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  1. I was planning on buying some of this from the co-op for my bottom feeders. I saw this on the bottle and realized I can actually make it now because I have a dehydrator. Has anyone tried it? Does it sink? The logic being that it will be able to be stored a bit differently than the other, traditional uses for the food. Usually I make a big batch and freeze the majority of it, reserve enough in the fridge that's "fresh" but pull a cube in the freezer whenever I feel like feeding it.
  2. Who loves repashy? Bristlenose, snails, shrimp, platy, and of coarse me! That’s who! Did a repashy feeding this morning and I have become a huge fan of this food. I made cubes using this tray I slice all of them down the center but not all the way through so I can feed big chunks to adults, half portions to juvenile, and easier to shreds after thawing for fry.Also made rods @Guppysnail showed me this.Placed all in the tanks what an amazing food. Will be ordering different verities next food order at ACO.
  3. My 1st attempt at gel foods. I did 1 cup boiling water to 1/3 heaping scoop of powder, good mix? Seems to be to me. freeze or refrigerate? if I decide to freeze is thawing recommend before feeding? any other tips to using this type of food?
  4. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is holding up well. I have seen my Harlequin Rasbora school doing the motions of breeding. However no one actually seems to be laying eggs. I don't know if this is because they are still to small or not. So I have decided to try a new Repashy food and get some weight on them. What would you suggest is the best one for this? Community Plus?
  5. Where is the best place to buy repashy soilent green at in the tubs.
  6. I just recently ordered some repashy soilent green for my bristlenose plecos but I'm wondering if this food is actually good for the fish? I've seen lots of videos on it but has it changed over the years? Is it still a good food?
  7. We went a little overboard at the LFS yesterday (I'm hoping to post pictures soon). We got two albino bristlenose plecos among other new friends. I already have soilent green, Wondering which repashy food with the pleco on the cover I should get. lol. (Ideally, it would be something that would be good for the plecos and that I ciould feed to habrosus corydoras.) We will also be providing drift wood and cholla wood for the plecos.
  8. I was wondering which repashy food would be best for my tank. It will have cardinal tetras, gold dust mollies, albino corydoras, guppies, a pleco (hopefully bristlenose but will have to see what LFS has) and possibly a betta. At first I was leaning towards community plus but then I thought I should get the morning wood because I have no driftwood in my tank. Will the corydoras eat the morning wood? Or should I just go with bottom scratcher or community plus? I know plecos like to snack on driftwood but how important is it for their diet? I added pictures of my tank. I know a couple people on here wanted to see it. I’m going for a Bermuda Triangle/ shipwreck theme. First batch of fish is going in today, 6 cardinal tetras with established filter media of course.
  9. Been a minute since I was on here, hello! I'm considering switching to this food for my fantail goldfish. I don't extremely love the idea of making their food. I don't even like storing frozen fish food in the freezer lol. So......how safe is it to make and store REPASHY in the kitchen? Do you use separate utensils and dishes just for it, or is it okay to use your regular kitchen stuff and then just wash it? Just wondering what everyone does when they make it! Also does anyone feed this exclusively to their fish?
  10. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to make Repashy less messy in the aquarium? Am I adding too much water? If I add less water, it is grainy and I wonder if its cooked. Maybe I'm overthinking it - help!
  11. Hi everybody! I got repashy super green for my otocinclus but it seems like my zebra danios are scarfing it all down. I even fed them before and I waited until the light was off for bed time to put it in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get some food to my otos without my danios sniffing it out like it’s the last time they’ll ever eat? 😂 thank you!
  12. Hello C.A.R.E. Givers, So I was watching Michael's Fish Room and he mentioned freezing something called Repashy in a silicone ice cube tray. Have any of you use this with guppies? I was thinking of ordering Repashy Soilent Green and this tray. <Insert Soylent Green joke here> Is this a good Repashy for my guppies? If there is something better, I would love suggestions. Right now I'm feeding them Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food and some Aqueon Fish flake occasionally (mostly for a change of pace). I have a poorly stocked Petsmart near me but no local shops, so I've been using Amazon. I hope posting these links are ok, if not I'd be happy to remove them, they aren't affiliate or anything. Also, if there is a better online vendor, someone supportive of the hobby, please let me know and I'll order from them happily. Also is this Repashy thing overkill for someone like me who is still very much a novice? I've read some about hatching brine shrimp, but I was a little intimidated, and I don't think I have the population (~10 babies and another ~10 adults) yet to warrant it. Thank you for reading this! I hope you all have a good week!
  13. which Repashy is good to feed Angelfish ?
  14. I have no idea how much to feed but they clearly love it. My community tank of 40 fish think it’s amazing, but I think I’m also over feeding. I give them about a tablespoon of the set up gel. Is that enough? Do they need more? I have three mollies and they are by far the biggest fish in the tank.
  15. Can I feed this as a staple food for mollies, endlers, platys, corydoras and dwarf gourami?
  16. Can I feed this as a staple food for mollies, endlers, platys, corydoras and dwarf gourami?
  17. Hi everyone, I was looking at the Repashy foods for my swordtails and my attention was particularly drawn to the community plus and grub pie. There doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference but perhaps I’m missing something. I’d love to hear the opinions of my fellow fish keepers.
  18. What repashy should I get for my bristlenose pleco? -Soilent Green -Morning Wood -Community Plus
  19. I’m super scared of over feeding as I’m brand new to this. I got some community plus and some bottom scratcher. I put in a cube about an inch by and inch but they were all still feeding on it a couple hours later. not sure if that matters? I feed once a day. I am rotating daily between flakes, pellets, frozen bloodworms, frozen brine, freeze dried brine, algae wafers and now repashy. everything but the repashy seems easy to control amounts.
  20. Hey Everyone! I've kept Mbuna for 20+ years now and am just getting into the repashy game. I found an amazing youtube video by Tazawa Tanks showing how to add veggies into repashy. I cannot wait to try it! Here's the link to the video: Have a great night!
  21. i have some repashy bottom scratcher coming today The fish ill be feeding it to are bolivam rams, bronze cories, java loaches and a bristlenose im now reading that this is a more carnavoirous food and i should maybe hav went with solient green or morning wood my pleco doesnt really like algea wafers and vegetables and goes for fluval bug bites i put in for rams and corys. the bristlenose also seems to like frozen foods will bottom scratcher cause the pleco problems since 45 percent protein its not going to be all it eats im worried itll get constapated Whst sbout the other fish mentioned? Also should i ground up algea wafers and add them to the repashy? and How do i make it ive ordered the smallest pot?
  22. I’m about to get a pleco for my 55 gallon. I have a tank-length piece of driftwood in there and lots of plants. The first time I tried to add a pleco, it ate a ton of wood and then I didn’t see it for ages... months later I found a large vertebra. 😳 The fish store guy said it probably starved, and though I think it’s equally likely it gorged itself to death, I want to make sure I don’t repeat my mistake. Repashy food seems to be the way to go here. But which one should I get? I have two yo yo loaches, two otos (hoping to get more soon), a handful of tetras and two honey gouramis. Everyone eats the sinking pellets I put in for the loaches, and I’m worried my pleco won’t have a chance to get any food, Repashy or otherwise. Plus there are so many kinds of Repashy that I’m at a loss. Should I assume everyone will eat it and just go for the Community Plus, hoping the pleco gets brave enough to join the crowd and eat? Or do I try to go with something like Bottom Scratcher or Soilent Green to try to discourage the other fish? Nobody that I have now really likes algae wafers—they always get eaten last. Any advice? I know I probably just have to try something but I’d love any suggestions or nudges one way or the other!
  23. I try to offer Rapashy in different ways to my fish. Today I made "popsicles". I'm curious how you guys and gals offer it to your fish.
  24. Does anyone have any recommendations for which Repashy to use for Neocardinia? Thanks.
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