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  1. HERE WE GO FISHY FRIENDS!!!! We're approaching summer in my house (no really it's fall outside but I keep my house on the warmer side this time of year). The room my tanks are in are helped by a space heater. I thought we had a month or so to go until I saw signs. I was watching my original Otos this morning being waaaaay more active than they usually are (meaning I never see them and this morning they were dancing all over the tank). So I made a mental note to start checking the glass every day. BUT I went to clean the Accidental Oto tank (where all the offspring are that I recently decided to keep) and TA DA!!!!! I caught 3 babies!!!!!
  2. @Patrick_G OR a YouTube following. And to his credit, Cory tells us to shop out LFS and support them when it comes to fish. You can't start out doing what Cory does until you have the $$ to do it. I'm positive Cory didn't start his business that way.
  3. .....this is a bummer. But I have to hesitate and say Ich can happen at ANY LFS or big box store. Of course it sucks eggs to have just spent money on fish and have them die there's no denying that. I frequent an LFS that I purchased 7 of my Otos from (who bred btw)- they ALL had Ich when I got them home (didn't look too closely at them at the store that was MY BAD). I have to say it would have been hard for them to spot the Ich as the Otos are kept in a planted tank. This was my 2nd batch as 6 of 7 died of my first from a DIFFERENT LFS, they died for a completly UNKNOWN reason and I didn't like that LFS's customer service. Anyhow, I called my 2nd LFS and told them, they had Ich- they immediately offered to take them back. I didn't want to take them back as they were already in my QT tank and I'd fought that fight before so I didn't mind treating the Ich- it's actually IMO one of the easiest to spot and treat of all the aquarium diseases. (all of them survived QT) After my call- I believe that they put an NFS on the Oto planted tank and treated them- this is why: I went back not too long ago to get some Ember tetras and as the gal was catching them she noticed Ich. She said, I'm sorry these have Ich I cannot sell them to you- she immediately told the manager (who I believe is the owner's son). An NFS was marked on the tank. All this to say is that not all LFS can be like Aquarium Co-op and treat the fish before sale- have you seen their videos? Holy moly they've got a back room. My LFS is a very tiny store so they are limited on space- plus I live in CA I cannot imagine their overhead. Ich happens- to stressed fish in ANY tank. Maybe don't count them out yet.
  4. Would bamboo in pots coming out the back of the tank work? At least those could be secured.
  5. There was just discussion about this kind of thing recently. Puffers will harass the snail, per @Odd Duck they'll pick at the foot. I wouldn't combine them.
  6. Mystery snails are my favorite snail wet pets. Nerites are my FAVORITE clean up crew.
  7. Yes they can be difficult. I tell most people if they really INSIST on no eggs, go to a LFS that will exchange them if they turn out to be girls. I am someone who doesn't mind them. Use a razor on the glass, but they will get on plants and decorations. Here is a pic for reference. The eggs fade over time if you do nothing about them.
  8. What a great place to take pictures she'll remember forever due to the milestone! Ratfish!!! Whaaatttt?! 🤯 That is the coolest! There are some amazing creatures in this world.
  9. @CalmedByFish they look like tiny water Iguanas to me. They even turn their little heads like lizards. I love animals that look like a cross of several things. Fish-frog-lizard.
  10. Yep. That's what I've experienced in the last year have had a few die 2 within a few months the first one thankfully made it over a year but that's still not long enough. It's unfortunate. I can make Otocinclus breed and keep everyone else alive....but not a Betta! 😞
  11. The shrimp will be great, if you add that Nerite it will be even better.
  12. I get it. I'm just starting to form the opinion that Bettas are not easy to keep, and not great in community tanks as they need different parameters than typical community fish. But I wish you much luck on your next pick!
  13. I would like to suggest to you a Nerite snail for the 5 gallon, I swear by the little roombas.
  14. Very sorry for your loss. 😞 What are your water parameters and temperature? Have you considered a Blue Dwarf Gourami?
  15. Wow! A fish that involved though time consuming has got to be satisfying to keep.
  16. Ok @Fish Folk those are stupid cute. I love fish species that crawl around (which is why I love the Purple Frilly Frondosa Scorpionfish). What do you mean by refining one's expectations?
  17. Hi @Cz1989, thought I'd pipe in, I have a Flex 9, and while it wouldn't come with the same light of course the stock light is actually one of the stock items I really like about this tank. I'm growing Bacopa Caroliniana, Anubias and Java Windelov with the light at about half power (mixed with orange) and they are doing well. Granted not complex or difficult plants but I think Fluval did well with the lighting on this line.
  18. So @Ragnarok12 did you change anything here? Any further shrimp murders? Just wondering. I'm thinking of options and always thought the dwarf crayfish was a cool animal- I don't have any shrimp so.... I'm actually kind of hoping they eat bladder snails occasionally or at least their egg sacks...
  19. I guess I'm more calculated than some so the patience game isn't that hard for me. I enjoy researching potential fish friends. LFS sometimes spark that inspiration but I've gone home several times with a name or two and scrapped the idea because of some sort of incompatability with other fish, water or etc. Not to say I have not been tempted, and it definitely takes a lot of self control- especially when you think if you you don't get it/them now they won't be there if you came back!!
  20. @Fonske ugh. that really sucks. I guess that's why when information says "can be aggressive" I close that browser window and keep looking. More power to those of you who keep the cichlids or feed live foods. I can't do either. 😞
  21. @Colu I may do that until I remove my Otos. I'm leaning more that direction. If I have no bottom feeders then I have no/less snails. @Guppysnail I'm sorry for them too. The unfortunate thing is because they are hard to see they are also hard to monitor. I pull the snails when I can and put them in my bird bath, if they live good on them. I'll just keep the Nerites and get middle dwelling fish for that tank to go with the Black Neons. ....catching the Otos is going to be a chore....
  22. So I put 6 of my home grown Otos in my "Angry Man" tank. They've been in there a few months. Used to see them quite a bit on the sliced cucumber I leave for them, rarely on the hikari algae wafer (mind they were all raised on both). I don't see them often otherwise and recently less than that. Because of the existence of those two foods my bladder snail population has exploded (not to unmanageable stages but absolutely more than I would like). I remove them from the tank when they are in large groups on the foods but they just keep coming. My 3 horned Nerites do a good job of keeping back algae and occassionally munch on the cucumber. The Black Neons even poke at the Hikari. Today I saw one of the Otos flashing around the bottom of the tank, not swimming right. After a long car chase I was able to HAND CATCH the little one who was put in isolation. Shortly thereafter they passed. 😞 There was no outward signs of illness. The only thing of note was a less than rounded belly and instead of being white it was pink-ish as if from the inside not outside. My sad thought is that it died of starvation? My concern with this tank is that maybe I can't put anymore algae eaters in here- maybe I should pull my Otos (if I can catch them)- and put them back in general population of the Accidental Oto tank. I spotted 2 of them, who were attached to wood and seemed ok at the time, no idea where the rest were camping out- my Otos tend to be nocturnal. They have no competition for food in the Accidental Oto tank- I think there's too much competition in the Angry Man tank. What do my forum friends think? Should I move the Otos out? Pic of the Angry Man tank for reference attached. (2nd pic is more recent)
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