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blood streaks in tail


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Hello everyone. I hate being in the disease section. I'm embarrassed to be here again. Months ago I was here with parasite issues. Folled Colu's instructions but not realizing I reinfecting from my python. 

I am having a problem with Clem my goldfish. He returned to the top of the tank after each treatment.

I thought maybe Infection? I started general cure. seemed to help but then the top breathing started again. Switched to em erythromycin and seemed to work but he ended up back there.

Finally I read about bacterial gill infection. Tried API fin and tail. After the two rounds of treatments he began to swim lots much more active. I do have airstones. I also have salt in there 2 tablelspons to 5 gallons. Looking at pics he seemed to have the streaks lightly a few weeks ago. 

Completed FIN AND TAiL!!!!! NOW HE IS doing well for a week or so. He's Swimming wonderful, eating, not top breathing. He is still doing an occasional yawn which I wondered if he's lungs were healing. 

How long until red streaking goes away?

After all the meds and treatments and water changes my tank has elevated ammonia. I've been treating with prime for that. I know pristine water is essential.

Do I need to do anything else? Another treatment of fin and tail?


Thanks...tried to make it as short and sweet.4439BA42-012A-4998-B0B7-BA6747489CAE.png.7869d5590fe5cb6b4f66bf0975dee995.png



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This happens to one of my goldfish all the time. I've had some success with Maracyn and api fin and body cure. I've also had success with just cleaning the tank and waiting. The most recent time I used maracyn 2 which is what Fritz recommends since fin congestion/ hyperemia is usually caused by gram negative bacteria. You could also try treating with salt. 

Usually the streaks go away for by the end of 1-2 courses of medication. 

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On 3/7/2023 at 1:11 PM, Tabeth said:

Thank you so much! I do have salt in there. I should get the fritz stuff to have on hand because it’s recommended here. 

I love out the first dose in and now he’s yawning…good or bad?


Can you clarify what you mean? I think you may have auto corrected to the wrong word by mistake. 

I have a lot of experience dealing with red streaks on fins, but no specific knowledge or experience with yawning unfortunately. 


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