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Found 11 results

  1. Really want to just sit down and nerd out on different fish species and such. What are a few good websites that offer a lot of knowledge on species profiles, breeding, history ect. Thank you!
  2. I recently bought fish online twice, and the two experiences were drastically different. For the sake of you and your potential fish, I want to give you a heads-up. I do know we don't talk about companies by name on this forum. That's fair. I'll call the companies A and B. On March 4, I received 3 male/female pairs of endlers from Company A. It's a company I'd rarely heard of, and had a website full of typos. But with each pair of fish, they added an extra fry, and all the fish were healthy. I paid for 6 and got 9. Came with a heat pack. Great experience. On May 5, I received 10 male endlers from Company B. It's a company that's very frequently talked about, spoken highly of, and often recommended. But they neglected to add a necessary heat pack. Of the 10 endlers I received, 7 were rotting, 1 died soon after, and 2 were weak but have recovered. Awful experience. I assumed that like ACO, Company B would try to make it right. Instead, they wouldn't acknowledge my telling them that the fish had needed a heat pack, and just claimed that they expect fish to "arrive stressed." Stressed and rotting are different. I was eager to be a repeat customer, but certainly won't be. Lesson: Do your own research, and try to find reviews from customers who had a variety of experiences with the company you're looking at. And when you do decide on a company to try, let your first order be small. Only risk the lives of a few animals until you've seen with your own eyes that the company will treat them (and you) ethically.
  3. Ok, so I have never shipped fish, and until this year I have never even considered shipping a live anything in the mail. I find I enjoy breeding them though, sooo...Not trying to make a million, just need to make space and break even on food and shipping costs. For those of you who have or do ship, a few questions... Is it worth it? Cost and failure rate to ROI? What are the most stress free methods? The most cost effective? Are those the same? Packing tips?
  4. Hi there! I’m looking to purchase a figure eight puffer for my new (empty) 40 gallon brackish water tank. No one in my area sells them so I was looking to purchase one online. What would be the most reputable source to purchase one from?
  5. I have been fighting the urge to set up an assorted fancy guppy aquarium for quite some time and I think its about time. The local stores in my don't have quite the variety that I would like unfortunately. Does anyone have any recommendations for online sellers of assorted/mutt guppies?
  6. First off I'm new here(first post) sorry if this a common question. Basically I don't have/use any social media. Craigslist is meh. Don't have any friends in the hobby. I know there are clubs but don't know much about them. I live in Tacoma Wa if that helps. Thanks in advance I guess.
  7. Besides the Co-op resources, what is your most trusted online fish care guide for water requirements, compatible tank mates, etc.?
  8. I'm in Wisconsin. I had a bad group of pet store guppies that wiped out a bunch of other stuff before I realized what was going on. I'm treating for ich, I have some erythromycin in the mail, and I'll treat with that when it gets here, but I think I'm done with pet stores. Does it matter where I am geographically when ordering fish? Can I use Aqua-huna even though they're in Washington? Considering that I'm in Wisconsin, where should I be ordering from? BTW, I started a quarantine tank to avoid this in the future.
  9. Dont know if its ok to ask this but does anyone have some good recomendation for online fish store that ships to canada at a reasonable price? My local fish store is having trouble getting fish and to my knowlege aquarium co op does not ship here. Also I'm having a hard time finding medicin too since they started taking some meds out. (Anyone know why they did that?)
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