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  1. Well folks. I’m not sure but I think his blue and red microscope threads are MICRO PLASTIC I think so they can get it from food
  2. This started around 3/20 and the worse worst was 4/8 tonight here He is…..
  3. Hi everyone! I apologize this is so long. This isn't the whole story.....but here is where we are. (All of my other fish died after acquiring a betta...who had worms....and popeye. Clem is my lone survivor) Clem is 4, I got him at my local fish store. Before getting ill he was in a 40 gallon tank with filter, O2, heater. He is/was extremely constipated with parasites. After posting his tail was becoming increasingly red/purple. I tried metroplex (I had tried many others) What I've also been doing and has slowly helped..... epsom baths 2 x a day. Complete change of water each time. *(I did the epsom bath in the current water he was in....and i refilled a new bucket with fresh dechlorinated water and meds in it) After a week in he wasn't pooping so i verrrry gently began slightly massaging his belly just a tiny bit in the epsom salt bath. It seemed to help however, his scales had been deteriorating (he was losing them)and he did lose a few on his sides. (I did not rub on his scales....)but it seemed to help him poop a little bit. No food until 3 days ago. Tonight....he's doing quite a bit better. He's swimming quite a bit. food for the past few days: He's eated a few peas and a few medicated pellets. Tonight I mixed up some more of the Fendebendzole with focus and pellets and he ate a few. I also found these worms. I did use bloodworm liquid to mix the food....but I'm nearly certain I didn't drop any in the water. Nothing looked alive except for this one little gross flea like thing......I'm currently researching. Pics to come.
  4. I have tried this one. I thought the fendeb….dewormer worked well.
  5. Hello everyone. I am so upset and I need help. I am so sorry to bother you guys but I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been here several times. 1)He has the red calliums words. And his scales keep falling off. He has increasing septicemia. I’ve tried a lot of things. Nothing seems to help and then I did a scale scraping just now this has been months but something is worsening. He’s in the corner a lot but sometimes swims. he is wirh a young oranda whinhas begun losing scales and stresses. This has been months. scale scraps look like little hairs growing out I’ve tried gen cure, e em, prazi pro before now I’m using fende….whatever the dog dewormer He’s 4 years old Been using the dog dewormer in food for a week
  6. Thank you so much! I do have salt in there. I should get the fritz stuff to have on hand because it’s recommended here. I love out the first dose in and now he’s yawning…good or bad?
  7. Hello everyone. I hate being in the disease section. I'm embarrassed to be here again. Months ago I was here with parasite issues. Folled Colu's instructions but not realizing I reinfecting from my python. I am having a problem with Clem my goldfish. He returned to the top of the tank after each treatment. I thought maybe Infection? I started general cure. seemed to help but then the top breathing started again. Switched to em erythromycin and seemed to work but he ended up back there. Finally I read about bacterial gill infection. Tried API fin and tail. After the two rounds of treatments he began to swim lots much more active. I do have airstones. I also have salt in there 2 tablelspons to 5 gallons. Looking at pics he seemed to have the streaks lightly a few weeks ago. Completed FIN AND TAiL!!!!! NOW HE IS doing well for a week or so. He's Swimming wonderful, eating, not top breathing. He is still doing an occasional yawn which I wondered if he's lungs were healing. How long until red streaking goes away? After all the meds and treatments and water changes my tank has elevated ammonia. I've been treating with prime for that. I know pristine water is essential. Do I need to do anything else? Another treatment of fin and tail? Thanks...tried to make it as short and sweet.
  8. Update! Birdie is doing great. Very active, seems happy, swimming really wonderfully! The white spot on her tail is fading and the few dark lines have disappeared. It's been two weeks since she arrived. Is it safe to put her in my larger tank with my big guy Clem? She's just doing so well and I know he's bored and I want to put them together. Thoughts? It did make a huge difference in her shyness when I added a few small mirrors around the tank. She's almost coming up to hand feed...I know she will get there! thanks!
  9. her name is birdie! She’s super cute though, yes, right? She seems to be doing super. The little mirrors I placed around the tank have really helped!
  10. Really? I know they don’t need to have the heater but the second day she was breathing kind of fast so I thought maybe it was causing a lower level of o2? Could this help with her tails? Ty!!
  11. Thank you!! the white thing seemed to be fading but now there are 3 black lines from it. I have a video but it’s not great and here are a couple pictures. my betta has a growth on him that started like this not with lines but just a funky tumor or something and it’s prob coincidental right? she has been doing great these past few days. I put a few little mirrors around the tank and she is swimming like crazy. She is eating and pooping!
  12. Here is her tail. The white spot is on the other side.
  13. Thanks you guys!! She is still super shy but here is the latest…. j used the med trio in the tank.I put her in after acclimating and she was very shy so I covered up the tank a bit and I have slowly increased the lights. On Friday she seemed to be tipping a bit and still super shy. She was breathing rapidly so I got scared and completely changed the water with no meds. I also noticed UGH the heater was off. Saturday (yest) she seems better. Smiling around more. Not hiding. I tried feeding her and I think she ate a couple of pellets that landed near her. One little poop. *******I’ve noticed one white dot on her back fin. It looks a bit raised slightly. Would this be ick? I tried getting a picture but it was difficult. Orange fish with the one white growth?******** Today she’s still shy!!! She ate a few pellets excitedly tho! So cute. Her tail fins I’ve noticed are thinning and a bit frayed. The very edges. I noticed this when she came. I thought clean water would clear that up. I will check the million of pictures took that are all blurry!
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