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  1. Pygmy number 2 was dead on Sunday morning. Pygmy 3 appears to be healthy. This morning was the second dose of API general cure. Wednesday before work, I'll do a water change and then run activated carbon in the filter for 24 hours. My local aquarium society is having a swap meet this weekend. Maybe I'll see if someone is selling pygmies.
  2. The store was out of paracleanse so I picked up API general cure instead. I treated the entire tank.
  3. I'll pick some up today. Would you treat the whole tank or should I set the pygmy up in a hospital tank?
  4. I didn't deworm. The lfs I buy all my fish from quarantines their livestock before they're available for sale.
  5. Sorry it uploaded upside down. This is pygmy 3. From what you said, this must be a female. She's larger and rounder than the other one. She's the active, healthy one. This is pygmy 2. I'm going to feed some more baby brine shrimp. Hopefully he'll get some food. Yay! Now I learned how to identify males and females.
  6. I have mostly low light plants in the tank and some Amazon frogbit. For lighting, I use a fluval Aquasky. It ramps up most of the day, spends two hours at 75% power, them ramps back down until it shuts off. Plus, there are usually some tannins in the water. Pygmy 2 is sitting towards the front right now and is super skinny looking. Pygmy number 3 looks healthy and is out sifting through the sand.
  7. Update time..... I'm pretty sure pygmy cory number 2 is no longer alive but I can't find it. Pygmy Cory number 3 has decided to try and school with the Betta. That's not going over well. Sigh.... Edit: Pygmy 2 just came out. He's not very active.
  8. My betta only seems to get cranky if they swim too close. He prefers lurking in the frogbit roots and crypts. Its a possibility he got upity at some point when nobody saw it. I am wary of trying it again right now. I bought the last three in stock at last week. My guess it will be a few weeks before they have more available. Since I had them for only a week, I can probably get store credit or replacement fish. I'll wait to see what happens with the other two pygmies.
  9. I bought frozen baby brine shrimp for them. It doesn't matter how many blood worms I add, Louie will find them and eat them. I also make sure I crush my betta's food smaller and sink it. I'll see how the last two do and try again.
  10. I love the nano USB pumps. Pump number one did quit on me after 5 months. Honestly, I'm not sure if it was the pump or that fact that my never-clog air stone clogged. My water is hard and minerals built up in the pads. USB pump 2 has been fine since I hooked it up. I'd have no problem ordering more of them.
  11. Last week, I bought some pygmy cories for my 10 gallon Betta tank. Today I found one dead. It hadn't been attacked and didn't seem sick. There is another one that I'm starting to think it may not make it either. He's not very active. Pygmy number 3 is zooming around the tank. My water parameters are good. No ammonia, no nitrite, and nitrates are at 5 ppm. I did a small water change right away. My understanding is pygmy cories are generally wild caught. It dawned on me that they may not do well in my high pH, hard water. So if pygmy number 3 makes it, do I get more and hope they don't die or try something else? All three were active prior to this.
  12. Thanks, I was confused by this. It sounded like he meant the other way around but this makes more sense
  13. You could do an accent wall with some interesting stone or glass tiles. A combination of the two might look neat, use the glass tiles as accents.
  14. Last week, I was at my lfs picking up some fish and new vallisneria. My corkscrew vals slowly melted on me. The employee at the fish store asked right away if I planted the crown too deep. Yes, I planted them too deep. He also said vallisneria doesn't do well when its planted too close to other plants. Is this true?
  15. The purple grey color is awesome! I found out searching for a medium grey purple color for my bedroom was easier said than done. In the end I bought 9 different color samples. Picking a purple is just as obnoxious as trying to pick the right shade of white or grey. A nice soft grey green color would look nice too.
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