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  1. I have soaked them in very salty water overnight, and let air dry for a couple of weeks "out of rotation" when I've really been worried about a contagious condition. I figure if salt doesn't kill it, drying out will.
  2. Exactly! I have zero problem ordering guppies from breeders, but I keep falling for a pretty fish when I am in local shops, even though I also know I'll probably fail. Another area for growing in self-discipline, just what I need 😉
  3. This gives me so much hope! Thank you. I can't wait to have a reliably strong and healthy population and not feel slightly uneasy every time I see a fish standing still.
  4. @GoldenGardner, I hope you won't get too discouraged, you're in a hard part but it does get easier. When I was first collecting fish to stock my new community tank, I had a set of mollies that were in QT for something like 5 weeks being treated for ich, then parasites. It felt like it was taking forever and I couldn't use the tank to QT other fish until they were ready to move out. I actually got so frustrated I added a second QT tank so I could keep making progress. That's a dangerous path, lol, so I wish you more patience than I had!
  5. Aer you saying that once they are born in your tanks you have as good a luck with them as you'd expect with any fish--that it's just the newly purchased arrivals that are so tricky?
  6. Your tank looks like a great gift to a betta, he or she will love it.
  7. Oh, yeah. That's a lot of fish. I have one mom and five fry in a 5 gallon, and one mom and six fry in a 10 gallon, and I have had nine platy fry-turned-juveniles in a 10gallon with fewer floating plants, so it's apples to oranges with your 50!
  8. I'm wondering what everyone's experience is with survival rates from stores vs. from other sources. Here are my stats as best as I can remember, since I set up my tank in late June/early July: Mom and Pop LFS near me: bought 3, 2 survived QT, are still alive Terrible death camp/LFS in another town: bought 8, 4 endlers survived QT, 0 guppies did. 2 endlers are still alive. Petsmart/Petco/Feeders' Supply/Pet Food Supermarket: bought 16+ guppies over the course of these months, 2 survived QT, still alive If these were the only fish I'd ever tried, or the only guppies I had bought, I would be even more traumatized. But here's the thing: I've bought guppies from two breeders in my state and had guppies shipped to me from Florida, and every one of them is still alive. I've bought platies and mollies and white clouds and otocinclus from Petco/Petsmart/Feeders Supply etc. and I lost 1 platy (and he had a visible injury when I bought him but I hoped I could save him) and 2 mollies total. So, it's not just my tanks, my water, or my care. And it's not just the stores, or I'd have lost a lot more of other species. I'd love to hear others' experiences, and if you have developed any strategies for timing of meds or anything else that you feel brings more success with store bought guppies.
  9. Adding more plants may be helpful here if you've not already maxed out. My guppy tanks are cram packed with hornwort, guppy grass, anacharis, and whatever clippings I make from my main tank's plants each week (pogo octopus, bacopa, mostly) and duckweed. Granted I have not had a ton of fry at one time, but with a mystery snail, adult fish, and fry in the tanks and feeding up to 4-5 times per day they've never showed ammonia or nitrites.
  10. These guys are super cute and interesting to watch. Thank you for sharing them. I love them lounging on the river rock, kind of muppet-like.
  11. I'm sorry for that frustrating loss. I'm not an experienced breeder--I've just had a few batches of platies and now two of guppies. so far I have never found a dead fry, but with lots of plants and snails in the tank I'm not sure I would see one if it was there. I know in my last batch of guppies there were 7 fry the first time I counted, and now three weeks later there are only 5.
  12. I love how large mystery snails get, and how their tentacles wave dramatically around the tank as they glide along. They look like they are conducting opera. I have one golden and one ivory and I can't decide who is prettier. I am also fond of my little ramshorn snails because they are super cute. I have had trumpet snails in the past and found them creepy, although I appreciate their work in the substrate, I do not like their faces so much.
  13. I appreciate the positive atmosphere, too. It is a very valuable gift to give people when you provide a place where they can say "I actually have no idea what I am doing here, please help me!" and not get a judgy response.
  14. Moved fish around: --some juvenile platies got old enough for me to feel confident they are staying female, so I moved them into the community-with-female platies 20g. --one of my blue moscows was once again terrorizing his frenemy, the other blue moscow male, so he had to be relocated from the 20L to the 20H. The guy who was getting picked on looked like someone had trimmed his tail with pinking shears there were so many nibbles out of it. --Achieved a personal victory: I did not overfeed my fish. I actually did not feed my 20g long AT ALL. Very hard for me to do when there are three small platy fry in there, but they are at least three weeks old and the tank is full of plants etc. so I trust they will feed themselves.
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