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  1. Yes I do have mystery snails in that tank. What do I do with the "clutch"? Will they hatch snails? I am freaking out over this.
  2. I found Two oblong white growth on the glass in my tank. They were above the water line so not wet. Not sure what it is. Can anyone identify and any idea if it is dangerous.
  3. This seems to be a lot negativity here simply because I asked for some experience with buying aquariums at less than market value. The tank I mentioned was just an example. I have seen the same thing listed on Amazon, Walmart and few other places at almost triple the price. I just hoping for a wholesaler or the like. I think my post and my joining was a mistake. I apologize. Thanks for everyone's input. All the best
  4. When it is based on what you think, and the assumption that is cheaply made, without having one yourself, that is an opinion. When I said cheap I did not mean poorly made, I meant wholesale. I know the issues of leaking, experienced from craigslist. Not too keen on buying second hand again. But thanks for you input
  5. That was part of the reason for my post. It was also on Amazon. I thought someone in here might have bought one, had experience with the item or at the very least knew a company or website that would sale at wholesale prices, instead I just got opinions, nothing factual
  6. When I asked about places you could find the cheapest aquariums, I was hoping someone had found a good on-line they could recommend. Has anyone had an experience with this website below?
  7. Since my guppies are dying and everything else is doing fine, I thought I might try a more advanced water testing kit. I am looking at Nutrafin Master Kit and API Master Kit. Does anyone have any experience and knowledge to help me choose the better kit for now and future use? Thanks, Wade
  8. I really wanted a community tank with mostly guppies (I know its strange but I really love guppies). My tanks has been cycled for many months. I have Guppies, Shrimp, Cory Catfish, Snails, and 2 orange Mexican crayfish and a couple of tetras. My Guppies are dying 1 or 2 every other day, yet the other inhabitants are fine. The Tetras and Guppies had babies and the fry is fine but the adults keep dying. At first I thought it was based on where I purchased the guppies from so I tried 2 other pet stores. Same thing. I tested the water, it's fine, I have a canister filter and a sponge filter on the tank, and the tank is planted. Can anyone offer advice before I give up my love of Guppies? Thanks
  9. Thanks so much for your advice. Can you tell me what size tubes you have for the 250? On amazon there seems to be different sizes. I am not sure which works best with this 250 model. Also you think the plastic rings that came with the unit is better than ceramic rings? Thanks so much for the well versed advice. I am a bit new to this and I am trying desperately not to fail.
  10. Can I use bio balls and ceramic rings in the same basket?
  11. He guys I just purchased a OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo 250 External Fish Heater. I am not that much of an expert with aquariums yet. I have a question I hope you guys can help me with. Can I use bio balls, ceramic rings and charcoal pellets in the same canister? I do not know which is best. That canister came only with ceramic rings. I want to optimize without causing harm to the fish. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Wade
  12. Can anyone suggest a good site to buy good, cheap aquariums. I cannot pick (Ebay) Would like 40 Gallons or more. Any advice appreciated
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