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  1. Low PH and Over-cleaning…. Due to all the other things I observed, I thought it was Ich or something else going on. I did lose a fish in the mess of it and all my plants died. Due to what I have learned here and from research, I added crushed coral and Wonder Shells and stopped “over cleaning.” Slowly water quality improved and the flashing stopped. (I was over cleaning trying to siphon up any Ich or whatever I suspected was thriving in the substrate) Hope this helps! Just answered, but forgot to quote your post. Hopefully you see my reply. 🙂
  2. Thank you everyone for all your input 😊
  3. I have to try it again. The thing is that mine was starting to set some so it just became a lumpy mess. I will try again 🫣
  4. I actually watched his video… he did 1 part food, 3 parts water but he used a community blend.
  5. Ok I got Soilent Green, problem is that it didn’t set and it’s very wet. I mixed per the directions…. 1 part food 2-3 parts boiling water. I used 1 tablespoon food and 3 parts water. I’m sure I can decrease the water next time to 2 parts water, but has anyones not had their Repashy set.
  6. I just was treating it the same as you would stability when trying to cycle a tank… 🤦🏼‍♀️
  7. I found this in FritzZyme 7 …. I was thinking you dose it daily like stability….??? I have been dosing this daily but maybe I’m wrong?? https://fritzaquatics.com/assets/files/uploads/XDEZJ-FritzZyme7.pdf
  8. I have a gravel tank but have always wanted sand. Is a gravel or sand substrate easier to take care of? I have several fish such as plecos and cory doras that would love sand. I just have ZERO experience with a sand substrate and Im not sure if this is harder or easier to take care of.
  9. Everyone here has such good ideas. I will look into those tablets you are talking about. Never heard of them.
  10. Thanks for you help. I will go order some
  11. Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to find out what formula to use. I have community fish, corydoras, shrimp, mystery snail, tetras, danios, mollys, alage eaters, gouramis. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Next question… does anyone have suggestions to hold food that is not a clip to hold food such as this gel food. This would be for my mid to high swimmers that don’t go to the bottom to check out the food. This way I can share the wealth since the food sinks.
  13. You just drop them in your tank frozen? Do they sink or float?
  14. Dang it... you sold me on it... 💸
  15. I have used Ich-X for almost 8 weeks.... My silicone is a "beautiful ocean blue" 😒. I even have a gray tall decoration that used to be gray...well its also been tainted with this beautiful ocean blue color. Lets not even begin to talk about all the tubing and rubber seals on things. I dont like it but there is no way I would strip my tank to re-silicone anything... thats to me is awful.
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