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  1. I was planning on buying some of this from the co-op for my bottom feeders. I saw this on the bottle and realized I can actually make it now because I have a dehydrator. Has anyone tried it? Does it sink? The logic being that it will be able to be stored a bit differently than the other, traditional uses for the food. Usually I make a big batch and freeze the majority of it, reserve enough in the fridge that's "fresh" but pull a cube in the freezer whenever I feel like feeding it.
  2. Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest.
  3. I wanted to know what are your best : dry food live food frozen food
  4. Hey, I have just recentley switched to pellets for my fish and my female swordtail will go for the pellet, and then spit it out and then go for it again? Will she start eating them normally? if not how do I fix this problem?
  5. There is no doubt in many fish keepers minds that the xtreme red krill flakes are "the best fish food on the market". And as much as I do agree that the xtreme red krill flake is really good, how about the New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets. Lets take a look, First 10 Ingreidents in each foods New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets Whole Antartic Krill, Giant Squid, Whole wheat flour, whole menahaden fish, Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella seaweed, Wakame seaweed, Kelp, Garlic, Ginger 7/10 of these ingreidents are natrual Xtreme Red Krill Flakes Krill meal, fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, soy flour, brewers dried yeast, sodium alginate, spirluna, soy lechitan, corn starch 5/10 of these ingeidents are natrual Both of these quality foods have krill as there first ingreident. Krill will enchance colors in fish, especially the redish, orangeish color. New Life spectrum food has more quality/ natrual ingreidents. Price Newlife Spectrum Pellet: $16.90 usad (5.3oz) Xtreme Krill Flakes: 14.99 usad (3.5oz) Newlife spectrum food is cheaper per the oz. Availibility From my research I have found that it is hard to find xtreme food outside of USA. I live in Canada, so in my experiance it was tough finding the xtreme food after watching all the awesome reviews. Infact in order to get xtreme food you have to order off amazon.com meaning you have to pay more for shipping, if you live somewhere other then usa. Where as the newlife spectrum food is much easier to find outside of the usa. Its in all of the fish stores I've been to. i also know that you can find newlife spectrum food in europe and north america, not too sure about asia. You can get your hands on newlife spectrum food easier and cheaper then xtreme flakes. Conclusion I like newlife spectrum food better then xtreme. I find that there ingreidents are better quality then extreme and its cheaper then xtreme. and because I am a teenager in this hobby I look for the cheapest yet, best quality food. Which in my opinion is newlife spectrum. I beleive that xtreme has better marketing and advertisement and therefore is more popular. Newlife spectrum is an underated food. What do you like better?
  6. I have a surplus of bananas and I was wondering if I could feed some to my community tank.
  7. Just wondering what everyone feeds (brands and types) and what fish you're feeding. I have fed my 2 Leopard Bush fish 'Ctenpomna' and 2 bala sharks aqueon shrimp pellets for three years and frozen Omega Carnivore Lovers. Recently, Aqueon must have changed their formula (grrr) and now the pellets swell making a mess and once they swell even my Cory's snub their barbels up at it. So, I'm looking for a new option on the pellet. Something that floats for a bit then sinks for the Cory's and balas preferred. I also feed pea puffers carnivore lovers and ramshorn snails (recently purchased vitachem to help too). Angels get Hikari Vibrabites, carnivore lovers, and API Pellets (which are too small for my Leopard Bush fish. (Soon BBS too Thanks to The DIY hatchery post on this form 😊 Thank You @Fish Folk) My tetras with a silver dollar gets Aqueon flakes, the shrimp pellets (for Cory's and Pleco), API pellets, and Algaemax pellets for silver dollar and albino shark Also, anyone with Leopard Bush fish, do you feed crickets? A girl at Petco recommended it but I wasn't sure if it's a good idea or not. Have a Fintastic day 🐠🐠🐠 Holli / kilrkitty08
  8. What is your opinion on the best flake, pellet, and wafer brand? Also, what is the best/easiest live food culture to keep?
  9. I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Directions I read for feeding zucchini all say to blanch and then feed it and take it out in a day or so so it doesn't rot. I find when I do this there's interest from my otos and shrimp for the first hour or so then there's 1-1.5 days where there's little interest except from one or two shrimp, then at some point it gets furiously eaten and is gone in like 6 hours. Seems to me like the "rotting" makes it taste better. I haven't tried to cook them more aggressively but it seems like that would be even better if they like things softer. Am I doing it wrong? I've followed fish-specific blanching instructions on the stove( and the microwave (put in water, bring to boil, stop, cool, feed).
  10. Has anyone tried giving chicken feed to shrimp? Laying hen food seems to have pretty similar ingredients to shrimp food, since hens need calcium for eggs as well as some protein. I happen to have access to a lot of it and am tempted to drop in a pellet to see if the shrimp like it
  11. Just as the title says. I've been looking online for different brands of fish food to feed my fish room. Not necessarily as a sole food brand but more just to add another to my variety. I've found Ken's is very cheap and large quantities. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the food? I've looked on YouTube with very little in the way of opinions. Thanks!
  12. Fish Taco Party Thread! Happy NERM day! (If you’re seeing this post and it’s not Wednesday yet, sorry—I wanted to get it up before I went to bed! 😄 ) Today, to celebrate the CARE forum turning 1 year old, and in honor of our fearless leader @Cory, feed your fish a “taco!” Post the video or pictures here so we can all appreciate the feast. (Fair warning—we may appreciate your home-made tacos more than your fish. 😜) For some taco-making tips, and to read about my first failed attempt at this endeavor, see this post here. Happy Anniversary, CARE forum! 🎉
  13. In honor of the CARE forum's 1st anniversary, let's give our fish a treat! And what better treat could there be for a nerm's fish than a taco? 😃 The purpose of this post is to encourage you to make your fish a fish-appropriate taco, give it to them on NERM Day (July 14), and upload a picture or video to a thread I have yet to create. This is a great way to celebrate NERM day if you're not able to make it to your LFS wearing Aquarium Co-op gear, or if you're not interested in stuffing your own belly with tacos. If you already know how to make fish-appropriate tacos, then you needn't read any further. See you on NERM day! 😄 If you're looking for some culinary help, however, keep reading and you can learn from my first attempt at cooking for my swimmy friends. I decided to do an experiment to see if fish prefer hard shell vs soft shell tacos. (Actually I was just trying to figure out if they liked any tacos, but let's pretend.) Hard shell tacos were made with zucchini shells: Soft shell tacos were made with seaweed: Fillings included any fish food I had lying around. I tried two different kinds of "glue": powdered chia seeds and repashy. I even added a little garlic powder to the "glue." Fish are supposed to like that, right? And oh yeah, I also included rocks. Because I was trying to get the tacos to sink. (Spoiler: I should have used more rocks.) I stuffed my tacos with layers of glue and food. It was quite fun! In the end they looked pretty nice. Especially with some spirulina powder decoratively sprinkled over the top. 😘👌 My husband walked by, looked at the results of my labor, and said, "If only the fish would appreciate this." Hopefully I would prove him wrong in just a few minutes! Feeding time came and unfortunately the tacos didn't sink. Should have used more rocks. Or bigger rocks. Or bought a veggie clip like I've been meaning to for about a year. So I had to tie the tacos to a plastic tray that came with my breeder box, and put rocks on top of the tray. I think this made the tacos look a little scary. At any rate, I tried to encourage the fish to give them a try. I didn't offer any of their regular food. And then I sat in front of the tank, got out my phone, and waited. And waited. It occurred to me that I feed my fish really well every day, and maybe I should have fasted them before trying this. Because obviously they would have appreciated that. 😛 Finally the biggest pleco came and checked out the spread. She eventually figured out the food was on the tray, not around the tray or under the tray or even the tray itself. She took a taste of the soft shell taco and immediately swam away. Bleh. Okay, so she doesn't like seaweed. Eventually she figured out how to nose her way inside the soft taco and rummage around. She certainly seemed to like the filling, and I even saw her pull a long zucchini sliver out of it. But it soon got away from her and went floating up into the water column, where the gouramis totally avoided it. Any time a glob of "glue" came floating out of a taco--I think this was the chia seed version--the tetras nabbed it. I counted that as a moderate success. The loaches, who I was sure would find the tacos and devour them, had no interest in swimming over the tray. My husband came by. "Maybe the tray smells weird," he said in an attempt to be comforting. Eventually I gave the top-dwellers some of there most boring pellets and walked away. A watched pot never boils, right? Later I came by and saw one of the otos had found the tacos! And it looked like someone had picked away at the inside. The soft shell tacos looked relatively untouched and rather mushy. I came back hours later, late at night when the lights had been off for a long time. You can probably guess who was eating the tacos now. It was dark, so I didn't get a picture, but I'm sure you can imagine the writhing mass that I ended up lifting out of the tank. It was a great way to get rid of about 500 Malaysian trumpet snails, if nothing else. Lessons I learned: My fish prefer hard shell tacos. Use more rocks in the taco itself unless you're feeding top-dwellers and want it to float. Do not use a strange tray. Make the taco more open-face so the yummy insides are accessible. Like a food boat instead of a food pocket. This shape should be easier to carve out of a vegetable anyway. To give yourself the best chance of success, fast them a day ahead of time. You can make a fish a taco, but you can't make him eat. Best of luck to you.
  14. Very excited to be returning some all-time favorites to the fishroom after a long absence...
  15. I have few species of fish in 4 aquariums 1 honey gourami, 10 green neon tetra, 10 chili rasbora, 7 false julii cory, 3 clown killifish, neocaradina shrimps and nerita snails. I feed my fish twice per day. I used to feed them flake food, micro pellets, bug bites, freeze dried food and frozen food. They would eat everything. Then I imported (because not available in Canada) some of the x-treme food - they don’t eat (they spit it out) I bought cyclops, mysis and other type of frozen food - none are eaten except for daphnia, bbs and bloodworms. I am raising clown killifish fry so I started hatching live baby brine shrimps. I figured I would give some to my other fishes for their 2nd meal... and now they won’t eat anything except live/froze baby brine shrimp or frozen blood worm/daphnia (aside from the corydoras, the otocinclus and the shrimps) My problem is that I am leaving for a week or 2 and was hoping to use an auto-feeder... Will they eventually eat the food distributed once hungry enough?! I plan to mix different food in the feeders.
  16. I might be opening a literal can of worms here but how many different fish foods do you currently own? I have 16 and I have a feeling I’m in the middle of the pack with this group of nerms. 😀
  17. What grocery type items do you guys feed your fish? Vegetables? Seafood? How do you prepare it? Store it? And how do you feed it? I have done the blanched zucchini. But I'm wanting to experiment with some other stuff in my tanks.
  18. I just wanted to no if anyone has seen any improvement in the health of there fish when using probiotic fish food has any one used Dr bassleer bio fish food or other probiotic foods
  19. I want my puffers to have a varied diet, but all they'll eat so far is frozen bloodworms and snails. I've tried frozen brine shrimp and vibra bites. I'm setting up a 5g to breed more snails, but that will take awhile. What else should I try in the meantime?
  20. which Repashy is good to feed Angelfish ?
  21. We try to feed a reasonably wide variety of live, frozen, and dry fish food. Some days allow for more time-intensive feeding. Other days... it’s “fast-serve-and-go!” So, we have chosen a dry flake food that can be fed to all but the smallest fry in our fishroom. We’ve found the Omega One freshwater flakes to be a decent lower-end flake food for these servings. What’s your go-to basic / generic / works-for-just-about-everyone dry food?
  22. Hi everyone, Thought I'd upload a quick post about how I'm slowly fazing out all purchased fish foods and am transitioning too DIY dried fish food. My first attempt at this was replacing the food I use for dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus sp.). I currently have two different tanks with two different dwarf crayfish species and was running low on food. After a lot of research I discovered the analytical constituents and composition I deemed best for my dwarf crayfish. After doing all the fun math, calculating dry weights of different ingredients, percentage of protein fiber and calcium each component added too the food I finally had my recipe. Some of the ingredients I used were: Spinach, Spirulina, Moringa, Krill, Bee Pollen etc. The analytical constituents are Protein 43.5%, Fiber 7.2%, Available Calcium 0.5%. The food also contains all trace minerals the crayfish needs to molt. A lot of the credit for how too make this video comes from Mark's Shrimp Tanks. He has a nice video about a three ingredient dried food (not sure if it's ok if I link this video). I used this video as a guiding light, but heavily tweaked the recipe as I wanted many more different ingredients and much less filler. Here are some images of the process and finished product: Overall I'm very pleased with the results as the crayfish are devouring this food. I will need to test it long term and make sure I don't see any deficiencies and my breeding rates don't decrease. The next dry food I will be attempting is going to be for my Super Red Ancistrus. Later down the road I will also be making a Mineral food for my inverts, as well as a snail food. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!
  23. How does everyone store their fish food? Can I keep it in my stand sealed in the containers? Or does everyone keep most of it frozen? If so, how much of a supply do you pull out at a time?
  24. I attached a picture with all my fish foods minus some duckweed, live brine, frozen brine and frozen mysis shrimps. I have two tanks one with 6 cory cats, 6 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 Betta and the other has a single fan tailed goldfish. I have all these foods but I don't see myself finishing them in a timely manner. I don't have freezer space for all these foods what should I do?
  25. I'm curious about this, but I' wondering if most people rotate a lot of food or stick to one or two foods. I try to feed a different food each day of the week (Sunday they don't get fed). I like that the fish get a variety and I think it's a little more healthy for them and it helps their color, in my opinion. Beside the vegetables that I keep in the freezer, I don't have any frozen food. I'm about to start hatching some baby brine to see if it's a pain and how much my fish like it. Below is what I feed, some of it is going away and some of it is for bottom feeders, so it looks like a lot. Blanched zucchini and canned green beans - everyone loves these two. Xtreme Krill Flakes - I love this one and will keep reordering Xtreme Sinking Wafers - I'm not crazy about it because my fish don't like it Fluval Bug Bites Algae Crisps - My fish like it and I like the ingredients - going to try the smaller version below Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Formula (small bites) - I like this one also and so do my fish - I'll keep reordering this one. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder Granules - New - Trying to see if my plecos, shrimp, snails and ottos like this. Fluval Spirulina Flakes - This is new also to see if the fish like it. Hikari Betta Pellets - I'm not crazy about the ingredients in this. It will be replaced as soon as it's empty (maybe sooner) Hikari Freeze Dried Blood Worms - The fish love this and will keep this in the rotation Hikari Vibra Bites - Not too crazy about the ingredients, but wanted to see what the hype was about. This will be replaced - I'm already feeding Krill Flakes, so nothing new here to see Hikari Crab Cuisine - got this for the shrimp and snails for some calcium, but will try something new (Xtreme Shrimp or Denerle)
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