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  1. So many things to consider! We are moving in the next couple of weeks to a new home. This would be a great time to upgrade the Rosaline Barbs and the Rosy Barbs to a bigger tank. (The 55 is looking to small). I hate spending money on the combo from the box store with the press board stand. The acrylic is a stretch for cost but would be lighter and perhaps stronger. But then the stand would break the budget for sure unless we can diy it and have it look nice in the living room. Any ideas or advice anyone can give? I would appreciate it so much.
  2. I've been here for quite awhile and have finally decided to start a journal on an aquarium project. I was finally able to find a 125 gallon tank semi-local (they are very hard to track down around here) and picked it up yesterday. It is pretty much bare bones tank and stand, no hood/lights/filter etc. So it's going to be a fun journey. This stand would not be my first choice by any means. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but it's heavy and in my house now so I may be stuck with it. Here is the new/old tank. I'm starting the clean out process today to get rid of the rest of the gravel and whatever else is left in it. I think if I keep updating on this journal it will encourage me to work a little harder and faster to get this thing up and running. 🤞
  3. Hello! I recently compromised the stand that came with my 125 gallon tank through a slip up and water spill, I know I should've built my own from the start so now i recently completed a very nice DIY stand. However, I was wondering how best to go about moving this tank. I need to move it onto the floor briefly so I can remove the old stand and bring in the new one in its place, and then I need to move the 125 back onto the new stand. I'm guessing I 100% need to remove my fish right? So far its just small rainbows and Denison barbs, but I was barely able to catch these guys in a 15 gallon so how can I hope to catch them in a tank this big? I have barrels for draining the tank as much as possible which is good, but just how far do I need to drain this tank? All the way? Also I have roughly 150 pounds of sand (dry) and a good bit of rock and driftwood in there, do I need to remove these as well? If so how much? Thanks for all help you can offer on this topic! I've never had a tank this big and its been hard to find a guide for something exactly like this. I really appreciate each and everyone of you guys on here!
  4. Hey everyone. I’m looking at getting a new tank around 75-125 gallon. Need it to be no longer than 65”. Looking for recommendations on favorite brands. Looking at Marineland, aqueon and Topfin but nervous of the comments stating them leaking at the seams.
  5. I have a 125 gallon with a 4 foot fluval 3.0 and a 3 foot fluval 3.0. It is moderately planted with low to medium light plants. My question is how intense should i start off with these lights. I dont want to go way over board but not too little where the medium light plants wont make it. Because the tank is so wide my two lights dont like the whole tank front to back completely. The top corners are shaded will plants that grow into the shade die from no light. I have crypts, vallisneria, red melon sword, pogostemon stellatus octopus, anubias and java fern. thanks for any help
  6. I know I want 8 Rosaline sharks, a blue acara, a keyhole cichlid, some species of rainbows, and probably a rainbow shark, but I'm not sure what else might be good for this tank. I know I at the very least need a bottom dweller(s). I've given some thought to dwarf petricola (but I've heard there could be water chemistry compatibility issues plus they are very expensive), huge group bronze cories, raphael catfish, and even a senegal bichir. If you have any good ideas or recommendations for this tank please let me know! I've put a lot of time and money into this and being my dream tank since i joined the hobby 5 years ago, I want to make it the best it can be! Thanks so much for your time and help!
  7. Ok I'm trying to build a 125g congo tank I've been doing research and I'm wanting to know opinions on the following fish, Trying to narrow down a list and stocking numbers while I set up their home. African banded barbs Yellow fin congo tetra Blue diamond congo tetra Orange flash congo tetra Cherry red congo tetra Congo tetra Anomalochromis thomasi Pelvicachromis subocellatus matadi Pelvachromis taeniatus moliwe Pelvachromis taeniatus nigerian red Pelmatochromis Thomasi Banded Bushfish Leopard Bushfish Microctenopoma ansorgii Spiny Eel
  8. Hi all Has anyone had experience with selling on aqua bid? My main aquarium is a 125 gal planted community tank which is heavily planted with Anubis barteri and Java fern. I have had this tank set up for many years, which has let the Anubis & Java fern become well established. (some might say overgrown 😀) I want to slowly add more plant diversity and open space to my aquarium. Prior to COVID I would take excess plants to my local club, but currently we are not having in person meetings. Has anyone had any experience with selling on Aqua bid? In particular shipping plants like Anubis and Java fern . I have purchased live food starters from Aqua bid, but I have never sold anything. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  9. I’m getting a 125 set up.I think I have finalized what I want in my tank.1 blood parrot1 green severum2 blue acara5 silver dollars5 tapajos1 green terror?I know the terror is the most questionable part of this and I’m not sure if I will try it but the internet is telling me there is a chance. Each one has something somewhere that says it can be okay with the terror.A big part of what I’m wondering about this stocking is, assuming the terror is mellow, would this be too many fish?Or what if I abandon the terror and add a group of Bolivian rams like 5-6?
  10. So I just bought my first "large" aquarium. 125 gallon. I was hoping you all could show me how you have yours set up to give me ideas. It will be a planted community aquarium. The fish already in my 60 gallon are getting an upgrade. Also any pro tips of don't do xyz because of ABC. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey guys I have a 125gal that I have Nicaraguan Cichlid, a small Synodontis Catfish, a Porthole Cory and a Congo Puffer. The Nicaraguan's are shy and need a dither fish. So I was using Giant Danio but when I add the Congo Puffer I noticed them bothering the Puffer and I don't want that. So I removed the Giant Danio and am looking for something else to help make the fish more comfortable. Anything out there that won't pester the puffer and would be fine with the Nicaraguan's? I worry about Tetra's out competing the puffer. Barbs, Mollies, Platy and Swordtail pestering the puffer. Guppies getting eaten bye the catfish.
  12. Currently running a well established 125 gallon planted tank. Finnex 24/7 lights, 40 gallon sump for filtration, few large pieces of driftwood and a bunch of plants, mostly Vals, Crypts, Anubias, a Melon Sword, and various forms of Java Fern, as well as some Java Moss. Currently houses a mixed group of Rainbowfish, school of 15 or so Corys, 12 Otos, as well as a few Amano Shrimp and mixed snails. Looking to possibly change up the stocking and looking for different, interesting stocking ideas! First thought is a Fahaka Puffer, and breeding snails and Crays in the sump. I'm a puffer fanatic! Yes, I'd rehome all other fish. Second thought is a massive group of Neocardinia Shrimp, along with a large school of Rummynose and a larger Centerpiece type fish. Other options? Thanx!
  13. I upgraded to a 125 and I want to get some red root floaters and big frogbit. I have chili Rasboras, honey gouramis, red neon eye rainbow fish and other nano fish who don’t care for big flow. Can I have my canister filters trickle so I can run the floaters without damage? I doubt oxygen will be a problem, but figured I’d ask anyways.
  14. Hello, happy Saturday! I have one of those 125 gallon kits from Petsmart, and am looking to upgrade the LED lights that came with it. My tank is currently central/south american cichlids. I am looking at the Fluval Aquasky 2.0s, mainly because i can get them in person. Because of the length I am guessing 2 of the 36" ones to be able to light the whole tank? Or would I be better of with three 24" models? Or is there a different light I should get? Thanks in advance.
  15. Help! I know I'm in the right place though. I am restarting my 125gal (freshwater this time, abandoned it as a saltwater tank 6 years ago). After kicking the rust off (metaphorically, of course) and getting the tank set up, and cycled, I am looking to add the following list of fish. My questions are: 1. Is this overstocked? 2. Do you foresee any compatibility issues with the list? 3. In what order would you recommend making additions and over what period of time? (1)Rainbow shark (1)Angelfish (1) Butterfly pleco (4)German blue ram cichlid (4)Boesemani Rainbowfish (10)blue tetra (10)harlequin rasbora (10) Guppies Thanks for your help!
  16. I am interested setting up a 125 gallon guppy tank. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to invest in 5 or 6 high quality show guppy triplets. I plan on just putting them in the tank and letting them do their thing. Was wondering if I could get some real pretty cappy's this way or if they would just all blend and give me basic fancy guppies.
  17. After a scary 4 hour power outage and subsequent fear of a cycle crash...(which didn’t happen, thank god!) I decided that an overhead sump would allow me to: 1: Grow pothos out of the aquarium without the goldfish tearing at the roots. 2: Cool the 125 tank off for the fish as it retains heat too much.(76 deg) 3: Have biological filtration that won’t die due to lack of oxygen like my canisters would. (Sponge filter got EATEN by Leo my Son’s giant oranda... he’s pretty but sooo dumb) 4: It’ll look so pretty for my kids and I can explain how the plants clean the water for their fish. I used a plastic planter box and some wood. Used a return spout hooked to a pump to get the water into the sump and a 1 inch bulkhead for the overflow. All I need now is some red lava rock to fill it and I can “plant” the pothos! I am also planning on hanging a light above it to supercharge the nitrate uptake. The rack is just 2x4s and some welded wire fence. P.S. Don’t hate on me for the saltwater stickers! Only ones I could find and my kids don’t know the difference. 🤣
  18. Got 13 clown loaches and got 3 bristle nose plecos 17 African cichlids and 4 catfish is that too much for that size tank ? Have a FX6 a Aquaclear 110 and a shark adv 800
  19. Hello, I am fairly new to having a planted tank and I have become obsessed. I’m hoping to pick someone’s mind on lighting. I have a 125 gallon aquarium with a Finnex+ 24/7 HLC 38w light. I have it on a timer from 8am to 8pm. I’m wondering if A. Is that enough light for my plants (Amazon swords, crypto, jungle Val, Anubis, etc)? And B. Do I put it on max mode all day or is it ok to have it go through the 24hr mode where it starts at a low sunrise, full spectum in afternoon, and then darken for night? My plants are not looking too great right now and I’m wondering if it’s lighting. I use eco complete, root tabs, potassium, and EZ green. Please enlighten me. thanks, jenny
  20. Hello Everyone, I know I am going to get a lot of mixed opinions here, but just wanted to see what some thoughts were. I currently have a 125 with 2 marineland emperor pro 400s on it, and a large coop sponge filter. The tank is stocked moderately with some corys, a bristlenose pletco, some mollies, platys, zebra danios, black skirt tetras, blood fin tetras, 4 roseline sharks, 2 angel fish, a couple ottocinclus, a bolivian ram and some nerite snails. Before you guys go crazy with the stocking options, the tank is heavily planted, and there is no aggression. Everyone is happy. It actually works well because with the type of fish in there, the fry from the mollies and platys stay in check and it doesn't get out of control. Anyhow, my filtration works and is adequate. I do not use the cartridges. I use some cut pieces of sponge, followed by some fine filter pad, followed by seachem matrix (pumice). Marinelands flow back to front, which makes it difficult to stack media efficiently. I want to upgrade to better HOBs where I can stack more media and have the water flow through it more efficiently, I am thinking of switching to two aquaclear 110s. I think it will work better because the water flows from bottom to top rather than back to front. Anyone have any other ideas / thoughts? I'm not really interested in a canister or sump set up. Thanks!
  21. Hello Forums, Once more, I am asking a question about stocking. Could I keep 6 Heckle Discus (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 3 Marbled Angelfish (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 12 Blue King (Cochu) Tetras, 6 Pygmy Cories, 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (A Male And Two Females), And 3 Bolivian Rams (Again, One Male And Two Females)? It looks like overstocking, but I'm not 100% sure, since I've never kept discus. Thoughts?
  22. I will be upgrading my 75 gal tank to a 125 gal in the very near future. I am currently using 2 Aqueon Pro 200W heaters for the 75 gallon, which I am very happy with. (They are the old style with the red/green led in the front, which I like far better). I don't feel 400W will be enough for the 125. Please let me know your thoughts on 2 options I am considering: 1) Add a 3rd 200W Aqueon Pro. (I am able to get an old style, to match the others...symmetry/looks are important to me). I am not thrilled with having 3 heaters, as I was going to add an INKBIRD controller. With the inkbird, I wouldn't want to do more than 2. 2) Start fresh with new heaters. I can get the old Aqueon Pro's in 250W...so I was thinking 2 of those. (500W total). I can also get the new Aqueon Pro's in 300W (so 2 of those), but I hate that style with the light on the knob, and I have had issues with one of that style in the past. I am not 100% married to the Aqueon Pro's, but I like the all-black, minimal sleek look. Plus, the 2 that I have in the 75 have been rock-solid in maintaining a steady temp, knock on wood. Thanks in advance for all advice.
  23. I’m wanting to buy the Fluval led light 3.0 will two 36 inches fit well on a 125 which is 72 inches long
  24. Hello so I recently got a 125 gallon aquarium and I need help setting up filtration for it. I’m kinda new to the hobby and this is the biggest tank I’ve ever owned so I wanna set it up properly the first time. Any tips would be appreciated.
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