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Shrimp molting?

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I got a pregnant shrimp 4 weeks ago and I think I see a white ring and I dont know if her exo is in preparation mode before it comes off but she went in to hiding .I'm not sure if they take time before they get to the shed part . She is not showing signs of destress . She had a healthy diet for proper molting . I really don't know the pre molt procedure.  I can't load video 





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I've just recently been keeping shrimp so I'm NOT an expert however I found this on shrimpscience.com, it doesn't look good but maybe she'll make it through: 

White Ring of Death

The White Ring of Death is one of the most common and recognisable molting issues, identified by a solid clear/white line wrapping around the shrimp’s body just behind where the head separates from the body. The image below shows a red cherry shrimp with a mild case of the White Ring of Death


When a shrimp takes in water to grow in size and break its current exoskeleton, it’s supposed to split at the top just behind its head (see the image below), allowing it to bend its head and body through the gap and quickly jump out, leaving its old shell behind. 


However, this is where the issue appears. The White Ring of Death occurs when the shell breaks all around the body instead of just at the top, exposing their clear/white body parts. Essentially at this point the shrimp has two disconnected exoskeletons which makes it much more difficult to bend and jump out of. As a result they can get stuck in their molt, become stressed and potentially die within a couple of days.

Whilst it is unlikely that a shrimp will survive long after developing a white ring, it’s not a death sentence. It is possible that the shrimp could still escape from the outer shell and go on to live a long, happy life.

Check that your water parameters, specifically GH, KH, PH, and TDS are stable and in a healthy range for your species. If everything looks correct then look into supplementing nutrients into their diet.

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I wouldn't put to much faith in this 'ring of death'..thing. :classic_cool:. I actually have the occasional cherry shrimp that will develop that ring when molting and they have no problems. :classic_biggrin:  I guess there's exceptions to everyone's rules. :classic_laugh:. Just give them lots of what they need. Minerals...And yes, definitely keep those parameters as close to what they need as well. 🦐





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