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  1. Scuttlebutt on Reddit says the Petco 50% off sale starts on 3/3.
  2. When I had 8 CPDs they hid more than they came out. When I got 4 more all of a sudden they were out and about all over the place, so if you think your tank can handle it, it might be worth getting a few more to see if that helps. You could also try getting some small, less shy fish that don't need friends. Like a couple of Endler's or something. I also added a few of those to my setup and now the CPDs aren't just out more but they are also at the top of the tank way more often than they were before (which was basically never).
  3. Went to the ACO store yesterday to pick up one of their lace plants and saw some cute Endler's that I decided to come home with as well! So we're basically stocked at this point (assuming an influx of baby Endler's) until I get the 29 in a few months. I'm already making plans for that, but I'm super happy with where the tank is right now.
  4. Mine really love the Xtreme shrimp sticks and will even fight over them. I have a nano banquet block in there right now and while they ate some of it the first day in there, they haven't touched it that I've seen since. I might take it out of there tomorrow if I still don't see anyone on it. They really like to snack on the mix I have for the fish (a few different foods in a pepper grinder) when it gets caught on the floating plants sometimes.
  5. A really good question! I have seen one with two temp probes but I think that is more designed for redundancy than two tanks?
  6. Yeah, I know some people keep their house in the 70s just fine but my household isn't one. We sit around 67 generally and neither of us are comfortable much above 70. And while I think most of my tank inhabitants would be okay at 67, I doubt they would be particularly comfortable either.
  7. Inkbird is definitely one of my next purchases. Thank you for the tips!
  8. Oh yeah, I was planning on a glass top.
  9. So I was watching Cory's livestream from last weekend and he talked for a while (unsurprisingly) about heaters. I had been planning on getting the ACO 100W for my tank upgrade later this year to a 29gallon, but since that won't be possible anymore I was doing some looking around at the various options. I've enjoyed my 50W and had no problem with it at all. One of the things he mentioned was about keeping the heater as small as possible for the size of the tank because less wattage means a lower failure rate no matter whose heater you're using. So, with that in mind, how small do we think I can go on a 29G? Most of the tables I've looked at say 100W for that size, but I think I probably don't need that much. I'm keeping my temp only about 5 degrees above my room temp which is pretty close so could I even get away with 50W? 75? Any anyone have heaters they particularly like that they want to recommend? Glass is an absolute no, I've had really bad experiences with them.
  10. Can I ask an unrelated question? Have you found it difficult to keep that sandy area from getting mixed with gravel? It looks like it's behaving. Did you do anything special to keep it over there? I was toying with the idea of doing something like that so I could have a place for some cories to play but I wasn't sure how annoying it be to maintain?
  11. For sure the Stingray is not as adjustable as some of the fancier lights, but mostly from my reading/watching people just turn the fancy lights waaaaay down anyway? So I figured I'd try the more reasonably-priced-but-still-good option. Make sure you get the Stingray 2 and not the original one because it's considerably brighter than the first iteration. I have mine on a wireless outlet timer with a 7 hour photoperiod and have only had a few very limited outbreaks of hair algae that I treated with a few doses of liquid carbon. Now that the floating plants are growing well I haven't even seen that. I do dose with Easy Green twice a week, but that's it.
  12. I have shrimp too! They are just hard to see in the wide tank shots and they also like hanging in the back half of the tank because it's a little dimmer back there because of the floating plants. Some close ups:
  13. I've got a Finnex Stingray 2 (12 in) on mine and I'm pretty happy with it. I kind of wish I'd gotten the 16 in retrospect, but not enough to buy another one because I'm planning on upscaling my tank anyway. This is how the amount of light it provides looks. I think it's considered moderate light at this depth. Dwarf chains are doing amazing. So is the Pogostemon. The crypt in front is doing great too. I've struggled with some of the bigger leaf stem plants but all the smaller leaf ones seem okay (this might be a water problem rather than a light problem as I have very hard, slightly acidic water).
  14. Things are going well in the tank! I just got 4 more CPDs today to fill out my school of 15. I think they are even happier at that number than they were at 11. The new additions started schooling with the rest immediately. I also picked up a few more blue shrimp a few days ago and they have been much more out and about with the added numbers as well. I saw the fry a few more times since the last update, although I haven't seen them in a few days so I have no idea if they are still around. Everything has been very stable. I'm starting to contemplate what centerpiece fish I'm going to go with in here. I was considering Endler's but I'm a little worried about how fast they will multiply. There is still room in the stocking at this point, but a dozen babies will be a lot in this tank. Eventually I'm going to go up to a 29 which will be less of an issue, but that's probably a few months away yet. The other option is pair of honey gouramis. They won't multiply as fast even if they do breed, but they might get a little big at the top end. I'd likely get them moved out to the 29 before then. I'm really happy with the plant situation too. I now have a list of plants that do well in my water that I can use to scape the 29. It's so interesting how different plants adapt. Everything that used to work well in my soft city water has been struggling in this tank and things I never would have tried with that water are just thriving.
  15. After seeing the difference between a group of 8 and a group of 12 CPDs for myself I don't think I'd suggest them for 5. Chilis would probably be okay, they are so tiny, and the really teeny rasbora... neon blue? But yeah, I'd probably say 10g for a decent group of CPDs.
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