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  1. I have a new 55 gallon aqueoun kit came w/ appropriate size preset heater. The temp is currently 76 with 2 preset @ opposite ends. The smaller of the 2 was used in a 29 gal. Ive learned over the years that I sometimes need to raise the temp due to fish types/requirements or raising to medicate . So I’ve removed the smaller preset. I purchased an adjustable Aqueon pro 200 for this tank. ( I haven’t added it yet) Should I remove the preset or leave and run both@ opposite ends? I’m looking to add S.American Cichlids
  2. @Cory mentioned Coop heaters may be coming soon. Anybody with inside information on this? I happen to need several and would prefer to just wait if it won't be that long, otherwise I'll need to get them somewhere else.
  3. When I setup the room 3 years ago I started with new equipment, I figured it was time to let go of heaters I had for 15+ years and that was probably a big mistake. I decided to go with Aquatop heaters as they were within the budget and I had not heard any complaints about them. When I got them, they worked out well enough. Being the old analog style of setting nothing was precise, but if it looked like it was set to 78 the tank would run around 76-80. It seems that 3 years of continual use some of these heaters are just not keeping up. I generally turn have the heaters on for hot species and run them at 77 on other tanks just incase the room temp drops for some reason or my space heater kicks. After noticing the humidity levels rising in the room a few months in I decided to setup a dehumidifier and the output from that aided in keeping the ambient temps in the room in the high 70's with the heater and since I never noticed the tanks heater lights on. While revamping the room, moving things around and checking tanks post moving them and filling them I noticed some of the tanks I was setting up to be at 82 were not right. The tanks were cold... At least in comparison to a tank running at that temp should feel like. Shot them with the IR gun, checked them with a probe to confirm, and well tanks are at 75. Went around and checked a few other tanks and compared them to their settings and a few of them are under running the settings by at least 4 degrees, and some on the bottom shelves are even 7 degrees off. With that in mind I'm now on the hunt for new heaters. Now that AquaTop have failed me, I've had failures with Cobalt consistently when I was using them in my reefs, and even Ehiem Jagers seem to not be holding up or working, I'm trying to find a reliable heater to be able to get in a decent volume. Anyone have recommendations? I just need a range of 50W, 75W and 150W heaters.
  4. So, I did a big water change on Sunday, and then left town for a week. I realized today that I'm pretty sure I left my heaters unplugged after the water change. I won't be back until Sunday. Any major concerns with leaving hatchetfish, pencilfish, Bolivian Rams, and sterbai cories unheated for a week? I think they'll be around 70 to 72F without the heaters. I normally keep them around 76.
  5. It seems like i narrowly avoided disaster tonight in the mini pond. I walked out into my patio and noticed that steam was rolling off of the pond, which is weird because it was about 66*F out and i only keep the heater set to around 68*. Stuck my hand in and sure enough it felt like bathwater. I unplugged the heater(Marineland 200W) and when i pulled it out of the water it was super hot. Checked the temp after and it was above 90*F! I thought these heaters had some sortve safety to prevent them from cooking the tank, but apparently not. So Im looking for suggestions on how i can prevent this in the future without spending a fortune. Im guessing there are temperature activated circuits i can plug the heater into? Im so lucky to have walked out and noticed this before it killed my fish this time, i dont want to allow this to happen in the future. Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. I have two new 40 breeders and plan on planting them with low to medium light plants. My first question is are the Finnex Stingray a good light for that or is there another comparable light near the same price point? I have always used HOB filters in the past how many gallons per hour am I going to need circulating for a 40 gallon? Also any suggestion on model of HOB? Last of all will a 200w heater be sufficient? Appreciate any input and look forward to being a part of this forum. Cheers !
  7. Heyo, I have my planter aquarium I’ll be bringing outdoors once the overnight temperatures rise above 10’c. My question pertains to the heaters capacity to keep the aquarium warm without failure. Is there some kind of formula somebody could help me out with here? I have about 25gallons of aquarium with a nightly low this week of 10’c, and my Eheim 100w heater to boot. I plan on adding an additional heater for safety when I take it out front, but in the meantime, I cannot be testing for something like this with guppies being tropical (cannot go below 72’fh). But’d like to actually *know* if a solo heater could seal the deal. Can you guys help verify this for me?
  8. I came across this video from Cory It got me wondering... I have a betta. I've always heard that warmer temperatures help their healing and overall health. But has anyone tried room temp for their own fish, even if not a betta? I know I can look up weather conditions from their native place, but I wonder with fish bred out of the wild that their natural habitat isn't natural to them.
  9. I'm new to this hobby still and I notice when I turned the heater on in my 60 water started to fill it after its been submerged and off for hours. Is this normal? I did not notice this with my 30. The level goes up and down and bubbles occasionally come from the bottom. Thanks.
  10. Hey all, having a bit of a tank change round, and my 110L (about 30gallons) tank is going to be becoming a medaka (rice fish) tank, it also has numerous Malaysian trumpet snails, x2 nerite snails, x3 Amano Shrimp, and some cherry shrimp. I just wondered what people’s thought were as to what the perfect temperature for the tank would be? I know I could get away with no heater, but there’s a good heater in there, so I may as well use it if in means creating the best possible environment for the inhabitant. Thanks in advance for any input!
  11. Hi, I’m starting up a 75gal tank and was looking for some guidance to aquarium heater brands and if I should get one large heater or two smaller ones on each side of the tank? Thanks in advance
  12. First, I understand plants shouldn't touch the heater in an aquarium. My question is: are some plants happier further away from the heat and maybe some like to be closer? Fish have their preferences and being a gardener I know some plants don't like heat and some starve for it. I know, which plants are you talking about? Ok, if ACO sells it I am looking at those as I intend to try as many as possible. If I missed a video on this a link would be great or just any suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi guys, do you know if we can set the fluval E-series heaters below 20’C, mine doesn’t let me go below this temperature?
  14. I'm a huge fan of the E-series Heaters. However, I've noticed the co-op hasn't listed them in a while nor can I find them online anywhere else. Is there a story to this?
  15. Today I installed a Fluval 300W E Series in my 75 gal tank. Tank is in my basement where room temp is about 67 degrees. I set the heater to 81 degrees and water temp never rose above 77 degrees, all day. I researched this heater a bit and discovered it can’t heat water more than 10 degrees warmer than the ambient room temp. See video about 2 minutes in. Am I understanding this correctly? This seems amazing to me. I have an old Marineland heater and it’ll warm that water to anything I choose, it doesn’t care what the room temp is and nor should it!
  16. So I'm looking for a heater for a 5 gallon tank that I can use for breeding my pygmy sunfish. Im using 5 gallons as I'm limited for space and have lots of fry. Room temp for my tanks is around 71-72 degrees but it's not really the cold I'm worried about, I just want the temp to stay a pretty consistent 74-75 without having to worry about room temps getting too low. What I'm looking for is a heater that can raise temps only a few degrees and keep it there. I can't find any that I trust enough to buy. Would like something compact and accurate and reliable.
  17. What’s the best heater for it ? And would two sicce shark ADV 800 be enough filtration for 5 placidochromis jalo reef
  18. I have a tempered 90g Marineland tank that I'm brainstorming for at the moment. It's eventually going to be a Discus tank. Tempered glass...aka you can't drill. With that said, I've contemplated doing a sump for it. My reasoning is that I REALLY want to hide heaters, and a thermometer. I found this hang on back overflow. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/deluxe-cs90-with-lid-and-aqua-lifter.html My only worry is the bulkhead in the overflow leaking at some point. OR, there's this DIY pvc overflow method. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/this-guy-want-a-beaslbob-trap.36891/ Yes, I know: the safe route is to just hide the heaters with plants. But, I'd like to avoid having to hide them, if I can accomplish this safely. If this were you, would you do it (either overflow method)? Regardless of your answer, please explain.
  19. I need someone to tell me the best and safest adjustable aquarium heaters for small tanks. Two 10 gallons and a 20. I have preset aqueon heaters that just aren’t keeping the water Betta warm! ive heard horror stories about heaters cooking peoples fish, so I need a brand I can trust. thanks.
  20. Good Evening Everyone! I'm in the last stages of building my small tank system. It consists of three 20-gallon tanks that are all on the same homemade sump system. The sump itself is around 25-30 gallons of water. The problem I am currently running into is heating because the system resides in my basement, where ambient temperature is ~66 degrees in the dead of winter. I bought these tanks second hand and they came with 60 watt heaters. However, I have quickly learned these are not going to cut it. I'm looking for some insight or advice to what the most efficient way to heat the system is. Do I just upgrade the heaters to something much more robust? If so, what size? Heat the sump as well so the tank heaters are not overwhelmed? Should I heat the room instead? This hardly seems worth it for 3 tanks compared to how big the basement space is. Thanks in advance, Grant Iowa
  21. Greetings I have a boring topic - heaters. I know you would rather talk about the rare varieties of African Ciclids or Rainbow fish but I am pondering heaters. I have a variety of tank sizes. My house is cool. Regardless of tank size, is it better to go with higher watt heaters? OR - is tank size a limiting factor? What are reliable brands. Haha, maybe better to learn to live in 80 degree house!
  22. Ok so here is the rundown. Currently have a 55 gallon tank with a 200w heater. Recently noticed condensation at the top of the glass tube, and suspect a small crack. Heater is still working fine for now, but want to head off the problem before it decides to crap out at an inconvenient time. Before i replace with another one i was wondering about getting 2 smaller heaters and place them under my 2 hob filters below the out take and next to the intake for better heat exchange near water flow, and to sorta divide up the work load by having 2 smaller ones working together vs one larger one doing all the work. With decorations and substrate etc... im calculating i have 50 gallons of actual water. Using my grocery store arithmetic, 50 gallons, ambient room temperature 71F, target temperature for water 78F, am I correct in assuming 2, 100w heaters should be what I need? Or is that not enough?
  23. Here's my latest newbie question. I keep seeing planted tanks with lots and lots of plants, and they seem to be planted right up to the filters and heaters. I use the ACO sponge filters. I would think that circulation would be important for both filters and heaters to be efficient, so how close is ok to not interfere with efficiency? Thanks for all the great help here!
  24. I will be upgrading my 75 gal tank to a 125 gal in the very near future. I am currently using 2 Aqueon Pro 200W heaters for the 75 gallon, which I am very happy with. (They are the old style with the red/green led in the front, which I like far better). I don't feel 400W will be enough for the 125. Please let me know your thoughts on 2 options I am considering: 1) Add a 3rd 200W Aqueon Pro. (I am able to get an old style, to match the others...symmetry/looks are important to me). I am not thrilled with having 3 heaters, as I was going to add an INKBIRD controller. With the inkbird, I wouldn't want to do more than 2. 2) Start fresh with new heaters. I can get the old Aqueon Pro's in 250W...so I was thinking 2 of those. (500W total). I can also get the new Aqueon Pro's in 300W (so 2 of those), but I hate that style with the light on the knob, and I have had issues with one of that style in the past. I am not 100% married to the Aqueon Pro's, but I like the all-black, minimal sleek look. Plus, the 2 that I have in the 75 have been rock-solid in maintaining a steady temp, knock on wood. Thanks in advance for all advice.
  25. 1.) Look at the bottle of water conditioner to make sure it is conditioner. I just grabbed the bottle with a pump. It was the Easy Green bottle. (Only added it to 5 gals before I saw my mistake.) 2.) Don't forget to turn the filter back on after doing a water change. I noticed it 24 hours later. Luckily no Ammonia spike. 3. Don't skip a water change. I went 2 weeks. Nitrates were way to high and it took me doing a 7gal water change 3 times to get it down. (its only a 29 gal.) 4. Don't over feed. See #3. (Started Tank up Sep 2nd)
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