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  1. Yes ! Oh shoot so you think they raise ph ? I found other dead shrimp from molting issues . I can't seem to keep shrimp alive and it makes me sad .
  2. It has slated rock but i read it dose not affect water chemistry . I can't get the photo to go upright even after Turing it downwards. I really want to understand ph fluctuations and I only added food to tank not anything else not even water change
  3. So I have gravel and sponge filter and my tap ph is purple 8 and my gh is high high like a 12 all from tap. The last time I ordered 10 neocaridina shrimp from the shrimp farm and they were dying daily and the company said it was the ph and gh probably. I Had one successful molt and one death that could not break out of it. I feed a variety of food including blood worms I also bought distlled water but not used it yet. I have pregnant shrimp and hope this batch will survive
  4. I have neocardian in a 6 gallon aquarium but only filled 4 gallons for now, I keep a low light maybe 10 hrs a day it dose get sun for a like 2 hrs a day it has hornewort with java moss which are not fully grown yet . I've had the old tank setup over a month before I transfered it over and I've tested the water with api test kits . I have monapi wood with one cholla wood and Indian captta leaves with are from sungrown and very tiny so probably 3 to 4 per gallon right now. I added leaf green fert on sun and bactra ae on Wed and noticed on during the week the ph went up to 8 which is usually around 6ish. I've not don't a water change since the new tank which has been up for a week now .my tank is very brown so I know tannis are being released . 10 neocaridina shrimp in 4gallon Ph around orange 6ish Gh around 8 drops or 143.2 ppm Kh 6 or 107.4 ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrates 0 Nitrites 0 I've added alage wafer 2 days ago and I'm not sure if it's causing ph to rise or if the fert plus bacteria but I read that a bloom dose not increase ph. I'm not sure why it rises . I hope that's enough info
  5. I got some shrimp from amazon and it's been 3 days and the shrimp have molted and started dying .I noticed this occurance before on other amazon shrimp dying after molting and I have a cycled tank and recently got aqueon shrimp essentials to add caluim and Magnesium to tank but I don't understand my shrimp keep dying . I have a cycled tank and do small water changes weekly in a 3gallon tank . The food is hikari and frozen foods with only gravel and plants 🪴. Please help me . I generally live in hard water area . My tank Ph is 8.4 Ammonia 0 Nitrates 0 Nirtites0 to 20 Temp is within 8 degree fluctuations 65at night and 70am That orange is dead after 1 night and this is from the shrimp farm no wait I touched him and he jumped but has not moved for hrs .what the heck guys!?
  6. I found something at my work which is a pets store and we have pimafix , the google search says it cures fungal and since it's green fungus will this help cure it if ita not to late and or will it also help prevent the spread . I'm scared to try h202 if I tried other safe method first
  7. Hello . I recently bought 20 skittles rcs from shrimprack aka sf aquatic but from amazon . I recently lost like 5 in less than a week and one is now having green fungus and I don't know how to cure this and if I can do a whole tank cure since I'm not sure how many are infected . The only person who may know anything seems to be Rachel o leary. I have plants and don't want to kill them .
  8. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but almost half of my colony perished already. Any advice anyone please help .
  9. Nice. I been shopping on Amazon for shrimp food and looking specifically for lollies but only see glassgarten which I think are pricy . I did need to ask a question that's been on my mind is the calcuim and Magnesium a issue in my tank even tho I have natrual hard water which means I have enough natrual minerals in my tank correct ??? I added sungrown rocks tob tank
  10. Yes. Mr gibisson i would incase i past that video. I think I've seen over 50 videos since I started over a month ago but still run into problems. I just feel like sometimes there is not enough in depth data on these lil shrimp. I was just thinking hey I should probably get alge wafers for a bottom feeder so my shrimp can eat some. I currently lost a lot of my alge when the last pair I had died and the water was no good so started fresh. I recently lost 2 shrimp out of the 20 I got Jan 31th . Ok so my water parameters are tested from api master freshwater Ph was purple so I think 8.4 up Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0 even tho I use leaf zone for my java moss and hornewort 1.5 ml 3 gallon weekly My tap water is naturally hard so gh is at 300 I tested it for a week straight everyday at around same time. My tank is cycled because ammonia dose not spike if I leave food in tank. I use cappta leaves /cholla wood/ gravel and hornewort with Java moss . I use stability and prime from seachum with leaf zone and stress zyme from api. I did drip acclimate them for hours but can't tell you how long exactly
  11. I was about to buy the repashy soilent greens but I ended up buying bactra a . I was going to buy shrimp baby but glassgarten is so pricy even shrimp king is pricy and I'm really not looking to breed alot either but just have a low stock for pleasure. I just started this journey. I added cholla wood from my betta tank to my shrimp tank because for some reason it was full of biofilm and shrimp went and ate it up. So I have a 3 gallon with 20 shrimp and 2 pregnant shrimp so how much bactre a should I add ? A pinch to create bio film or how much ?
  12. I currently been using hikari shrimp cuisine and frozen San Francisco bay frozen foods but I can't find alot of shrimp food out there so I'm wondering what fish food is also good for neocaridina skittles. I'm about to have many babies and I wanted to maybe mix the foods and grind it for them . Please any tips on food much appreciated
  13. I got a pregnant shrimp 4 weeks ago and I think I see a white ring and I dont know if her exo is in preparation mode before it comes off but she went in to hiding .I'm not sure if they take time before they get to the shed part . She is not showing signs of destress . She had a healthy diet for proper molting . I really don't know the pre molt procedure. I can't load video
  14. I uploaded photos but I guess no one can really tell me if my shrimp have any disease or not!! I've lost other blue about 2days ago and it's been 3 weeks since I had them. I'm still not sure why they keep dying on me and hope someone with knowledge can help
  15. Its day 10 and the shrimp are doing well, the rock i added I see them only occasionally grazing and I'm not sure if the water absorbed it because my parameters have not been affected. I give frozen once a week but to be fair they won't survive long enough. I'm very nervous right now because I'm going to hopefully be a foster mom to 40 shrimplets and there's so alot off videos showing they mix many foods together and not one alone and I would like to only add one powder formula so any advice would be great on this. Thanks
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