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Found 19 results

  1. What repashy should I get for my bristlenose pleco? -Soilent Green -Morning Wood -Community Plus
  2. I’m super scared of over feeding as I’m brand new to this. I got some community plus and some bottom scratcher. I put in a cube about an inch by and inch but they were all still feeding on it a couple hours later. not sure if that matters? I feed once a day. I am rotating daily between flakes, pellets, frozen bloodworms, frozen brine, freeze dried brine, algae wafers and now repashy. everything but the repashy seems easy to control amounts.
  3. Hey Everyone! I've kept Mbuna for 20+ years now and am just getting into the repashy game. I found an amazing youtube video by Tazawa Tanks showing how to add veggies into repashy. I cannot wait to try it! Here's the link to the video: Have a great night!
  4. i have some repashy bottom scratcher coming today The fish ill be feeding it to are bolivam rams, bronze cories, java loaches and a bristlenose im now reading that this is a more carnavoirous food and i should maybe hav went with solient green or morning wood my pleco doesnt really like algea wafers and vegetables and goes for fluval bug bites i put in for rams and corys. the bristlenose also seems to like frozen foods will bottom scratcher cause the pleco problems since 45 percent protein its not going to be all it eats im worried itll get constapated Whst sbout the other fish mentioned? Also should i ground up algea wafers and add them to the repashy? and How do i make it ive ordered the smallest pot?
  5. I’m about to get a pleco for my 55 gallon. I have a tank-length piece of driftwood in there and lots of plants. The first time I tried to add a pleco, it ate a ton of wood and then I didn’t see it for ages... months later I found a large vertebra. 😳 The fish store guy said it probably starved, and though I think it’s equally likely it gorged itself to death, I want to make sure I don’t repeat my mistake. Repashy food seems to be the way to go here. But which one should I get? I have two yo yo loaches, two otos (hoping to get more soon), a handful of tetras and two honey gouramis. Everyone eats the sinking pellets I put in for the loaches, and I’m worried my pleco won’t have a chance to get any food, Repashy or otherwise. Plus there are so many kinds of Repashy that I’m at a loss. Should I assume everyone will eat it and just go for the Community Plus, hoping the pleco gets brave enough to join the crowd and eat? Or do I try to go with something like Bottom Scratcher or Soilent Green to try to discourage the other fish? Nobody that I have now really likes algae wafers—they always get eaten last. Any advice? I know I probably just have to try something but I’d love any suggestions or nudges one way or the other!
  6. I try to offer Rapashy in different ways to my fish. Today I made "popsicles". I'm curious how you guys and gals offer it to your fish.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations for which Repashy to use for Neocardinia? Thanks.
  8. Jumping into the Repashy game. Not sure if everyone used tupperware or if they have fun molds for their repashy concoctions!
  9. Just walking by my tank I noticed that two of my Julii corys are sitting at the bottom of the tank with what look like head wounds. I've included a somewhat blurry picture below. I'm wondering if they were a little too enthusiastic digging around in the dragon stone. Has anyone seen this before? Water params: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm pH: 6.9 GH: 300ppm KH: 0
  10. I have 4 snails and a bristle nose but just lost my clown pleco. I have guppies and bettas in the tank with some neon tetras. 3 corys i was putting wafers in the tank but for some reason i lost my clown pleco. i dont know if he starved or not. but i saw the ad for the replesha gel food but dont know which to get I feed right now flake or freeze dried blood worm or shrimp pellets, or insect food. i try to mix it up. But for some reason the clown pleco died. Would i use the super green replesha super green or the community fish one. I tried the alage wafers but i dont think they liked them
  11. I mixed up 1 tablespoon with 3 tablespoons of boiling water of Repashy gel food. The community food one set up but it broke up very easily in the tank and the tetras and guppies don't like it and when i vacuumed the gravel it seemed most of it fell through. the bettas seemed to like it. I wanted it for my communiuy fish. But not impressed at all.... Did i put to much water in it.... or my fish just don;t like it? can i return it?
  12. which Repashy is good to feed Angelfish ?
  13. Any recommendations on the best repashy to get for corydoras? I have a group of sterbai that I'll ne using it for. Hope to make them happy for spawning if I can.
  14. I’m really interested in adding repashy into my fishes diet. But I’m not sure exactly which one would be good for them. I have 4 Celebes rainbow fish and 3 kuhli loaches.
  15. I just got the repashy community plus and it will not get into gel form! I am using hot water as well as following the directions. It stays wet and crumbles. I have even tried to do 1:1 and 2food:1water ratio. Any ideas and what am I doing wrong? I have morning wood and don't have a problem.
  16. im mixing up my weekly repashy and i was curious if anyone adds anything extra to theirs? i tend to add some spirulina, garlic, and freeze-dried goodies. this week it was some bloodworms (a staple), gammarus, and plankton. i usually layer my repashy so the fish get a good mix and add the spirulina and garlic in between the layers.
  17. I give my fish this treat, from time to time. It is made by using your favorite Repashy food with a *surprise* algae wafer center. I have many extra, eye contact lens cases that are only used for this application. They are about the right size for me and clean up easily. The final product easily pops out of the mold (when cooled) for simple tank distribution. A lot of fun to make, too. 🐟 Usually make a bunch at a time and off to the refrigerator or freezer they go, for proper storage.
  18. Which Repashi would people recommend for otocinculus? Super green or solvent green (or something else)?
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