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  1. Yes! I totally forgot about that. Thank you!
  2. @James Black he'll probably end up with mostly fake plants, although I want to send him some marimo moss balls. Do you have a water conditioner and heater you like best? It's a 10g tank. Should I get him a sponge filter or have him keep the hob the kit comes with?
  3. I've had so much fun with my tank so far that my mom decided to buy one for my dad for his birthday. I started with all Tetra brand products -- heater (which already broke), flake food, chemicals like safe start, aquasafe, easy balance (I still don't know what that one does). My question is, what are your top recommendations for what I should put in my dad's care package to get him started? What would be in your survival kit?
  4. Literally lol'ing! As I sit in front of my tank unable to find any of the cherry shrimp I just got. Thank you @Brandy
  5. @James Black thank you! Of course, coop has videos about this. I should've looked first! 🙄 But I appreciate your time!
  6. Pea puffers! And oto cats. And maybe cory's. So, another tank so I can keep all of them happy.
  7. @Mengo here is an article that might help: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/liquid-co2
  8. Happy Thursday All! I have a 10g Tetra brand tank. Right now I'm just using the LED lighted top the kit came with. Should I upgrade to a top with better lighting since I have so many plants in my tank? If so, what should I get that is reasonably priced?
  9. @walker I agree with Brandy. Looks like brown algae. I have the same stuff in my new tank and although it doesn't look that pretty, from what I understand, it's a sign your tank is cycling well, which is a great thing. I just got a Nerite snail and some cherry shrimp to help take care of it. Here is an article that might help if you want to add some critters to your tank. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/algae-eaters I got the Nerite and cherry shrimp because my LFS suggested those based on the newness of my tank. They're very hardy so they can adjust to a lot of different conditions.
  10. @CT_ oh wow. Ok then I think this newbie is going to stick to other kinds of food until I know what I'm doing. That's a whole lot of complication I don't think I should get into right off the bat. Thank you so much for the info!
  11. That's exciting! I only have a few right now and can't find half of them in my tank so looking forward to bringing them out. What exactly is Bacter AE?
  12. @Sapere_Ceta so sorry you lost your little guy. That must be really hard given what you went through. But on a happy note, your tank is incredible! You're a true artist. I'm sure it helps to have something so beautiful to look at when you aren't feeling well.
  13. That's so smart! I'll try that when my bladder snails get out of hand. What do you do with the excess snails?
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