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Found 4 results

  1. I first noticed this a couple weeks back, and thought that perhaps the one mystery snail I had in this 5 gallon tank came with babies on board. They never developed into baby snails, they are oval and very flat and possibly are destroying some of my Java plants. Anyone know what this is? (picture is taken under a 4x microscope)
  2. Today I went to my LFS to pick up some Otos to help with the algae in this tank . While there, this plant caught my eye. It is attached to the piece of driftwood underneath it. It was the only in the tank and the girl at the store didn’t know what kind of plant it was. At first I was thinking maybe a Buce? After getting it home and checking it out, it appears it isn’t glued on. Rather there is a whole in the wood that has the plant tucked in along with some white filter fiber. Can anyone help me out so I know how to take care of it? Should it been planted into the substrate or is it fine on the driftwood? Also the green is very pale compared to my other plants. Is this normal for this type of plant or does it look like it has some type of deficiency?
  3. This is my first apisto. he was sold to me as a cacatuoides double red male from an LFS, unsure of the age but he's about 2 inches long total and I've had him a week. I believe he is indeed a male because of the longer spikes at the front of his dorsal fin, but I'd like to know what others think. I'm also wondering is he really a double red? He has that one spot on his tail but otherwise he seems to be starting to color up orange. Could he be an orange flash? Or is he just still getting his coloring? If he is a male double red, when should I expect to see more color? Currently he's alone in quarantine
  4. We didn't see the differences when we picked him up, he was all alone in a tank by himself in the corner, as were two others, so we foolishly "rescued" all three. And when we got him home and got a real good look, we didn't think he'd make it through the night. He seemed smudged and his eyes were sunk in! But he did, then a week, then a month, and more. He's doing well with our other "rescued" false jullii now regrowing their barbels in a quarantine tank. He's active, but not as strong yet, and has remained smaller. Anyone know what he is? I've looked at pictures online of different corydoras but haven't yet found something that seems to match all three of his "racoon" mask, the large bluish dots near the tail fin along with his dark dorsal. And that's ignoring his odd little eyes. Someday we'd like him to have his own kind to swim with, if we knew what to look for. Much appreciated if anyone has suggestions.
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