud of mutt guppies who are curious but not gutsy enough to challenge an acara. They have been SUUCH good parents. I bought a Ziss EZ Breeder box because I would really like to grow out the fry, and I did not expect them to be this successful. I assume that if I left the fry with the parents they would raise them for 2 weeks and then possibly eat them and spawn again. So I think I should pull the rock, but I kinda want to see if they will raise them? Ahhh, decisions decisions. The fry will be easier to target feed in the box, and I would get more to adulthood maybe. But if they can raise them to the brine shrimp eating stage I would be able to catch the fry in a few weeks before the parents spawn again...And it would be easier maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  12. Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Rice Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Bettas Veiltail Crowntail Halfmoon Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Nemo Koi Gouramis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gourami Sparkling Gourami Cichlids African Butterfly Cichlids (Really cool easy cichlid to breed) Pearlscale Gold Marble Angelfish Apistograma Borellii "Blue" Apistograma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Apistograma Cacatuoides "Super Red" German Blue Ram Assorted Small Discus (Red Melon) Corydoras Albino Cory (Tank Raised) Pygmy Cory (Wild) Corydoras Similis (Tank Raised) Plecos L066 King Tiger L134 Leopard Frog L200 Green Phantom Other Catfish Marble Hoplo Catfish (Tank Raised) Dwarf Petricola (Tank Raised) Loaches Angelicus Loach (aka Burma Border Loach) Reticulated Hillstream Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazil) Congo Tetras (Male) Candy Cane Tetra Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra (Tank Raised) Marble Hatchetfish (Wild) Marthae Hatchetfish (Wild Colombia aka Black Winged Hatchetfish) Rasboras Chili Rasbora Emerald Eye Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Other Cyprinids Siamese Algae Eater (Tank raised) Roseline Shark (Tank raised) Panda Garra (Wild) Danios and other Minnows Zebra Danio Long Fin White Cloud Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Red Snakeskin, Blue Variegated, Eclipse, Gold Panda, and Tequila Sunrise) Mosaic Dumbo Ear Guppy Trios (Locally Bred) Gold Lyretail Molly Green Sailfin Molly Red Swordtail Rainbows Neon Dwarf Rainbow Red Neon Rainbow (Pseudomugil Luminatus) Killifish Chocolate Australe Killi Pairs Oddballs Blue Neon Goby Glass Goby African Brown Knife Pea Puffers Fish from top to bottom: Blue Neon Goby, Mosaic Dumbo Ear Guppy, Nemo Koi Betta, Chocolate Australe Killi, Green Sailfin Molly, Marble Hoplo Catfish, Marthae Hatchetfish, African Butterfly Cichlid, Glass Goby
  13. Being that I am living in Wisconsin which resides on granite and limestone deposits I found that I would try my hand at my favorite lake residing cichlid's. I currently am special ordering 4 lepidiolamprologus Kendalli/Nkambae anyone have thoughts on what might be fun to add to the 210 gallon lake tang set up, I am up for all suggestions?
  14. Les

    Dirty faced fish

    My cichlid looks like it has a dirty face. Not sure this is not just its markings. It is a relatively new fish. it appears happy.
  15. I acquired an established 75 gallon with an eclectic mix of, one each of the following: Asian Upside Down Catfish Pictus Four Line Cat Raphael Cat Synodontis Cat Peacock Cichlid Red Zebra Cichlid Cobalt Zebra Cichlid These are all mature, good sized fish (range 3-7”). They have been living together for a couple of years with me and some amount of time before I acquired them. I picked up 6 clown loaches and have been keeping them in quarantine. They are 2.5” size range. Opinions on how they make out with the mix in the established 75, assuming ample places to hide out and access to food? The current inhabitants, specifically the Peacock and Pictis/Upside cats, can be on the aggressive side from time to time (they’re also on the larger end of the size range). Generally the tank has a good balance considering the mix, but it’s not exactly a calm community tank. I’ll be upgrading the tank size for these fish, but not for a couple of years so I’m pretty locked into the current setup for now.
  16. Oh this is another good one! Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frogs Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Yellow Shrimp (Back in stock) Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snail Assorted Mystery Snails Nertite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Zebra Thorn Snails Goldfish Panda Butterfly Tail Goldfish Bettas Veiltail Betta Crowntail Betta Halfmoon Betta Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Alien Plakat Bettas (Green and Steel Blue) Gouramis and other Labyrinth Fish Pearl Gouramis Sunset Honey Gouramis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gouramis Leopard Bush Fish Cichlids Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Super Red" Apistogramma Panduro (Wild Peru) German Blue Rams (Locally bred, nice blues on these) Corydoras Skunk Cory Albino Cory Salt and Pepper Cory Panda Cory Pygmy Cory (Wild) Sterbai Cory False Julii Cory Plecos Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose L239 Blue Panaque L201 Orinoco/Snowball Pleco Common Colombian Otocinclus L128 Blue Phantom Pleco L200 Hi Fin Green Phantom (Nice size on this one) Loaches Clown Loach Reticulated Hillstream Loach Kuhli Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazilian) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rummy-Nose Tetra (Tank Raised) Congo Tetra (Males) Blind Cave Tetras (I haven't played with these since I was a kid!) Rasboras Chili Rasbora Neon Green Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Rasbora Het Strawberry Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barb Siamese Algae Eaters (Tank raised) Danios Celestial Pearl Danio Leopard Danio Spotted Danio (Really cool nano fish, schools tight) Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Female Fancy Guppies Assorted Male Fancy Guppies (Blue Variegated, Green Lace, Cobra Blue, Cobra Green, Cobra Red, and Tequila Sunrise) Metallic Livebearer Killifish Gold Australe Killifish Pairs Ricefish Dwarf Medaka Ricefish (Really cool nano ricefish, Oryzias Minutillus) Oddballs Polypterus Ansorgii aka Guinea Bichir (Tank raised) Pictus Elephant Nose (basically a big baby whale, Hippopotamyrus Pictus) Black Line Freshwater Pipefish (Doryichthys Martensii, need to feed live food like baby brine and daphnia) Pea Puffers Amazon Puffers (Back in stock) Pictures from top to bottom: Black line pipefish 1 & 2, Leopard Bush Fish, Amazon Puffer, Dwarf Medaka Ricefish, Apisto. Panduro, Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose, Blind Cave Tetra, Spotted Danio, Leopard Danio, Alien Green Betta, and Dumbo Ear Halfmoon.
  17. I have a 75 gallon that currently houses three senegal bichirs who all stay on the bottom for the most part, and a ctenopoma who likes to just hide in the plants. I've been wanting to add SOMETHING else for a long, long time, and my options are a bit limited since bichirs and ctenopoma are predatory. One of the recommended tank mates are blood parrots since they're too big to be a snack. I've been going back and forth and back and forth on getting one for over a year. I see them in pet shops all the time and I think they're adorable. I don't have a problem with the hybrid part, though their mouths kind of concern me. But I see so many positive stories from people who have kept them, and I do love me weird, charismatic water dog sort of fish. Well today I went out to get root tabs and came home with a blood parrot. I got to use my Aquarium Co-Op insulator thing! Little guy is in quarantine, chilling out with the lights off. He really is so dang cute, and he has a mouth that looks like he's doing this: 😄 So tell me about your experiences. Share photos. Show me your tank. What do you feed yours? Have you had any problems I should look out for? Have they dug up your plants? Some pics!
  18. I would like to do a 20 gallon ram tank. How many could go in there? And is it the female that has no blue specs in the black spot or is it the male?
  19. Is is beneficial and necessary to have bottom feeders in my aquarium of Cichlids? If they are beneficial or necessary what would be the best type for a 60 gallon cichlid aquarium. I currently have yellow Lab’s red Zebras Pseudotropheus saulosi
  20. Curious if anyone has any thoughts or experience to share on this. I definitely have noticed the C. Regani fry occasionally giving a nibble the parents side over the first 10 days or so outside of the cave. They also seems to enjoy hydra, green algae, scavenging off the bottom, baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, cyclops, and krill flake. The skin nibbling is not like what I've seen videos of discus doing but it happens enough that it is noticeable. Both parents seem to allow it and not have any problem with it so far. The fry are getting pretty close to moving to a 20 gallon grow out and or possibly the 2 Ziss breeder boxes in the parents tank. I have them for such a surprise fry appearance. We are now 14 days in and about 1/2 inch long x 80 or so fry. Half way to submitting my first ever breeding report to the Colorado Aquarium Society 🙂. Hopefully we get there learning each day either way though.
  21. Inverts and Snails Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Green Jade Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra) Bettas Veiltail Crowntail Halfmoon Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Round Tail Black Dragon Koi Cichlids Dwarf Victorian Mouthbrooder Apistogramma Agassizii "Double Red" Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Super Red" Jurupari "Peru" (Wild) German Blue Ram Assorted Large Angels (Randys Line) Assorted Small Discus (Red Turquoise and Snow White) Corydoras Bronze Cory Albino Cory Leopard Cory Panda Cory (Tank Raised) Pygmy Cory (Wild) False Julii Cory (Tank Rised) Sterbai Cory Plecos L018 Gold Nugget Common Colombian Otocinclus Loaches Kuhli Loach Clown Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra Congo Tetra Ember Tetra Glowlight Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Lemon Tetra Neon Tetra Rummy Nose Tetra (Tank Raised) Silvertip Tetra Black Spot Hatchetfish Three Lined Pencilfish (Wild Peru) Rasboras Chili Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Strawberry Rasbora Danios and other Minnows Celestial Pearl Danio Zebra Danio White Cloud Other Cyprinids Siamese Algae Eaters (Tank Raised) Roseline Shark Panda Garra (Wild) Gourmais Sunset Honey Gourami Livebearers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Gold, Cobra Green, Flamingo, Gold Panda, Snow White, Blue Variegated, and Red Snakeskin) Blue Coral Platy Killifish Egger's Killi Pair Oddballs Zig Zag Eel Pea Puffers Photos top to bottom: Clown Loach, Assorted Large Angels, Cherry Shrimp, Snow White Discus, Egger's Killifish, Green Jade Shrimp, Black Spot Hatchetfish, Jurupari, Apistogramma Cacatuoides Super Red.
  22. I've got a heavily planted 55G with 9 smaller cichlids 3 yellow labs, 3 Duboisi, and 3 bumblebee bee cichlids. And a bristle nose plecos. The fish live in harmony amongst each other and I was curious if a shrimp colony could survive or if anyone has ever had any luck. I know people pull of strange stuff all the time and I was considering dropping some in. I just bought like 30 fire red Neocaridins from LRB aquatics. I guess it will work or they will become fish food!
  23. I am interested in getting a big-ish, individual fish that is personable towards humans and happy alone in a tank. I have considered as housing somewhere between 40-100g, and I want something "pretty". I get that some people like the look of a flowerhorn, and that personality is great, but the head bump is not my thing. I like colorful fish, and I would prefer an easy keeper that isn't going to be super fussy about...well, anything. So unfortunately that leaves out larger puffers, who again have great personalities (Murphy!). I was considering larger goldfish, cichlids, want to know what I might be missing, since I have mostly kept small fish thru my life. I have an angelfish, he is a character! I want a fish that notices when I approach the tank and swims forward instead of hiding, like a guppy but big. Those of you who have kept bigger fish what are your favorites?
  24. I keep losing cichlids. The only groups I have doing well are wild caught or offspring born into my water from parents that spawned and died soon after. The latest issue to arise is my last angelfish has started showing what I believe to be beginnings of hole in the head disease. I have lost two angels already to severe tissue erosion on their heads and treatment with General Cure, salt and frequent water changes only seemed to drag out the inevitable. This angelfish had been through the rounds of GC previously because of its exposure to the other angels. It has been living in a 38 gallon tank with cardinal tetras. The tank was moved to a new location and rescaped recently but other than that things have been consistent. Temp 77 Nitrate 10-20ppm Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Gh/Kh 3/3 Weekly 25% water changes I'm wondering if my source for cichlids is the issue. Angles, Kribs from the same place have all had fell apart and passed within a year. Offspring of those fish are going strong, as are wild fish bought from same place. What to do? Is there a medicated food to try for hole in the head anyone suggests? Does this even look like hole in the head? thanks
  25. I have two tanks. In my 40gallon I have a 3 inch kribensis. He’s very chill and doesn’t disturb any of his tank mates. In my 29 gallon I have a 1.2-1.5 inch male kribensis that I took from a friend that didn’t want him. the issue is he’s aggressive towards the corydoras. My corys are full grown but their fins are getting destroyed. should I put the little male kribensis in with the big one in the 40 gallon? anyone with experience would be highly appreciated. this lil krib is stressing me out. thanks 🙏🙏
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