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  1. @Scott P. Looking good! Frogbit doesn’t need tons of light but does appreciate and do better with moderate light. It can get scorched with very high light but I haven’t gotten it there, yet, with moderate lighting. Your Amazon swords may swallow you whole if they decide they like where they’re at. My largest I’ve grown up myself started at about 8” tall and are now about 16” tall in 4.5 months. I just recently bought some that came at about 20” tall right from the supplier.
  2. @xXInkedPhoenixX Adorable! Dumbos are the sweetest rats, ever! And those ears! 🥰😍
  3. @Fish Folk Nice! I’ll keep an eye out, but my locals don’t usually have the less common stuff. Unusual for them to have stuff I haven’t heard of before, for instance. It’ll be at least 3-4 weeks before any fish go in, anyway. I don’t try to push the timing. I typically wait until cycled, then buy the fish and they go into QT for at least 2 weeks. Usually put a few snails in once cycled to help build the BB’s before fish go in. I do often get snails popping up before that from transfer with plants.
  4. @xXInkedPhoenixX I love, love, love rats and hammies! Some of my favorite patients! Have you seen the pics of the dumbo rats with tiny instruments? The photographer is from England (Ellen van Deelan) and she has whole series with instruments, tiny teddy bears (she was the one that started that whole craze), tiny tableaux with toy kittens, and tea sets. All adorable! Sh uses jam in select places to get them to hold the instruments approximately correctly. 😆 It can be hard to find someone that does exotics well. Only around 10% of vets do exotics and not all that do, will see all exotics. Some only see birds, some only reptiles, some only the fluffies. Some only dabble badly (like putting rabbits on oral penicillins 😳😬 and the like).
  5. I have a like:hate relationship with scarlet temple. I really *want* to love it. It grows just OK for me, less than I hoped for. It has decent color, less than I hoped for. It sometimes melts randomly, more than I hoped for. It comes loose on the regular without anything in the tank big enough to dislodge it. I’m not terribly impressed, overall, and I want to be, darn it!
  6. What is it about a crooked thermometer that’s so wrong? 😆 I had to straighten the sponge prefilter in my 14 gallon cube before I put the lid on and took the pics today. It was only a little crooked but I *couldn’t* LEAVE IT that way! 🤣 @Taco Playz Nice jungle effect!
  7. They are sooooo bad! I siphon out amphipods and shoot them into pea tanks just to help get remains out of snail shells (and provide some live food to “the princesses”).
  8. @xXInkedPhoenixX Yes, I’m a veterinarian. Been at it over 27 years, main focus is exotics. I used to work at a clinic where I saw over 70% birds. I’ve always seen small exotics as well as dogs and cats, no large animal since school unless you count the emergency pygmy goat C-section back in ‘95. 😆 The owner was really desperate since the farm animal vets wouldn’t even consider helping her. Snowball did fine despite my inexperience (the baby was already known to have passed before the owner got me on the phone). I never put pans in the dishwasher, not even my stainless. Knives are another dishwasher pet peeve of mine. My only knives that go in the dishwasher are ridiculously cheap, old, bad, serrated, steak knives that I use to cut random stuff. The only reason they go in the dishwasher is because my hubby sometimes uses them for food, lol! I use one for aquarium stuff (don’t worry, it stays in the aquarium planting supplies), and one is in my gardening pouch. The others just bang around in a drawer which makes them too handy for him. The good knives are in the knife blocks and get hand washed. Funny what we get picky about, isn’t it? 😆
  9. @xXInkedPhoenixX Thanks! I think it came out well. I just need the plants to grow like mad, especially the baby, fresh out the tissue cup, Pink Panthers! @Fish Folk Thanks! I had to look up those barbs, new to me. I’m finding I’m very fond of the Kubotai rasboras in my 100 gallon and will be getting more for that tank. How would you compare the barbs to Kubotai’s behaviorwise? I’m not looking for frenetic (they’re bedside, after all), just more active than pea puffers. I’ve found the puffers are the great Houdini’s of hiding if you only count shoaling species and don’t count any type of catfish. Even the tiny chilis are easier to spot in my 100 gallon! @Streetwise Thank you! I’m really liking how it turned out and how they’re coming together as a group. I’ve carried some of the same, or similar plants throughout, mostly because they’re some of my favorites that still fit with the small scale/height of the group. I think this one makes a nice centerpiece for the group and it’s been killing me to wait for the wood to sink. I finally decided I was going to have to cut a flatter bottom to the biggest wood piece and I might as well fasten it to some slate while I was at it. Now if I can just get assorted algaes under control. I’ve cut way back on lights because of pea puffer tanks (messy murder beans), and also cut back some on feeding. I also switch off the puffer tank lights at times, but they’re all on the same timer and the puffers have ready access to pest snails ad lib. I keep telling myself - time and patience and STOP OVERFEEDING!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
  10. @xXInkedPhoenixX It certainly started as “Teflon toxicosis” since that was the first well known brand. We still call it that since it’s so much easier than saying “carbonyl fluoride” (had to look it up). But there are still plenty of cheap, non-stick pans out there, unfortunately, and people still use them incorrectly and I still see birds dying within 30 minutes to 6 hours after an exposure (depends on how fast the owners get them to us). I am also very fond of my cast iron pans. My “egg pan” - a little 6” that works the *best* for 1-2 fried eggs - is well over 40 years old. I also have stainless with copper layers that are all right. Well-seasoned cast iron is the bomb diggity!
  11. So I’ve had this cube for MONTHS, I’m pretty sure I got it around January this year. I got the wood in very early February (I took a pic with it dry in the tank on Feb 3, to see if it would work and how it would look). The wood has been soaking all this time and was still floating (floating low, but still floating). I was getting the wood out every couple months, and no significant improvement. I finally cut it to height since I wanted it in 2 pieces anyway and I was hoping it would sink faster if I exposed some end grain - nope, floats. I *finally* gave up and got slate to attach for weight and to steady the pieces. It’s planted, has a Buce accessory piece and a group of pothos (in the surviving “too brittle to drill” shower caddies - see “75 gallon redo” in my sig). I’m not sure if the pothos will stay after it cycles. I don’t know 100% if it’s going to be another nano tank or a Betta tank. I’m leaning toward nanos since I’ve got grumpy Bad Pea Daddy at the left end of this row (he’s pretty boring) and the puffer shoal at the right end of this row (they are also pretty boring). I’m considering moving the peas to the 29 gallon in the office since I just sold the last of the cories that were in that tank. Gives me an excuse to scape that one. I have wood that is soaking (one sinks, the other floats, but I have slate pieces now). 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 1. First pic with the dry wood. Feb 3. 2. Trying out different wood pieces, the substrate is ready (heavy, red clay dirt, Osmocote granules, black blasting sand cap). April 3 - I’m clearly getting antsy to get some plants and water in the tank. Dragging out gooey, wet wood pieces and sticking them in the sand. 3. Today - determined shape of the slate I needed, split it as needed. Then marked the slate around the base of the pieces, drilled the slate. 4. Got the wood fastened to the slate and in the tank. 5. Planting - clockwise from back left: Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, Epipremnum aureum (Pothos) above it in the shower caddy, Echinodorus barthii x schlueteri ‘Red Flame’, Crypt. ‘Pink Panther’, Bucephalandra ‘Red Dagger’. I’ll be adding some Anubia nana ‘Petite Golden Coin’ to the bigger wood piece, possibly other Buces. I may also add either some red root floaters or some Amazon frogbit - long term or short term, all to be determined. 6. Filter moved from the tank where it’s been getting seasoned for months. Water in the tank! I used the sponge filter I had getting seasoned, so I’ll have to get another couple. I like to keep at least one spare seasoned and ready. I’m slipping! 😆 7. The “Low Row” isn’t finished but there is at least water in every tank! Next, I need to add the little light shield (a strip of black window cling film hot glued to the light). Then I just need to let it all “cook”. Test every few days until I see a nitrite peak, then drop with the nitrate climbing. Once the nitrite drops and the nitrate climbs, I’ll blind feed to make sure the tank can handle some fish, then start adding snails first. I may have some snails pop out anyway. I have ramshorns in both tanks where most of these plants were growing.
  12. I know that’s the theory, but I’ve seen it happen at what appears to be much lower temps than expected. Multiple birds in the household dropping within a few hours of each other with acute respiratory distress then found to have pulmonary edema - classic symptoms for “Teflon toxicosis”. I’ve even sent sample off to the lab and no infectious causes found, just “inflammatory response consistent with toxic respiratory insult”. While it may be that owners don’t want to admit up front that they scorched a non-stick pan, not all have an “overheated” pan in their history. It’s always possible it’s something else, but *nearly* all owners eventually admit they were cooking with non-stick pans when I see multiple birds in the household go down suddenly with respiratory failure and no previous symptoms. I’ve also seen plenty of acute respiratory distress in individuals with no symptoms in housemates or no noted previous symptoms but the bird will have dried or fresh mucus in the nostrils, or be skinny, etc. That doesn’t set off any red flags for acute respiratory toxicosis. That’s just typical of birds hiding their symptoms better than most animals.
  13. Sponge filters, prefilters, food. You’d think I’d have enough of each kind of sponge/prefilter by now.
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